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    *he says as he adjusts his bell bottoms
  3. Fr? Nazi iconography was pretty tight. Surprised you never saw the death's head before HUGO BOSS made the fits. Pretty snazzy for a bunch of cunts
  4. https://www.pix11.com/news/local-news/queens/appeals-court-approves-of-6-7m-award-to-5pointz-graffiti-artists?fbclid=IwAR1my8iN9_OFiyvCDxs4V1WmjLvW4FUkLmUijGVJdb24aS9QcMorQH2y_60
  5. Today
  6. The yme video was dope i rented it on vimeo sometime back
  7. Had to do a couple minutes of digging on this one. Was not familiar with that insignia.
  8. I admit it, my wallet is huge.
  9. Look douchebags, you’re smart enough to decide for yourselves, just vote for Mike Bloomberg for President!!!
  10. If you don’t vote for Mike Bloomberg you’re a certified fucking retard, c’mon
  11. Mike Bloomberg for President!!!!!
  12. I got all my shit wrapped in foil now
  13. Mike check!!!!!!! Let’s fucking go!!!!!
  14. Velcro and chain wallets are back, baby! Bunch of online fashion places selling em.
  15. MIKE BLOOMBERG FOR PRESIDENT YOU STUPID FUCKING LOSERS This is the real Tim Duncan approved Mike Bloomberg for President thread, so no trolling or funny shit!
  16. I wonder about penis man....
  17. Been on a lot of this type of shit lately. No shame in my game brehs. Niggas tryna motivate.
  18. Fuckin awesome if you liked the first one as much as i did. This is how a sequel is supposed to be. Wait 10 years and really get after it. Hilarious.
  19. ohhh lawd this was terrible. But also kind of brutal, story wise. But still terrible.
  20. @SMdoubleXLThis thread is super educational, thanks for creating it. I'm not trying to be spammy but B.I.R.C. is a cool cool resource if interested in non-toxic/least toxic solutions to pest control. http://birc.org/ Then click on their >> Online Publications. Total wealth of information.
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