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  2. 3 of us, first year in a new house and I'm already ready for apple pie already, aka took a 45 minute poop break. (I smoke weed in my own damn bathroom when my mom is here) lol. Had to flex the canned cranberry sauce, I had to insist on this once a year indulgence in heavily processed ghetto heaven. Kind of like peanut butter, I still prefer the hood shit over our otherwise healthy food choices. We got Ocean Spray cranberry sauce because we respect that dogface420 sponsorship, boycott all other brands.
  3. @Schnitzelas always with the great book/zine finds
  4. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Our lord and savior Donald Trump will absolve us of these worldly sins and bring this nation to the everlasting covenant. Im grateful we have this leader free of corruption that will guide us to salvation.
  5. dog show is a good time every year, probably the only reliably good programming on thanksgiving
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  7. My nephew is finally old enough to tell me jokes that I think are funny. Whats the best part about dating a homeless girl? You can drop her off anywhere.
  8. I'm sorry that you don't know how things really work, DK. New allegations against Jeffrey Epstein's friend Jean-Luc Brunel 16 Models to Watch in 2017, as Predicted By Midland Agency’s Rachel Chandler and Walter Pearce ^these kids look perfectly fine, right? It's really dirty and needs no tin foil hat to see. Christ, look at who Wexner is, what he owns, then look at Epstein (MC2 w/ Brunel) and Midland (Rachel Chandler-Guinness/Brunel). Now look at Nygard. What do these people have in common? This isn't the world that you think it is.
  9. we did get a bit off topic though, my fault
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