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  2. Damn dude I thought you died. I almost died in the process. On a serious note that’s what I was thinking which helps solidify the thought. I painted the ceilings (not worrying about cuts obviously). And was worried a full on white would be too much. Habitual over thinker oner. @mr.yuck you May now give your two cents. Thank you for you patience.
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  4. Listened to this podcast recently and made the decision going forward to only buy Cage-Free Eggs for consuming at home. It only costs a few dollars extra(or less!..) to make the switch, I figure if it helps a living thing have an even slightly happier existence it's money well spent. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-stuff-you-should-know-26940277/episode/the-truth-behind-cage-free-and-free-range-94643778/
  5. Definitely didn't think I listened to ghost that much but here we are I guess...
  6. I’m gonna need some more color ways for any solid input my dude. Funny you ask me directly cause a couple years back when I was starting out I remember public bantering on here about shit like this with yuck. Both of us being pretty straight forward that assisting with color choice is not our strong suit. Anyhow I know colors and would say you can never go wrong with solid off whites for a stairwell. Pure white, white dove, ice cube and a bunch of others but stay away from stark and weird colors imo. For that area specifically. Unless you like weird then yolo fam. Looks like gentrification Grey in your living room so definitely a nice off white but only in the blue/grey hue lean and not yellow. And learn to cut in if you wanna save your self a world of time with that tape nonsense. It’s a lot easier than people think.
  7. same moving to san diego is a blessing, especially being in the heart of BJJ country a foot injury and getting the flu recently fucked up my rhythm
  8. That's how I even found this tik tok , been on a graff n dance tik tok binge cause some of them use wild ass caps I've never heard of
  9. No problem. Just a suggestion. You don’t have to use it if you don’t like it.
  10. Huh? What's your fucking problem?
  11. Still training - just got back from a class. Its been tough this year staying active on the mats with injuries and life shit but I am still making it as best as I can. Brown 3 stripe and still grinding.
  12. damn this thread had hella potential but ooontz is looking down for the count
  13. Sounds like Hand held EMPs are a thing now.
  14. doesn't even squeeze her own toothpaste tube, has dispenser.
  15. Yo this bitch is ballin. She just has live animals at the crib inside producing eggs, swimming in the aquarium as pets waiting to be scooped out and eaten. No respect.
  16. Maybe it's because we haven't been looking in a mirror while saying @NightmareOnElmStreet
  17. https://apnews.com/article/police-san-francisco-government-and-politics-d26121d7f7afb070102932e6a0754aa5
  18. wow until i saw keri russell in the trailer i thought it was just a joke but it's a real movie. looks funny.
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