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  2. Went downtown with my OG - this was the only flick I took….
  3. This is basically what I am trying to achieve. Good for you. My proble is, is that I can eat amd eat but never gain anything. A fast metabolism is a catch 22. As for the the girl at the gym. Just ask her out just to see what really going on there. Only one way to find out. Anyhow, keep up the progress and try to stay away from the stress.
  4. Today
  5. Nodding off reading price comparisons on building your own led lights vs buying them preassembked.
  6. hatetown


    Ankle still healing and I'm walking but just barely. Gotta get my leg muscle back in shape. Ankle still really stiff and it kinda hurts to walk but I'm making progress.
  7. Kults


    Jump on the Vanguard beta man. The graphics look shit on a PS4 but it’s still kinda fun. They just extended it until Wednesday
  8. I believe there's a copy (of the Subway Lives book) for $50 on Amazon which is a lot cheaper than how much they were going for about 2-3 months back. Last I checked it's because the book was out of print and the author died some-what recently. I got a copy of the Million Ja Tags book by Nov from CarnageNYC whenever he first dropped it so I got kinda lucky but if you manage to find a copy of any of his books I highly recommend snagging them.
  9. that looks really interesting, unfortunately it also seems to be super hard to find.(same as the ja one posted...)
  10. where


    Never was much of a melee person until recently, that shits so fun to demoralize fools
  11. i rented this for free when i worked at a DVD rental place back in 09...might give it a rewatch now.
  12. Bookmarked AND yootoob account subscription to that sht. Pun intended
  13. Yesterday
  14. Imagine hitting debris on that. Wonder how much they burned up the tread on blacktop. It was like a recurring laugh that one dude is cruising everywhere and then in every shot his buddy is getting stuck or walking his.
  15. Fuck to the Yes, you delivered. Appreciated.
  16. Man - I need to clean my diet up. Good on you @ndvfor eating clean - thinking @Dark_Knight is same. Most of the weight I have gained in last 6 months is muscle but I need to lose more fat. Sucks because my coping mechanism post drinking has been eating - life has been stressful as fuck last couple years and so fasting has been my way of helping my body. Banged out 45 mins on stair climber this AM and will again tomorrow. There is a young skinny chick at gym that always engages with me when I am there but she works there and I can’t tell if she is just being nice. Has to be like 25 yro - so damn near 15 years younger. Hurt my shoulder in BJJ and so I have not been able to bench or lift really heavy last 3 weeks. Lingering injuries make me fee my age. Still lifting 4-5 time a week at work.
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