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  1. Sorry for the delay... been a real busy couple of weeks at work. I'll respond properly this week, hopefully.
  2. https://news.artnet.com/art-world/elon-musk-graffiti-art-tesla-factory-berlin-1973747
  3. The second Rope sketch is pretty nice. I like the open connections between letters but I would adjust them slightly as noted in the image below. Add some dimension to the O so the letter is a little more defined, and add a little more definition to the connection of the P and E. That connection wasn't really bad, it's just how I personally would connect them. As for the arrow sketches... I think your cuz needs to calm down. Damn, those are a lot of arrows, you could take all the arrows from those pieces and add them to five, maybe six more pieces. Here's my take on arrows for piec
  4. Yeah, not sure if you're just sharing or looking for feedback/help, but when there's that much in one post it's hard for me to give feedback. And yes, using a pen is a commitment. You've got to really know your strengths and weaknesses, and you've got to heave a great knowledge of letter structure and flow. I'm always in awe of folks who draw dynamic pieces, sometimes even complicated, using just pen. It's impressive. I'm personally a pencil person because often by the time I get to the last letter I think of something better for the first letter.
  5. @squigbert- Does that say BOXTR? Curious what the letters look like without the 3D.
  6. @misteraven @abrasivesaint I do appreciate throwing my name into the hat but life- mostly work - is too hectic for me to spend as much time in here as I'd like to. I can certainly keep my eyes open for shenanigans but I cannot be a regular, unfortunately. At least not for any solid length of time at the moment. Hopefully once the world get's its shit together and brands want to get back to spending money on retail experiences I can hire some designers to help me and in turn give myself a break. I'll continue to do my best to keep the Toys Post Here thread alive with go
  7. Agreed. I worked with one guy who would take several smoke breaks an hour, sometimes for 20 minutes, and when I made a joke to him about it in a large group lunch (though I was being somewhat serious) he got super-defensive and claimed he was working from his phone. Right... you're using Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign from your phone, got it. And then several others in the group jumped on the pile and gave him shit about his defense. It eventually turned into a "non-smokers are crybabies" argument, at which point he lost all credibility.
  8. I never noticed this issue until I started working as a designer. I think the lax working environment makes it easy for folks with kids to come in late, head out early, or run that two hour errand. It's just a "thing"... I guess. Most of the time it doesn't bother me (as someone without children) but there have been a few times where the person who left or came in late really needed to be there and that was very, very annoying. In all honesty I have a bigger issue with coworkers who have to go out for a 10 minute smoke break every 30 to 45 minutes. Then come back in reeking of cig
  9. @KaneVCB- They are pages from a book called - Flip the Script: A Guidebook for Aspiring Vandals & Typographers. It's an incredible book because it covers handstyles from all major cities, and includes examples by some of the best from each region. Also, Handselecta (folks who put the book together) have a YouTube channel with a ton of videos that show folks writing their name. Great way to see how some of these handstyles are done. I had no idea the book was worth so much. I guess I better put mine in a display case.
  10. @nachodik- Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. The sketches - personally I think they all look pretty good. I especially like the bottom three sketches... Wort, Rope, and Wort. The filled-in Wort w/ 3D is great! And the Rope sketch, way you leaned the left side of the E into the empty space of the P... very nice. The very top Poteb is pretty nice, too. The other sketches aren't bad, but those four are the stand-outs, for me. Wild-Style - tough question because any mentor/teacher is going to tell you it takes baby steps to get there, and my advice is really
  11. They're definitely different than Mormons, but continuously get mistaken for them. Probably because of the door-to-door proselytizing the two religions do. I've read a few online horror stories about JWs but in the 25 years I've been around them, lots of them (even going to their HQ buildings in New York), I've never met an asshole. Doesn't mean there isn't any, I just haven't met any. Really nice people, very respectful. BTW, if they knock on your door and you don't want them to just kindly tell them to take your address off their list and they'll never, ever come back.
  12. Once I've had my tea, sure.
  13. This is really all I'm getting at. Seems to me that anyone who is an atheist, even agnostic, is not going to be swayed into believing in God or creation based on the confidence of a young woman waving a lollipop around. I'm married to a Jehovah's Witness, have been for 25 years. She grew up that way, her entire family is, most of her friends are, I would never argue with any of them against their faith.
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