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  3. Wish i paid attention to this earlier. I love Goon. Got drunk not that long ago and watched it.
  4. If you ARE being targeted there isn’t much of anything you can do to hide anyway. The best thing you can do as a netizen is just not leave bread crumbs all over the place negligently like 99% of everyone with a cell phone does. Everything @misteravensaid above is spot on in my book. quantum computing is going to absolutely obliterate every current form of encryption we have. The other side of the coin is that I believe it can be used to make encryption that won’t be able to be broken ever. That will royally piss the govt off. They’ve been trying to get Apple to backdoor phones for ever and Apple keeps telling them to get fucked. Not sure if it’s true or if it’s optics and they’re giving up the data. I’d suspect it’s the former and not the latter.
  5. Crazy how iv only been here since 2012 but thats already been 7 years time really flies
  6. He is also now the record holder for most UFC wins in Boston.
  7. Seeing more OG names pass through, so time to bump this and coordinate on some more outreach. Who’s still missing? Drop some names and let’s see if we can coordinate to bring another couple lost members home.
  8. Radical Rick and Wrench Pilot...
  9. My dude won! Arm bar submission in the 1st after a not good start for him. Didn't think it was going to go his way and the BAM, all i hear is the ref yelling “STOP STOP STOP.”
  10. abrasivesaint


    Hahaha. Ya. The French people pop off when they “protest.” Those fools don't play. @KILZ FILLZ
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