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  2. No%20fucking%20time!%20Nft%E2%80%98s%20online%20at%20%40superchiefgallery%20%40scopeartshow%20%40opensea%20%40superchiefgallerynft%20%23OneUnitedPower%20%231up%20%23Oneup%20%231upcrew%20%23Superchiefgallery%20%23Nft%20%23MiamiArtBasel.mp4
  3. Three point stancers sound-off
  4. this site really hit a new level of content with this thread
  5. mr.yuck

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    dont even worry about what he be doin!
  6. LUGR

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    The results…
  7. cyberpunk w/ some brews, what looks to be a weed tray, and a kitty up there in the bckgrnd. nice way to start the weekend!
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoleon's_penis
  9. “George Floyd’s aunt told Alpha News that Cortez Rice was sent a cease and desist letter in 2020 to make him stop claiming to be Floyd’s nephew. Rice is a BLM activist who has been in the media spotlight since Floyd’s death. Last year, both the Washington Post and New York Times reported that the activist was George Floyd’s nephew. He even appeared on a Florida TV news station claiming that Floyd was his uncle in April of this year. He grabbed headlines again after he led a protest outside a Minneapolis judge’s home earlier this month. Shortly after his controversial protest gained significant public attention, he hosted a Facebook livestream where he contradicted the Post and NYT, saying that he is not a blood relative of George Floyd. “I never ever said that,” he claimed on the stream. “I say [Floyd’s] like an uncle, my kids called him uncle, he always say ‘blood don’t make you family, loyalty does.’” However, George Floyd’s aunt, Angela Harrelson, tells a different story: she said that Rice was sent a cease and desist letter last year to make him stop claiming to be a member of Floyd’s family, she told Alpha News in an email.”
  10. 2 blessed 2 be stressed
  11. How many freedom haters here donated to the bail? Lol. Bitch bai! Lol
  12. He's really in there cranking his beef to Chanticleer's niece
  13. Came in here to say I aint doin shit and there's @Dark_Knightdoin shit
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