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  1. The quiet drop in from myself. Moved house again, got married, have a two week old baby, am now a social worker? Didn't see that coming. Top interests are my retro JDM car pursuits, reforestation of the lawn at the place I've moved into and taking three months off to meet my baby.
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  2. My mask smells like work and I ain’t even mad.
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  4. My phone is pretty much filled with work pics now. I find time for a walk occasionally more work. We had a busted pipe above the nursery. (A contractor forgot to seal this pipe and a huge change in water pressure took it apart. Been running smooth this whole year so far). This happened on the last 5 minutes of two twelve hour shifts. It completely rained all over our mom plants and clones on the top racks. Luckily it missed the tissue culture room We have had to completely rearrange and adjust plans for near futu
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  5. In that video Jim Jordan is essentially asking for a date from Fauci - a date so Jim's constituents can get their constitutional freedoms back... because being asked to wear a mask is akin to living in China - GTFOH. Essentially he's asking a question that can't be answered the way he wants it to be, and he's showboating on that. All Fauci had to say was "it'll be over when it's over". That is the second video I've seen with that guy asking a question that can't be answered, but acting like it's a question the requires a simple, easy answer. If he wants an answer I've got one, Americans being
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