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    You fuck your mother with that dick?
  3. @Schnitzel I am in a crazy drought boy - I would handle the whole page. Even smash the clown looking broad twice.....
  4. @Dark_Knight been having all the hoes. International flavors.
  5. @Dark_Knight - I say fucking go all in provided you are happy with the city you are in etc. Fuck paying someone else's mortgage when you can pay into owning your own shit - I agree with your initial post, I was paying 3500 a month for rent and the shit didn't make sense to me. Again, Bay Area but same principle. Forgot to add this in but Property Tax is a fucking bitch where I am....I pay like 10K annual and those bitches increase it every opportunity.
  6. Here’s a Polaroid pic of a butthole
  7. yeah I’d be crashing with my brother during the closing phase… I just have to figure out if I want to go for broke. It’s a lot to take on.
  8. Also @Dark_Knight those are some proper hoots.
  9. Bruh it takes like 30 days just to close when you buy a house.....it may be different if you are buying outright in full. Definitely worth the pain in my opinion - your mortgage is basically an investment that you can cash out on in the future and will likely increase in value. Bought my pad for over 500k 7 years ago and it has almost doubled - but also Bay Area fuckery included in the growth.
  10. @Schnitzel word - this was my first time uploading photos to this device and so of course I opted to delete from phone after upload. Good input though I will poke around for a reasonable application. @morton The whole PNW was crushed - dude had mostly handstyles up in Seattle. But as far as I am concerned the level of Graf in Portland and Seattle is close to how crushed the city (SF) was in the early 2000's.....
  11. Today
  12. I screenshot mine on phone then crop and load them. or I use this imazing heic converter to save them into folders but lately it's not working so more research might be needed!
  13. Forget if I told this already or not but I’ve been told I need to put 15% down since I’m not back to work full time yet. Kind of takes away my money for renovations. At such a crossroad of renting for another year or buying. Shits exhausting.
  14. I do it with tea because it pounds the flavour out of the tea bag. oh and yes I look a bad ass doing it. My inlaws always joke about it. Side note: I hate the idea of bartenders touching my ice etc. When I was a bartender we were always told we only owned the bottom 1/3 of the glass but that seems to be less common now. any bartenders on here ever get told that?
  15. Back when they first got going it used to be be labrat no spaces and I honestly thought it was la brat, like french. Once it got corrected they never went back that I noticed.
  16. Most of my good flicks are this fucked up file type - gonna try and figure it out or say fuck it.
  17. The entire PNW was crushed - KING157 from my neck of the woods. Labrat hands all over. The homie had the LV print binger - ridiculous /soberone.
  18. View from the homies pad downtown Seattle. Baller as fuck.
  19. Few shots from Portland - Powells, VooDoo etc Can't post my pics from Pine State Biscuits but that shit was on hit.
  20. Day one drove 665 miles from Bay Area to Portland.
  21. Gotta figure out how to post or convert these fucking HEIC files. My normal photos all uploaded to iMac as HEIC and all I have in JPEG are my classic fisheye bullshit. I will post those for now....low effort oner.
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