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  2. Fuck Hamas, Fuck the IDF. I’ll be mostly stepping out of this conversation at this point.
  3. As you all know, I’ve large remained absent from this thread… In fact, I’ve dropped out of most threads because I’ve been insanely busy. (Go check out 12oz is hiring thread for why). Anyhow, I also don’t think there’s a whole lot I can add, though it remains an ongoing topic, here on 12oz and pretty much all everywhere else. What I think most should be able to agree on is that whatever side of the debate (read: political spectrum) you land on, it should be supremely obvious that Covid has been highly politicized by both sides. Personally, if you were to ask me the three g
  4. Today
  5. My apologies, my browser doesn't display any adds, so I didn't notice Wiki, or NY Post had that stuff. You should try brave browser.
  6. I showed my gf and said look all the controls are on the robots dick where the driver seat is. Her reply: "robots don't need dicks."
  7. Don't forget those horses need stunt doubles
  8. Eggs had chorizo in them too.
  9. DHABZ favorite taco - bacon egg potato bean and cheese. Usually with a Chile toreado on the side.
  10. Yep look at all the civilians. Probably using stock photos that aren't even from what just happened.
  11. Quite effective. I saw the Hamas propaganda a minute ago. Bodies of women and children. Same play every time. Israel wasn't going to play around this time. They made that mistake in 2004.
  12. Fucking rekt. Did the killing and mass burial all at once with that one.
  13. this is an example of playing checkers. BLM is made of people from USA and they destroy property on USA soil. BLM is comprised of gullible retards that destroy private property that had nothing to do with the racism BLM had pushed. Hamas and BLM cannot be compared because one is actual terrorist and the other is amateur Twitter jockeys with bandanas.
  14. Uvalde Tx fire dept had some sick trucks so I took pictures. White 2g in the back ground is sick too... cuz it's mine.
  15. Trolling/Memetics are where 5th Generational Warfare works best. Collectively we have been trolled by nation state Memetics departments (military and intelligence) a whole lot. @Hua Guofangthis is your area of expertise.
  16. I wonder how much it cost to shoot a western movie these days. Needs a lot of horses so how much would one need to charge to transport, feed, and house a horse for a set?
  17. Very prescient of you guys to be discussing The Art of War.
  18. The Art of War. *edit: that's on helluva, SIKE!
  19. What I find interesting with this line, is the challenge and not only most effective but the best psychological offensive deployment. Why I find this quote to be the most challenging is the fact that due to the economic inequalities (finances or financial resources) nations or individuals are debted to so to speak. Anyhow, I guess what I am basically saying is each enemy has a different approach and everything must be evaluated (both the attacker and defender) because everything has a cause and effect and it's just that, that I find really interesting that I have a tendency to get
  20. Those teeth shoes are savage!
  21. I sold half the other day. Don't care. Took out what I had in, so now its all profit. edit: How did my comment end up in Mercer's? Lol. Too high.
  22. Did ya'll like that epic troll Israel pulled on Hamas? "We're starting a ground invasion" - Israel Hamas immediately goes into their underground bunkers and Israel drops 450 bombs within 35 minutes on all underground facilities.
  23. These "sources" offer some great fashion through their affiliate links, leather hat at 70% off, screaming eagle button down over "Stand for the Flag, Kneel for the Cross" tee shirt with some Crocs. On point.
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