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  1. Planning to binge-watch both seasons this weekend. Thanks for sharing, Europe!!
  2. I'm a daily user of Sketchup and Vray, mostly for architectural/environmental design work, but I've been interested in learning other programs that are more robust than Sketchup. I've dug into Rhino for a little bit but never got past the intro stages. Seemed really confusing but maybe after using it for a while it would seem second nature. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Joker

    the NEW sketch thread

    Bottom line, unless you're super good at simple styles, you shouldn't be moving on to semi-wild or wild styles. Period. And by simple styles - I mean simple The letters should have near perfect flow, and lots of style even though they're simple. Take the Swet piece below as an example. Those letters are very simple but that piece is overflowing with style. Even without the two bars bit coming off the bottom of the W, that piece is fire. Most everyone starts off trying to do some funk letters and treat each letter like they're their own piece, and that just sets you up for failure. Learning to do real simple letters with little-to-no extras is an art in itself. Most never learn, and everything they do never flows that well. Letters feel exposed or disjointed from one another and there's bars and arrows coming out of seemingly nowhere. Pieces make no sense. Please, take some time to learn simple styles before moving on to anything more intense. You'll thank me in the future.
  4. Not the best photos, but this is the road racing machine. Custom paint by Poseur Sport (no longer exist, but you can see some of their work here), wheels from HiFi, limited edition tape by Manual for Speed. I've updated the saddle to one of those Specialized Power saddles, and I've cut down the fork steerer tube so it's not sticking out above the stem... which bugged the crap out of me. I've also got a SAGE titanium PDX for cyclocross racing, and a Giant Anthem 27.5 for MTB riding and racing. I kinda want a hard tail MTB but I think if I bring home another bike my wife might freak out.
  5. For the last few years I've been designing custom paint options for customers of SAGE Titanium Bicycles. Unfortunately I haven't received images of all the bikes I've done designs for but I thought I would share a few... The first is the SAGE Flow Motion hard tail MTB. The design was mostly focused on the top tube and head tube, but we carried on to the ENVE wheel logos as well. This bike was the show bike for a recent Chris King show here in Portland where Chris King invited smaller bike brands to showcase the new CK colors by building custom bikes around the hubs, BB, and headset. The second is the SAGE Belgian Beast. There's a bike race in southern California called the Belgian Waffle Ride and SAGE sends a small team every year, so we decided to do something special for the bikes that were going. This bike was also on display at Sea Otter Classic weekend. I've done a handful of others that were for customers who bought a SAGE and wanted something special, and I'm currently working on a few F1 inspired designs for next years Sea Otter Classic weekend.
  6. Joker

    12ozProphet Pelaton Riders?

    Yeah, I definitely want to come hang for a long weekend but at this point it'll probably have to wait till spring/summer, which is probably better for MTB where you are anyway. I'll make you make time for it. And I have no problem riding at a pace that doesn't make me cross-eyed. And LOL at snowboarding 😉
  7. Joker

    12ozProphet Pelaton Riders?

    Uh, yeah... it's huge there. In spring I downloaded this app so I wouldn't have to depend on friends to tell me where all the cool trails are. I rarely ride my MTB solo but when I do it's nice to know where I'm going, where the trail goes, and how the hell to get back to my car.
  8. Joker

    12ozProphet Pelaton Riders?

    I went to a class twice that used them. There were two instructors both times, which was kinda weird but the class was pretty big so I get it. It was definitely a hard 60 minutes, no doubt, but ultimately not for me. The majority of my training rides are focused and geared toward improving overall fitness for targeted races. That's not to say the Peloton classes wouldn't get me there for short, intense race efforts, but I don't think I would gain any long endurance fitness doing the Peloton classes, at least not for the 3+ hour hammer rides I do every Saturday. I would probably do okay on the shorter races that are a lot of quick, intense jumps in power output... like a criterium or short track MTB race, maybe even a CX race. I did do a few classes on a Stages bike as well. The 90 minute ride was definitely geared toward cyclists who race, and that shit was suuuuper hard, but it still wasn't my bike. That said, I loved all the data that comes from riding on a Stages indoor bike. And you can sign up with Stages and choose a training plan to work toward a fitness goal. I think ultimately I would have to get one of those indoor bikes for pretty cheap in order for me to get one for home. The Peloton bike/classes is definitely on to something, obviously, so if it works for you I would keep with it. Especially with the winters you have it's nice to have an indoor exercise option like that.
  9. Joker

    12ozProphet Pelaton Riders?

    I'm in the same group as @metronome- I have a Wahoo KICKR and link that up to my Zwift account, set up an iPad on the counter in my garage, and ride. For years I rode a "dumb" indoor trainer and stared at a wall for 90 minutes to two hours on cold, wet days here in the Northwest. And then a few years ago I invested in the KICKR and it has literally (and I'm using that word correctly) changed my winter indoor training for the better. The smart trainer recognizes differences in terrain and adjusts its tension according to the elevation on the virtual roads. Riding with others, or doing virtual races is great as well. Doing two hours on the bike indoors is not annoying/boring like it used to be, and that means in winter I look forward to rides after work like I do in summer. I think the big seller for me with regards to a smart trainer or a stationary bike is that I can train on my everyday bike, which is ideal. I know stationary bikes can be set up to feel similar to your every day bike but not exact. Probably not a big deal for folks who are using them for 60 minutes of exercise but for guys who are doing intense intervals and long rides... riding your own bike is ideal. @misteravenit's peloton 😉
  10. This morning's mood adjuster...
  11. Joker

    Backlash Against Nike for New Colin Kaepernick Ad

    @misteravenyeah, that was definitely an interesting listen. He certainly had some valid points regarding personal dichotomy and how it skews even simple, logical thinking. Example being Facebook posts/reposts that seem so incredibly insane there's no way it can be true, yet if it falls into your ideology you wouldn't question it for a second, and ultimately you repost it. As simple an explanation as that is, it's such an easy example that really defines our current state. Some of the podcast dug into his own personal ideology, which is fine... I mean, it's his podcast, but I didn't agree with all of it. I feel the take away was believe in what you believe, no matter what it is, but make sure what you believe is accurate and that you are being told the truth. Easier said than done, I'm afraid, as reputable resources are becoming more and more difficult to find. Easily the main reason I closed my Facebook account. Like most, I have friends who are on one side of the fence or the other, and my feed had become one bogus news story after another, with hundreds of comments from followers who fell for every word. And every time the story seemed so far-fetched that some quick research would break down the story was false, and where the images originated from, and often how the story was based on somewhat relatable stories but had been so skewed and fabricated that their connection had become impossible to make. I'm slowly becoming that guy who doesn't listen to news, read papers or even online articles. I've no idea if shit is accurate or biased. I just want to know what's going on in the world but I'm getting more and more to the point where I couldn't care less about Trump or Korea or plastic in the ocean or homelessness or shitty people on scooters... what I need is a home in the middle of nowhere that I can close off the world from inside and pick my nose in peace. Thanks for sharing the podcast!
  12. Joker

    Backlash Against Nike for New Colin Kaepernick Ad

    Thanks @misteravenfor the insights. I did read your previous posts (in both threads), but I'm glad you weighed in on what others might be thinking, too. I'm listening to that podcast after lunch...
  13. Joker

    Backlash Against Nike for New Colin Kaepernick Ad

    I suppose I was mostly curious if those who oppose CK and Nike, right now, are doing so because CK won't stand for the flag or if there's something else at play here. It's easy to say they're doing so because they don't like black people, but I'm wondering if it's more about being uninformed and making decisions based purely on information gathered from social media or biased news sources. Honestly, I think a good portion of those who oppose CK's protest are doing so because they don't really understand it, and are doing so blindly because their peers are... which seems to be the new normal. To be clear, I don't know anything about CK other than this story, so maybe I'm missing something that has shifted people to really dislike him other than the protest. I don't know why I'm curious about this as I normally don't really care or involve myself in this kinda stuff at all. That said, the last two or three years it's been hard to not have an opinion on things, especially politics... which as a non-voter I don't really talk about. Seems like you can't go to a pub or party or a bike ride with friends, or anything, without politics or stories like this coming up. And if you stay quiet during the conversation, which I tend to do, those around you eventually ask your opinion.
  14. https://www.bbc.com/sport/american-football/45407340 I don't follow football at all, like zero, but I'd have to live under a rock under a mountain to not know who this guy is, and why he's constantly in the media. It is my understanding that he's one of the best NFL quarterbacks in the league (though not currently playing), but he was fired for silently protesting by not standing during the national anthem. And as such has become the face of a movement. It is also my understanding that you are either on one side of this story, or the other... and that has me really confused. I'm trying to understand why someone would hate him for silently protesting for what he believes in. The more I read about this story and how it continues to unfold I can't help but think that those on the opposing side of the story are against Colin and his supporters because they don't fully understand the cause of his protest. I think they see the surface and make their judgements from there, but it doesn't take a genius to read the deeper meaning of his, and others in the NFL (who are currently playing), reasons for protesting. I also find it weird that opposers would all of a sudden dislike Nike because of the new ad when they've supported and sponsored Colin for the seven years. Maybe they didn't know?? Anyway, I'm not looking to get into a big debate on this one, I'm more looking for real answers as to why someone would not like or support this guy. It's not like he's Lance Armstrong and treated people like shit on top of cheating the public and his peers.
  15. Joker


    Yeah, I would agree that upon looking at a photo I would laugh at any thought of locking my bike up with it. Seeing first hand how strong it is, and how it holds up to many different kinds of cutting tools (and large hammers), my view on 'looks' was overshadowed. But lets be honest... ANY lock is breakable. If thieves have time and want your bike bad enough, they'll find a way.