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    Okay just putting it out there in case you;'re stuck at home and need to practice your screenprinting. Limited run shirt for the channel 0 heads so we can remember these troubled times/over blown panic Maybe customise it. with "pass-the-corona-ese"
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    re: a few pages back saw this on IG and it’s a good picture of how to get food off of the food you just ate. Great way to start veggies without having to germinate seeds
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    Almost posted this to the thick thread. Fuck corona. I’m gonna die as god intended. Heart disease.
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    There was a cruise ship here that docked in sydney with 57 people feeling ill and 13 with high temperature. 2700 people in all and somehow they allowed them off the boat without adequate check. now there's 57 confirmed cases and one death in the passengers, plus another 21 at least around the country due to people coming off the boat and getting on domestic flights. two of those are in darwin where they are really trying to keep the covid from the indigenous people because they have such low resistance to flu. stupid stupid stupid it's not the apocalypse but I thought this was funny.
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    Cooking with Corona AKA Pantry Essentials Caramelized Shallot Pasta (Shallots, Tomato Paste, Anchovies, Garlic, Chili Flake, Parsley) Lemon Turmeric Tea Cake A friend of ours here who's into foraging gave us a bunch of lemons she got in California. Shakshuka with Feta Upside Down Blood Orange Cake (Somehow my wife scored blood oranges also). Roasted Aloo Gobi Chocolate Walnut Banana Bread
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    Crisp Gnocchi (potato dumplings) With Brussels Sprouts, fresh from my wife's Cooking with Corona series. Gotta cook whatever is available.
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    I'm the English Department Chair (community college). We are all supposed to work at home, only essential employees on campus, definitely no students. Or, staff and faculty are permitted on campus if they need access to computers, certain technologies and equipment etc. Even though none of the parameters apply to me, I've been putting full days in the office. The faculty that are coming into my department probably don't meet the parameters either, but I know most of them are seniors living alone and/or do not have family. Though we keep to our individual offices and have conversations at a distance, I know they are coming into primarily not to be alone during this time. In fact I am unable to get work done myself bc we end up having long conversations about everything. One of the faculty actually fell on campus over the summer broke her ankle, was unable to get herself up, and so laid on the hot burning concrete until someone found her. I can tell they are afraid. Some of them are fighting tears when I get in and ask them how they are doing. I've given them my number, I let them know I will be in the office everyday this week, I bring them donuts and take out, I text them in the evening to check up on them. This morning, I found myself fighting back tears as I pulled in and saw the same 7 cars already in the parking lot.
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    Everything getting worse here in Europe, people dying and getting infected. Stop complaining on this board! Learn something! Learn from us, please. We are a few days ahead of you. What YOU today, will save people tomorrow! Isolate yourself, stay the fuck at home, and start right now!
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    ***********12ozProphet PSA*********** Love all you motherfuckers... Will certainly be one for the books. Just sent this out to the new list. Might export the forum member list and sent to them as well, but not sure what a hundred thousand bounced messages will do to the forum. *@Dirty_habiTany idea?
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    3/27/2020 5:04 am Wake up, use flash like I don't know how technology works alerting a lakeside neighborhood there's a fool close by 5:06 Only drink coffee imported from Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia, smells like citrus when it's ground. Wonk Saggin 5:11 am Gucci in the kitchen water whippin' 5:16 am Breakfast, then shower get dressed 6:15 am Lunch/Breakfast packed by wifey 6:23 am New Kicks came in the mail last night, a rare "allowed to wear in house" opportunity exploited. 6:40am preparing to roll out for the day 6:45 Three cones packed 6:46am Leftovers from grinder go in the dugout 6:46 am Just a quick taste 6:50 am pocket/wallet content check, word is the same ox slashed another oontzer earlier 6:50 am Still too thiiiiiiick when it's packed for me, time to hit the road though 8:47 am found the culprit, water damage on a duct detector for a massive parking garage fan unit 8:48 am Just before I replaced the card and head in less than 30 minutes, clear the fire alarm panel's trouble, and get this fan unit working again 9:37 am Gloves come off, hands wiped clean and sanitized upon entering the vehicle. 10:40 am A temperamental subject disturbing an entire high rise, luckily I know just the trick to satisfy her, fixed in less than 5 minutes 10:45 am Rewarded with a concert in the parking garage from this beauty by the building engineer 11:45 am Lunch time, thermos meals are highly recommended 12:03 am Brand New Work Vehicle Flex 12:12 Time for a hike in the garden. 12:16 They bold now 12:17 Fuckizyou lookin at kid? 12:20 They maintaining proper dissidence, and social distance by climbing rocks. Proper. 12:34 Forgot to take off tools, keys, voltmeter but at least my feet dressed for my best Colorado life. 12:43 Checking out my favorite artist's work 12:50 Soon to be: On the road again... 1:04 Attitude back on gratitude after lunch, a long drive ahead, hustle is essential 5:15 Emergency communications restored after an open heart surgery, Mercer's about that overtime life 5:26 Gloves come off outside of the vehicle only to wash the hands 5:27 Blue collar worker rule number 9, only clean hands shall touch PP (cropped) 5:39 Feed the horses in the back 5:43 Gas, grass, and (hopefully one day) ass will be available here. 7:02 My favorite time is spoiled brat time with this dog poop factory 7:06 Flexxelence poppin off in the kitchen when I come in the door wavin the .44 7:43 All you heard was poppa don't fuck with hamburger helper no mo 8:21 Local desert is a must, just before bed, I'm old and I'm usually out before 9:00 pm
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    been waiting for years to more meaningfully contribute to this thread. yes I know I should have got a rescue dog but two years of scouring the rescues sites for something that isn't "PitbullXwhatever", StaffyX hasn't brought up shit all. I haven't had a dog since 1994 so this is the new member of the family (name still 100% TBD but lenny or lynton are the faves). Miniature Schnauzer. Might be premature actually - he was only born yesterday but fuck it I'm excited!
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    Work smarter, not harder during these troubling times... #socialdistancing
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    People need to understand that the government and the self serving strangers that make it a career in telling other people how to live and managing increasing portions of your day to day life, is not the solution. Doesn't matter if you love / hate Trump, doesn't matter if you love / hate Obama. At the end of the day, you're still forfeiting a great many aspects of your own lives thinking that a total stranger will do a better job of it. Everyone out there needs to wake the fuck up and use the current situation to embrace the fact that the government is not your savior and that if you continue to rely on them, whether in your mind its entitlement or dependency, in the end you will be left out to dry. Just think of the average person you walk by in the street or the average dickhead you see bumbling around at your job... The people in government are by and large the exact same human, except on a power trip. These are the people you keep looking to for leadership, guidance and to swoop in and save the day when shit goes sideways. This isn't about Trump, this about government in general. Left, right and everything in between... They are the problem, not the solution. The sooner you accept responsibility for your own destiny and work to insure your own independence, the more insulated you'll be from all the bullshit in the future.
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    Yeah, she sent me a DM complaining about you and your attempt.
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    ^^Something tells me I need to judge her for not knowing the difference between wondering and wandering.
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