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  1. @nachodik- Answers to your questions - practice, and yes, yes, and yes. I started writing Graffiti in 1985 as a 16 year old goofball looking to get into trouble. I didn't take it seriously for at least a year, and was absolutely horrible at it. "Toy" would be an understatement. When I started taking it seriously it took me about a year to get decent at simple style letters, even longer to get to the point of feeling like I knew what I was doing without my Mentor helping me along the way. Surrounding myself with writers who were better than me and willing to teach me connections, fl
  2. @nachodik- Alright... my initial feedback on your piece a few posts prior was the starting point, but here's how I would approach reworking the same outline: The first thing I notice is that the top of all your letters are similar. So what I did was draw out two guides, first. One straight line at the top, one straight line at the bottom. Now, were you to paint something like this the best wall would be a brick or CMU wall so those are "guides" built in. From there I quickly sketched out your letters as the are, but within the guides. Then I went back in and reworked t
  3. Initial thoughts are that the E and C looked like they're crammed in between the D and K. I'm inclined to make the E a backwards 3 style E and have it overlap the D. I can show you what I mean when I have some time this evening to sketch it out.
  4. To start... I've got no feedback on the sketch above. I probably would have given it a "cool" color 3D, like blue or green, to pop from the warmer red color, but that's about all the feedback I have on that one. Letters are good, 3D is correct, shines are correct, doo-dads look good and well placed... nice. The second Deck outline isn't all that bad, honestly. The E is the only thing that's holding me up. I would have gone with a lower-case E or curved the bottom like your letter C. The D looks like it got squished into the side of the E and is trying to pop its way out the top of
  5. You're definitely on the right path by writing your name over and over, in different ways, trying different styles. It's the best way to find the style/flow that feels best to you. Looking at all your work... we need to simplify the majority of it while giving bits and pieces some flare. Your tag needs to be done quickly, but look like it took five times as long to write. Few things to note: 1. Don't use crowns. Crowns are for kings and there are very few writers who can claim to be such, and even they don't use a crown on their tag. 2. Arrows coming off letters rarely
  6. I like it. It's easy reading but it keeps you interested once the set-up is established. Plus, all the 80s references in both books keeps an old nerd like me entertained. It's Sci-Fi but not "in space on a space ship" Sci-Fi. It's like Minority Report in the sense that it takes place not that far in the future.
  7. Cool. I can help with that. I'll put together some stuff and get back to you soon. Question - I know this is going to sound weird coming from someone with a super-common name like "Joker", but are you aware there are other well-established writers who use the name "Kane"? I'm not here to discourage you from using a name you really like, just want you to be aware there are others out there with the same name so there's a potential for problems down the road... especially if there's already one in your city/town.
  8. @Cyrusthevirus505- well, if you're looking for feedback because you think you might be toy... the toy thread is the place to go. I've kind of made it my mission to help toys develop to a certain point, and then set them free. Willing to help however I can.
  9. Looking good @Ray40 the fill is looking good, colors are good. Keep going! @KaneVCBwhat are you hoping to get as far as feedback? Help with handstyles? Simples? You can obviously draw boobs, but what about letters? A 10 year hiatus from writing isn't a big deal. I'll help however I can... kinda what I do around here.
  10. I really liked Ready Player One (as well as his other book Armada) so I was stoked when this was released. Just picked it up last week and I'm about 2/3 of the way through it. Similar to RP1 but a deeper dive into the characters.
  11. One of the great classics. Easily my favorite song from Throbbing Gristle. Speaking of classics... Skinny Puppy and à;Grumh were some of my early introductions into industrial music, along with bands like Cabaret Voltaire, Ministry, and Front242. So when Skinny Puppy and à;Grumh collaborated... I was all in. I must've listened to this a hundred times when this was released. The late 80s were a really good for industrial music.
  12. Falls more in line with Drone music, but I'll share anyway...
  13. @Ko SprueOne- I really enjoyed It's Not Over Yet but it was definitely too short. Would be interesting to make the track longer and evolve from the opening loop. I also liked Grown but as with It's Not Over Yet... I'm left wanting more. Are these yours or something you found?
  14. I first saw Crash Worship in San Diego at this tiny, low-ceiling venue, and it was amazing. More fire and nudity than should be allowed. After only listening to their recordings for a few years, finally seeing and hearing them live cemented their sound into my collection. Such a great live band.
  15. I don't remember when I first heard this album, must have been 1985-6, sometime around there, but it was recommended to me by a salesperson at my local record shop. He handed me Hunting Lodge - Will and NON - Physical Evidence and said something to the effect of "These will keep you awake at night". Power electronic music is definitely a "taste" but I do enjoy it from time to time. Great background music when you just need something to break the silence.
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