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  3. AI has no idea how to draw to onions who are bikers fighting in a parking lot while behind them a female onion stands in a business suit for the 90's. drawn in the style of robert crumb
  4. @KILZ FILLZ I would say a solid 8 - reason being I have the entry level jawn without the warm water etc But a bidet is the straight truth when it comes to having a clean ass bruh - cuts down hella on TP use too. I don’t think I will ever go without one installed on my main throne for the rest of my life.
  5. ill trade you my hot mess recommended youtube any day
  6. hahaha I watched one video and now my feed is flooded with a bunch of different “models”. My feed now is 99% Slip Knot, Chin Rock and wannabe lingerie “models”. 2023 is vast!
  7. @lugr sadly i know about this from my friend who power simps for the onlyfans girl. the comment sections of those videos are some of the saddest simpfests you will ever see.
  8. okay I have had a dabble. this is off the chain "a maori/pasifika styled artwork depicting the arrival of alien in New zealand" "four middle aged graffiti afficionados two are bald one is bald and has tattoos one is bald and very fat"
  9. one way. was on the interstate lol
  10. Add this to your list.
  11. Car Wars Steve Jackson Game, Looking this up now and appears interesting. We tried playing Gamma World which was another TSR game. Just couldn't get into it tho
  12. I have had a large piece of tread from a tire smack my windshield around 70mph. Didn't crack the glass but it tripped me out seeing it come at me.
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