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  2. Aaaaaaaand more Logan Morrison Tim Pausinger Spencer Evans Nick Oaks Kurt Von Getz Paul Wolk Jake Locks Craig Lunn Alex Gracia Scott Rusnak Matt McLaughlin Glennie Whittall Piew Choquette
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  4. Did not know personally but that would still be a shame. Bound to happen here & there.
  5. More Canadian zip zappers to keep this thread going! I'm looking at you, @metronome! Tasha Terror Daniel Bacharach Stephane Noel Nathan Draper Heath Smith Don Callahan Ryan Halter Miguel Lepage Braden Mangione Mark Jansen Kirk Shandro Alec Benjamin Lucas Ford JF Bourbon
  6. That is so much fucking cooler than anything Elon has made IMO and I'm not even a "Ford guy". I'm excited to see what will happen w/ electrics and hybrids but I'm going to continue my pearl clutching w/ gasoline/diesel engines.
  7. All that says to me is Trump has done the same negative things it took 5 people to do.
  8. ndv


    In that case, I guess it's better to keep em. Although, I am sure that's a catch 22
  10. If this is the same person Im thinking of I believe they passed away a few years back.
  11. I just remember checking shit I saw on the history channel. haha I did remember that they mention that money was more of a fabric then paper and if you looked closely on older currency you can see red and blue fibers embedded in the money. youll find them randomly embedded throughout the money check out this link though it list a few more that may help you confirm. https://www.uscurrency.gov/sites/default/files/downloadable-materials/files/en/20-1990-1998-features-en.pdf
  12. Fam I'm on the first row of this shirt1??!?!?!?! Is there any left?! Can you take my money1?!?!?!?!
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