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  1. @Aristo- Yeah, I understand what you're saying. When you lean your letters to the left it definitely creates a struggle for some letters. I've seen a lot of folks lean their letter the opposite direction but it doesn't always work. Anyway, here's a few options to consider tinkering with...
  2. Yeah, i was coming in here to post about the Capitol Hill officer suicides. Especially as the investigation picked up? A little suspect if you ask me... which you weren't, but whatevs.
  3. Uh... do you have any idea how many writers out there write "Joker"? No? Well, let me tell you... it's a lot. Like, a lot. I mean, there's a "Joker" in every major city, often several. So while you and a guy in German may have similar names, he's in Germany and already a well-stablished writer with his own style. If you were to add an S to your name and start biting him... that could be a problem. But you and I both know you're not going to do that because that's dumb. And more importantly - the peer pressure and shit talking you'd get on this board would be so overwhelming that you'd stop. Technically, you should have a unique name. This is an unwritten "rule" from the early days of writing when you were up against a few thousand other names in one city. Now that the culture has been made popular worldwide for the last four decades having the same name or a similar name as someone else is common, and to be expected. So long answer short - no, it doesn't matter. What you do with your name is what matters.
  4. Pretty sure I've read several sci-fi books that start out with basically this same story. Super-rich guys build reliable options for somewhat rich folks to live off-planet, so they can escape a dying world and leave poor scavengers behind. Now that they're in space living in luxury they find they still need common-folk to do the dirty work, so they hire earthlings at crappy wages... and that's when "things" happen.
  5. Joker


    If you're good a maths - https://www.parktool.com/blog/repair-help/chain-length-sizing - scroll down to item #6 Or use a chain length calculator - http://www.machinehead-software.co.uk/bike/chain_length/chainlengthcalc.html
  6. First, it's good to see you pushing yourself into a direction. Compared to the last pieces you posted a while back, these feel different, and a step forward. That said... Looking at them I'm reminded of an old "electric" font, where each letter looks like it's got 220v coursing through its veins. I agree with what's been said already... too many arrows, which is to be expected from someone still learning. Personally, of the six outlines, if you too the A from the 5th sketch and replaced the A in the 6th sketch... I'd grade that outline a C-. The biggest critique, honestly, is that your pieces have little to zero flow to them. It's as if you drew each letter individually, cut them out, and then glued them together with no thought to how they'd connect or flow into each other. If you're sketching letters individually to learn them that's great, but when you start bringing them together you have to consider how each one rests next to each other. Ideally each letter should feel like it's getting a hug from the letter beside it. They should all fall into place like pieces of a puzzle. Does that make sense? Here's a writer with your same name (well, RAYS)... look how smoothly one letter flows into the next one. Even though the R and A are at odds with each other, like two mountains butting heads, it still works because of everything else going on in that section of the piece. The two letters still work nicely together.
  7. The flow on this one is decent, not bad really. The swath coming off the left of the R is... okay... but could be better. The small O is way too small. I get what you're doing but I think it's too small. The swath coming off the top of the P isn't too bad, but I wonder if it could be more part of the E instead of going past it. I mention this because the piece is unbalanced - too heavy on the right - so if the swath came back a little more and felt part of the E it might balance out the entire piece. I see nothing wrong with this one. The E is slightly bigger than the other letters, which is a wee-bit odd, but I think overall this is a nice, simple piece. Well done! Another nice one. The only call-out I have is the loop of the R feels mushed. I think if you moved the R to the left a little bit, and opened up the loop a little more so it felt the same as the P, this would feel just that little bit better. It would also let the O see some daylight as it's crammed between the R and P. I'd like to see the bar of the R go behind the vertical, and the bar of the P that connects to the E loop around to the end. I get what you were going for with all the letters having the same top, but it feels forced when you get to the E. See my edit below. Overall, nice job! And I'm sorry it took me so damn long to get to it.
  8. Sorry for the delay... been a real busy couple of weeks at work. I'll respond properly this week, hopefully.
  9. https://news.artnet.com/art-world/elon-musk-graffiti-art-tesla-factory-berlin-1973747
  10. The second Rope sketch is pretty nice. I like the open connections between letters but I would adjust them slightly as noted in the image below. Add some dimension to the O so the letter is a little more defined, and add a little more definition to the connection of the P and E. That connection wasn't really bad, it's just how I personally would connect them. As for the arrow sketches... I think your cuz needs to calm down. Damn, those are a lot of arrows, you could take all the arrows from those pieces and add them to five, maybe six more pieces. Here's my take on arrows for pieces: I was always told that arrows on pieces were a form of battle armor, a way to protect your piece from the pieces to the left and right of you. Not sure if that is the intended purpose of arrows being used in the early 70s and 80s New York subway Graffiti, but nonetheless it's what I was given as an explanation. Typically arrows are used to show motion or direction - think wayfinding out on the road or in a hospital, for example. Arrow Sketch One - Really, the only one that "feels" like it works is the one coming off the left side of the R. I get what you were going for trying to mirror it on the E, but I feel like that would have been more successful had you done it coming off the bottom bar of the E, and it was flipped vertically - so the arrow winds its way upward and to the right instead of downward and to the right. Arrow Sketch Two - for the most part it's not that bad, except for the arrows coming off the bottom of all letters, and the tops of the O and P. There's just a lot to take in. It looks like you drew your piece and someone egged you on to keep adding arrows Arrow Sketch Three - The flow of the arrows isn't all that bad, and again... kinda like the R, but there's just way too many. Instead of adding every arrow you own into each letter, focus on just the R and E. Keep it simple for the time being by using only one or two arrows.
  11. Yeah, not sure if you're just sharing or looking for feedback/help, but when there's that much in one post it's hard for me to give feedback. And yes, using a pen is a commitment. You've got to really know your strengths and weaknesses, and you've got to heave a great knowledge of letter structure and flow. I'm always in awe of folks who draw dynamic pieces, sometimes even complicated, using just pen. It's impressive. I'm personally a pencil person because often by the time I get to the last letter I think of something better for the first letter.
  12. @squigbert- Does that say BOXTR? Curious what the letters look like without the 3D.
  13. @misteraven @abrasivesaint I do appreciate throwing my name into the hat but life- mostly work - is too hectic for me to spend as much time in here as I'd like to. I can certainly keep my eyes open for shenanigans but I cannot be a regular, unfortunately. At least not for any solid length of time at the moment. Hopefully once the world get's its shit together and brands want to get back to spending money on retail experiences I can hire some designers to help me and in turn give myself a break. I'll continue to do my best to keep the Toys Post Here thread alive with good content, and keep the posts civil.
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