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  2. All that said, I'd love some reviews from anyone who's worked with any of the CA compliant builds, i.e. Kingpins, CrossArmory SafeMag, ARMAGLOCK, etc. I've seen a few configurations, and I've got a fair idea of what I'm going to do, but would value any input. But basics, are: Aero Complete Upper (clearly from above) (fine with their heavy barrel and mid length gas system Aero Lower Not too worried about trigger, or other components as I've got a small list going, but most things aside from receiver (which I'm set on Aero with), it's mostly just a waiting game on what comes back in stock first.
  3. Mercer


    Yea, not so sure myself that George Floyd thing was intentional, or conspiratorial, but damned did it get the gullible narrative of the right wing back on the side of the state/authoritarianism real fucking fast. Either way conspiratorial or not, it's a hard pill to swallow.
  4. Hua Guofang


    That's a pretty well thought out response, I have no idea of its accuracy but I'm glad you wrote it, thanks.
  5. This_guy_s_acrobatics-c0x223sxmsa51.mp4 Did you develop any special skills while quarantining?
  6. false. jealous of their dog sitting asleep in the sunbeam on the couch
  7. This happens to me at drive thru"s all the time. It's straight up embarrassing. Like why in the fuck do I let this fast food employee with a head set rush me around...?
  8. I meant to click boogie hands but I had poll anxiety and panic clicked
  9. false. grapefruit is delicious. tpbm has tried a starting an ebay store.
  10. Now here is a thread I can get behind. Pause. I will piss ANYWHERE, and I do often. So often in fact, most of the homies and family members know about it. It's almost like I could be on the show hoarders, like but, for pissing in weird ass places for no apparent reason.
  11. ^^^ haha pour out a little liquor for that dude's sex life....
  12. Today
  13. Just went wild crazy one's and did a Big Mac followed by a m&m McFlurry.
  14. Mercer


    @Hua GuofangI haven't said this before because it might sound insane, but I'm assuming most of you probably think so anyway. When I saw the George Floyd murder I thought it was intentional, and still have that thought gnawing at the back of my head. I thought this entire thing might have been planned since it was obvious the cop knew he was being filmed, and continued anyway like he was just doing what he had been ordered to do. I thought maybe they have had an even more egregious crime hanging over him and people he cared about so "you better make it look good" type of deal. Got me thinking, there was plenty of anti authoritarian pressure building on "the right" with mandatory house arrests fin most places, and mandatory masks and all. The Feds don't fuck with the right anymore like they used to after the Oklah homa sity bombng which was only like 25 years ago, and acknowledged as direct revenge for what the FBI did in Waco/Ruby Ridge. That's the type of protest the state here really doesn't like, and the only one they seem to notice. I mean not a single fuck was given about police violence here until the riots. What kind of message does that send? Much better for them if "the right" is on the State's side in a time they're being told to "stay inside or else", it's just how could they make that happen? I mean is there any group of people out there that most gun loving rednecks dislike, more than the Government? Que the race riots just in time and the so called Libertarians who are supposedly against state overreach immediately turn a blind eye to the state, hang up that sweet Hawaiian shirt that matches their plate carrier's camo pattern so well, and sit at home tuned into the anti BLM rhetoric. An almost immediate retreat from the right protesting their very real loss of freedoms, without actually giving even of them a shred of said feedom back. Either way, America in July, 2020, and most legal gun owners fear protestors, rioters, and minorities more than they do the cops. Almost bewildering until you consider this countries past, and the massive compliancy required to have legal slavery here, the place they consider "birthplace of freedom". A false sense of security, that knee to the neck will never happen to me fed by the false racial narrative both sides believe that has little to do with the police brutality. I'd say a majority of Police organizations/Departments are out of control with everyone here, not just blacks. Bottom line is the boogaloo boys identify more with deep throating the entire boot right now, than they do with their own fellow citizens that they watch being murdered slowly, and painfully. The entire Country's vibe is basically two groups of retarded white people, competing against each other to see who's more misguided, and the fringe groups they encompass are as in line as ever. Murdering another human just because you don't like their profession takes a level of irresponsibility that doesn't mesh well with gun ownership, and firearms culture in general despite what you may see in the media, and the general consensus of Australians. With that said, you're not the only one wondering what the time line on that happening is. Fortunately most gun owners currently live fairly comfortably, AKA they have something to lose. The people with nothing to lose, and own guns, well they are already shooting more frequently now, but obviously they prefer easy targets, not cops. Besides, the people with balls enough to actually lay it down like that, they either enjoy the tase of police boots, or generally dislike minorities more than they do the cops. Either that, or they're at least smart enough to understand the direct consequences they'll face for such misguided foolishness. Even if they're not bootlicking, or racists, most people still find the current situation they're in at least tolerable for now.
  15. The only Bronson film I've seen and or care to see is "Death Wish." I reserve that era for Blaxploitation films and Black actions only, lol. Unless im watching my hipster shit like French films of basically anything criterion from the time.
  16. Discuss. I started listening to this a while back and it's kind of taking over my brain. I think this mf has studied up on the davidians or cult leading in general because his shit is captivating and I'm not sure how to feel about it lol. Clearly, I am soft and easily manipulated or sheepish because even though I don't agree with a good deal of the shit this dude talks about I still eat this shit up. I'm pretty sure some of this stuff already had threads via raven so I'm late but whatever. I never heard of this until recently but a whhooooole lot of it sounds good. Especially now. There are some typos below but you get the idea and before yall start clowning because of my lateness fuck yall. What do you jabroni's think about this stuff?
  17. Kids these days, no to Bronson lol smh
  18. @KILZ FILLZYeah, I spoke with Kara (can't remember her handle, catface maybe?) around then, and neither of us had heard from him in a while. She was in contact with his father around then too. Disconcerting to say the least. Sweetest guy.
  19. for graff mags on ebay but otherwise false.. TPBM can't figure out why the fuck anybody would plant a grapefruit tree
  20. Heat or no heat. Shit doesn't bother me but I for damn sure don't love it. Tpbm hunts
  21. Go on and get to it with yo 1970's position ass. Let's keep'er into at least the last 3 decades alright buddy.
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