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    Surprise was great success. On my grind later on that night, got the Powell Peralta 40th Anniversary shirt too for the 40 theme.
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    That's what the other side of a glory hole probably looks like.
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    DASH_600_K.mp4 Dat intensity tho
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    Not correct. Slaves obviously couldn’t vote. But the founding fathers set it up as a hedge, which part of the compromise of giving up their independence as a state that regulated itself, to being part of a nation with a centralized governing body. Even at that time, there were specific population centers very much like we continue to see today. Most often, ports exponentially outgrew rural areas and it was just as obvious then as it is now that if it was based off mob rule - popular vote - you’d see a vastly different outcome in which densely populated ports would swing every vote, every time. Back then states still had complete independence, not to mention differing needs / values / priorities, so it took a lot of compromise to bring them to the table to give some of that up by forming a union. "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." - Benjamin Franklin, 1759
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    Potential, but she'd have to get her shit together unless she cries like that because the D is so good. Bloodgfart? Not even with Kermit the frogs dick. If she'd still let me smash after I mention she should loosen up on the braids and let that forehead come forward some, smash. Fingerblast, then dome. Don't want to risk bruising any internal organs with nothing to bounce off, she also needs the protein.
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    WMB, Weekend Madness Build. 48 hours to build a model was the challenge. I had this SOMUA-S35 from MENG in the stash and it looked like a quick build so I went for it. Near the end, Coin Operated Kiddie Ride, came to mind.
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    I heard 12oz was making a comeback. Now I know ferreal
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    Pics from Friday/Saturday Friday 11:40 am Left work early as fuck, on my way to pick up My wife's birthday cake in the East Village and saw this mess everywhere. 12:19 About a Quarter of all branches snapped off the night before, 6 inches of wet snow, rain, and the leaves all still being on the trees will do that. The good news is if you had a chainsaw you could actually find a parking spot in the Village by clearing away enough brush for one. 12:20 Saw a couple of trees snapped off at the trunk and a few totaled cars. Saturday 2:38 Took wifey out to a Mexican brunch and left my apartment unlocked so my neighbors could come in and set up a surprise party for her. We went all out with baloons, champagne, flowers, cakes, food, beer, weed, you name it. 2:58 She's 40, and that I'm 44 now, officially old AF. She has no idea she's about to have her first surprise birthday party in her life here. Hard to explain but she's the type of person constantly doing nice stuff like that for other people, but never really had anyone do stuff like this for her before. 3:05 pm Good food levels off the charts, god damn I love good Mexican food. This lamb pot was delicious, spread the lamb, peppers and greens over these fresh tortillas. My mix drink tasted like dead iguana piss, but it was a fancy restaurant and I didn't want to offed wifey asking for a beer, couldn't finish it. 3:21pm This shit kicked my ass, straight fire. More....
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