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  2. On the surface this seems pretty simple, but please do not forget how the people ("You") that decide state taxes got to be where they could decide state taxes. The leaders are a representation of the people. In Austin, TX we have a cuck mayor from California. His/her (don't want to be offensive) name is Steve Adler. This is how dumb he looks: hxxps://images.foxtv.com/static.fox7austin.com/www.fox7austin.com/content/uploads/2020/01/1280/720/670C62D3072A432DB7303DBA19D19706.jpg Also, who architected foxtv in Austin's directory structure for their
  3. just a funny lil gif don't get all worked up again and start another tirade
  4. A friend of mine that worked high up at Twitter has told me some crazy weird stories about the culture within that company. @morton- speaking of linkedin, this one feminazi at Twitter openly said on "Femeng" (internal female engineer chat channel at twitter) that anyone found to be misogynistic she would do everything possible to get them fired, and THEN she would follow them on Linkedin to their next employer and make sure they got fired from that job too. Fucking. Wild. You DO NOT want these kind of people in charge of "what is ok to say or not." I'll ad
  5. Shower stall built today Also resized rough door openings into the hallway so the casings dont stack on top of each other in the corners later this week I will tackle the task of taking appart this plumbing wall anwamoving this existing framing around to move the bathroom doorway 2 inches to the left and also size the door up to match the rest of the door sizes
  6. He was like 5 feet away Brady was tryna have welker walk over to him for a high five, nice fucking try
  7. Today
  8. no they were defeated a couple weeks ago.. super bowl in 2 weeks, confirmed: chiefs/buccaneers in tampa bay
  9. I am struggling to follow this. are the seahawks a competitor anymore or nah?
  10. not said I think Buildings would be a great use and possibly the best first step since it's relatively easy to factor them in like windows. Green houses etc. I reread "the Stainless Steel Rat" by Harry Harrison two years back and was surprised how ancient it seemed. As for space I'm guessing triple layered solar panels spread out over the array of the ISS might mean they could expand the place dramatically as a starting point because the power would be there.
  11. @NightmareOnElmStreetthat’s not right, but use cash app to sell its instant above coinbase and binance and if you have less than 200 transactions or less than 10k in sales there’s no 1099
  12. Ngl had a college tuition of crypto money on this game, going shopping tomorrow
  13. I wholeheartedly stand behind this statement.
  14. Looks like the Van Halen logo, interesting to go with a pouch. I have been using a bi fold for years and thinking the has to be a better way but rejecting all innovations.
  15. I’d fuck a house frfr
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