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  1. @nachodik- 1. The top Poteb looks great, honestly. There's nothing I would change on that. Nice job! As for the other formats to mess around with - you can try squared-off letters where there's no rounded shapes at all, take that idea further by making the letters the same size and on the same base line. You can mess around with writing it backwards, upside down, some letters backwards or upside down, adding a character in space of the O (can be original or an existing cartoon character). Be creative and have fun. 2. This is called Chisel Lettering. However, you've c
  2. Joker

    Mad Maxine

    I understand... I understand he's cog in a much bigger wheel whose sole purpose is obstruction. He's like that one friend in the group who is smarmy about everything because he thinks it's cool. It's not cool, it's fucking annoying. I don't take it personally but I'm so tired of everything being politicized, to the point of being over-the-top.
  3. Joker

    Mad Maxine

    In that video Jim Jordan is essentially asking for a date from Fauci - a date so Jim's constituents can get their constitutional freedoms back... because being asked to wear a mask is akin to living in China - GTFOH. Essentially he's asking a question that can't be answered the way he wants it to be, and he's showboating on that. All Fauci had to say was "it'll be over when it's over". That is the second video I've seen with that guy asking a question that can't be answered, but acting like it's a question the requires a simple, easy answer. If he wants an answer I've got one, Americans being
  4. @GankGankGank- here's what I was referring to for the CAUSE sketch...
  5. I think because I know it says GANK that it's readable, but the G and N give me pause, anyway. I think the G needs to be opened up a little bit so it feels more like the shape of a G. The A seems fine. The N kinda feels like it could also be an A... honestly, I like it better as an A. It's more simple in it's style compared to the A you've got, and keeping things simple with a style like this is key. I think the N needs a straight bar going up at the right, similar to what you've done for the vertical bar of the K. Speaking of... the K seems okay but because you're using a bubble for the top r
  6. Because right now only Brazil has more gun related deaths than the United States, and we'll be damned if that fucking country beats us at anything. Fuck that. We're a nation of disrespect, we got this. You hear that Brazil? We're coming for you... 3 to 5 people at a time... we're coming for you.
  7. I'll get you some solid feedback this weekend, but right off the bat - I like the variety you've posted. Really like the "Cause" sketch.
  8. @nachodik- yeah, I like where you're heading. Reminds me of a Philly handstyle in that each letter has the same look/feel as the next letter. Obviously, yours is more legible than a typical Philly handstyle, but it still reminds me of that idea. Keep pushin' it!
  9. @nachodik- Sorry, forgot to answer your question about perspective 3D. Yes, it looks correct to me.
  10. @nachodik- I was afraid of that. Sorry... I've realized sometimes I take my "help" a little too far at it ends up being of no help at all. I definitely need to reign myself in sometimes when trying to guide up-and-coming writers. As for the sketches you've shared: Butthole Tag - This cracked me up. I used to get bored writing my name so I would often write curse words instead, like Bullshit and Fucker. It was a fun way to break up the monotony of writing the same thing over and over, again. I know, counterintuitive to the purpose of writing my name on walls.
  11. @Mercer- I rarely talk to anyone, even at gatherings (large or small), so the chances of me boasting about how great I might think I am is incredibly slim. What I meant by my previous post was that I feel (ah... feelings) like being a good person and treating people with respect is no longer enough for some folks no matter what side of the fence they're on. You help the homeless, that's not enough, you donate to charities, that's not enough, you post daily on social media about the hot new subject, that's not enough, you protest, that's not enough, e.g.
  12. In the age of social media and practically everyone thinking they're more important than you, and their views are more important than yours, the idea that we need to be more civil to one another is a tough ask. We've come to a time where civility is no longer valid on its own - it's only part of the bigger picture. I can't tell people that I do my best to be a good person and treat everyone with respect because that will bring the hammer down on me from both sides of spectrum. It's lose/lose. Well, at least that's how it feels to me.
  13. Only thing we all know for sure is that these mass shootings will never, ever stop. Like, ever. More than likely the shootings will only increase. And no amount of government regulations is going to stop it... if anything it'll just make it worse. So shrug your shoulders and move on.
  14. Joker


    Powertap... that's a brand I've not heard for a while. I wore through three of those damn things about ten years ago. So good.
  15. @Aristo- That is definitely coming along! You're correct, the A and R are too squished, but knowing you know, is all I need to know 😉 Have you tried curving the left leg of your A instead of the right leg? Maybe don't curve it so much? Having the right leg more straight might work to your advantage when flowing from the A to the R. Looking at your sketch, it kinda feels like the A and R are perfectly flowing together... like two letters in one. A few thoughts around that...
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