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  1. It's a twig you fuckin' idiot. Fitting you can't tell the difference you liberal piece of shit. #trump2020 (I'm totally joking, by the way)
  2. True... kinda. I was raised an only child by just my mom. When I was 21 my mom and birth father got back together (even though my mom told me he had died in a motorcycle accident years before) and my dad asked if my brother and I kept in touch. Because I didn't know I had a brother... the answer was no. Eventually my brother, father, mother and I were all back together after twenty years apart... my brother and I didn't know about each other until this moment. He is a year younger than me. There's also waaaayyyyyyyy more to the story. My brother lived with another family my parents knew in Kansas growing up. TPBM lives in the same town they grew up in.
  3. Joker

    Lol @ Minneapolis

    First video = Protestors Second and third videos = Not protestors.
  4. Joker


    I was intimidated by going tubeless as well, and denied for a few years. But back in 2017 I had this gravel race coming up and I knew there would be a lot of small lava rock gravel sections and I was worries I'd end up on the side of the course fixing flat, after flat, after flat, and I didn't want to carry several spare tubes and Co2. So I did some research and saw how easy setting wheels up tubeless looked, then bought some tubeless valve stems (wheels and tires were already set up for tubeless), Stan's Sealant, and in less than half an hour my ride was set up tubeless. It was that easy. I will admit that those first few rides I kept waiting for my tires to deflate or burp really easily, but it never happened. Now... the hardest part of going tubeless is pumping up the tire. If you have a regular pump it can be done (I used a regular pump for my first two tubeless set ups) but I won't lie - it was the most time consuming and frustrating part of the set up. I eventually got smart and bought a high volume floor pump. It was fucking expensive for a pump but it makes pumping up tubeless tires a breeze.
  5. Joker


    Yeah, beading a MTB tire is sooooo easy. Don’t even need tools.
  6. Joker


    Are your wheels set up to run tubeless tires? I switched over to tubeless tires a couple years ago and have never looked back. Just last week I ran over some glass I didn't see and the tire started spraying sealant, and within seconds sealed the hole. A few pumps of air to top the tire off and I was back on my way. Less than three minutes. If I had to change a tube I would have been held up way longer, and we all know the struggle is real when trying to get a road tire mounted on a rim without one of these handy. Although I did get one of these last year for on-ride emergencies (if for some reason I need to insert a tube into my tubeless tire) and it works like a charm. Anyway, if you can go tubeless with your current rim set up, I'd recommend it. Are you still running those 3T Discus wheels? I think you can convert them to tubeless pretty easily with tubeless rim tape and some valves. On my gravel/CX bike (which I'm riding more than my race bike, right now) I'm running Donnelly CDG tires with Stan's Sealant. I'm able to ride the tires at a lower pressure (usually 65-70psi) and it makes my ride feel like a Cadillac. So smooth.
  7. Joker

    Toys post here...

    Just looked through a handful of pages online. They seem to really break every aspect down to its simplest form, and then guide you on how to make it stylistic. If a mentor isn't available, for under $20 this seems the next best step. @glorydays- you've had it for a while... what's your review? Did you find it helpful? Nice find. Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Painted on the side of my friend Justin's warehouse home. It was an old auto garage that he rented and turned into an apartment in downtown San Diego. It was so flippin' hot that day. Sun beating down on us from 9am until we finished in the dark. I kept having to take breaks from the heat. Fun day, though. Those On The Run issues... I have those same issues, and the Seen issue. I've heard they've done second and third pressings of the Jepsy issue but don't know if vol.2 and 3 ever got reissued. Pure gold in all three issues, though.
  9. Joker

    Toys post here...

    I feel pretty good about it. The left bar of the A and the right bar of the N are a little 'wet-noddle' looking, but only slightly. I see what you were going for with the same curve mirrored on both letters, so it works. Overall I think this is pretty solid. 3D/drop shadow looks good, too. Nice job!
  10. Not gonna lie... you should. One of the more sought after by true collectors. I used to have three issues that I sold on ebay when I was younger. Absolutely hate myself for it, now.
  11. Yeah, I hit them up years ago about extra copies but they didn't have any. I found one on ebay a few years ago but they guy was asking $150 for it. Seemed kind of weird to be asking that much for a Graffiti magazine, but then I saw what others were asking for other Graffiti magazines on ebay so it kind of made sense. Kind of... but not really. It's not a big deal to not have it, it was a fun moment in time. Forgot about that Ghetto Blaster magazine, too. Damn. I guess I did quite a few interviews for Graffiti magazines in the 90s. I think I did one for. British magazine that Shok1 was part of but can't remember the name.
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