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  2. Actually a decent read, thanks for sharing
  3. luhem

    The Hip Hop Thread

  4. luhem


    some books and one of these trusty guys
  5. Jujurocs

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    10 Years: T-Shirt Graphics. One of my favorite books on t-shirt graphics. This particular book documents t-shirts from Upper Playground from 1999 to 2009. The works featured in this 10 year anniversary edition are cutting edge to say the least. Many of the artists have been featured on Upper Playground apparel, others have been exhibited at the countless shows, events and parties staged each year in the Upper Playground store and gallery. Artists featured in this 10th Anniversary edition include Rob Abeyta Jr., Aiko, Alex One, Amaze, Armsrock, Augor, Herbert Baglione, Will Barras, Basco, Bast, Bigfoot, Blade, Mark Bode, Boogie, Tiffany Bozic, David Choe, Richard Colman, Coro, Cope, Craola, Cum, Cycle, Dalek, Date Farmers, Daze, Dr. Lakra, Dug 1, Nate Van Dyke, Eine, El Mac, David Ellis, Ron English, Ewok, Faile, Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, Blaine Fontana, Ghost, Mike Giant, Grey, Grotesk, Maya Hayuk, Hera, Logan Hicks, Aaron Horkey, Andy Howell, Cody Hudson, Hydro 74, Paul Insect, Iz the Wiz, Jo Jackson, Rich Jacobs, Andy Jenkins, Jeremeyville, Joker, JR, Denis Kennedy, Dave Kinsey, Augustine Kofie, Koralie, Henry Lewis, Anthony Lister, London Police, Marok, Mars-1, Mario Martinez, Patrick Martinez, Masa, Matzu, Maxx 242, Mear One, Mr. Jago, Morning Breath, Andy Mueller, Munk One, Nome, Nunca, Saelee Oh, Estevan Oriol, Alex Pardee, Chris Pastras, Phase 2, Ricky Powell, Raza Uno, Retna, Revok, Revolt, Albert Reyes, Saber, Dave Schubert, Seak, Sickboy, Michael Sieben, Chris Silva, Skinner, Slick, Damon Soule, SSUR, Stash, Tofer, Ben Tour, Urban Medium, Usugrow, Vitche, Zephyr and many more. Hardcover: 612 pages Full Color
  6. diggity


    if you like that, check out sex criminals. its got a similar vibe. are you looking for super hero type stuff or more indie? Preacher is pretty good for the first few trades. Logan is decent - not really like the movie at all. I'd avoid Xmen and the like. the timelines are too jacked up.
  7. diggity


    Wolverine:The Long Night https://www.wolverinepodcast.com/ apparently these came out a while ago for people who paid but now they are releasing them one per week. its a radio drama type thing but its from investigators eyes. not you typical podcast but i've been finding it interesting.
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  9. malvikaadhikari


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  10. Dirty_habiT

    Break it down to me.

    I just looked over Foucault's wiki page. He seems to be a French Philosopher but without reading about him a lot more deeply I wouldn't know his shortcomings or merits. Would you care to expand more on what you said? This thread, again, doesn't have to be about music. Oh oh oh and.... PAGE 2!!!
  11. I forgot to link this article yesterday while I was writing my post. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/busy-new-stupid-ed-baldwin-sphr-gphr/ The CTO of my last job sent that out to the company and after reading it I realized how many people throughout my day were spinning their wheels, not getting a lot done, and making it seem like they're really getting a ton of work done. It's a good read even though I don't like or participate in linkedin. So the next time you find yourself apologetically telling someone that you would liked to have met them, responded to them, or just acknowledged their existence but couldn't because you've been so busy, consider the REAL message(s) you're sending them: My time is more important than yours. I'm not very good at prioritizing my time. I want you to judge me based on how busy I am, not how productive I am. You aren't a priority, or at least what you want to speak with me about isn't a priority. I spoke to a colleague (thanks Greg Roche) about this very issue and how we might avoid glorifying our busyness and the importance we place on it. The world is in perpetual do-more-with-less mode and that means it's easy for all of us to fall into the trap of becoming busy. Just speak to someone a generation or two older than you to confirm that the world moves much faster than it used to, and that the pace of change continues to increase with each passing day, month and year. Well, my colleague offered me a simple suggestion on how to curb my personal glorification of busy when interacting with family, friends and colleagues. Instead of using "I've been busy" as an excuse for your lack of responsiveness, instead simply say "it's not a priority for me". Because that's what you're really saying. Doing so will definitely set the cat amidst the pigeons and cause you to reflect heavily on whether you should have prioritized differently! To opt instead for the mainstream response of apologizing and saying your busy is just plain weak, and probably constitutes a little white lie. Because you could have chosen not to invest the last two hours catching up on email or sitting in worthless meetings. Because you could have chosen not to watch the last episode of Game of Thrones, or not taken that walk to play Pokemon Go and capture two more fictitious characters. You get the picture. I've started to adopt this practice and it's highlighted for me the importance of prioritizing my time, and not using the excuse that I've been too busy. Telling someone straight up that they aren't a priority is a lot harder. Saying "it isn't a priority" also doesn't glorify your busyness and imply that your time is more valuable than theirs. Try it out and see if it drives different behavior from you - it certainly has for me.
  12. Hua Guofang

    Break it down to me.

    I hate Foucault more than I hate post-2010 rap.
  13. Mercer

    Break it down to me.

    Haha, wish I could join in on the older music rally in here. Current Heavy Rotation is Bodega, and the New DJ Smokey album. Only thing that qualifies in my recently played is the Skatalites, but I've been reading 18th century authors like Voltaire, Adam Smith, and Foucault if that counts.
  14. Hua Guofang

    Break it down to me.

    Had Styx - come fly away on rotation for a week. I'm old and not afraid to admit it!
  15. 6Pennies

    Break it down to me.

    Current Rotation: Zepplin Ben Harper & Charlee Musselwhite Odesza Flume Kruangbin DJ Krush Vince Staples
  16. glorydays

    Break it down to me.

    to me...rap and hardcore punk are two sides of the same coin they were, some are, anti-conformist, anti-authority movements that the youth would listen to to learn how to react to injustices now....that way of thinking is lost...i dont know the mumble rap today seems to think that they're above anything that has to do with current events the use of drugs and the "trippiness" of the sound seem to evoke thoughts of being high or "above" it all getting high is a way of escape is what it translates to me
  17. enteruncreativename


    Nice new post. I spy a whole wall.
  18. 6Pennies

    Break it down to me.

    While I agree with Allen, I agree with this as well. Was at a Santigold concert and the DJ played D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty's "Broccoli" in between bands. Entire place went nuts. I knew at that point I had crossed an age threshold of which there was no recovery......
  19. 6Pennies

    Break it down to me.

    yep, the inception came with the Chopped & Screwed movement. Then the nation got flooded with pharmaceuticals....
  20. misteraven

    Break it down to me.

    Been on a Hank Willians Senior tip still. Oh yeah, still like Kanye. Bad Brains and Aphex Twin still on rotation. Cool... Guess I haven’t really missed anything.
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