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  1. Not heard of that show. I'll look for it. Thanks!
  2. I've been binge-watching Grand Designs. The older I get the more I want to buy property and build my forever home. This show, and it's spin-offs, has been inspiring... and educational. Even though the episodes are filmed in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, it's still interesting to see what is most important to people in a home, how long they think construction will take (compared to how long it really takes), and true costs - hint: it's always way more than expected. Some homes are over-the-top huge and too modern for my tastes, but there's plenty of interesting design ideas to
  3. @misteraven @Dirty_habiT - can you add a background that makes it feel like I live in an isolated A-frame cabin on the lake in the middle of nowhere? Maybe some subtle bird chirping sounds? And every once in a while a doe and her fawns walks by, stop and stare at me enjoying the surrounding solitude on my large patio overlooking the lake, and then continue on to graze. That would be awesome, thanks.
  4. Just started watching the Long Way Up series and I'm about three episodes in. Those Rivian trucks/SUVs looks pretty cool, and the Harley Davidson electric bikes they use look pretty cool as well, but the show definitely illustrates electric vehicles limitations. Though to be fair... they are in the souther tip of South America at the moment so I imagine it had to be a challenge.
  5. I've gone through two bottles of HAB Sauce in the last couple months, and right now this Pasilla Morita one is my current favorite. Smokey, slightly sweet, a little bit of heat but not burn your mouth hot, So far it's been good on everything. Plus, he's a Graffiti writer hiring other writers to design his labels. Win-win.
  6. Joker


    Punctures: I've already wrote about my praise for tubeless wheels/tires in this thread but I'll reiterate - if you can afford it, go with tubeless wheels and tires. About three years ago I switched my CX/Gravel/Winter Training bike over to tubeless wheels/tires and I haven't had a puncture, since. Three years. Gravel, single track, lava rock, and all the muck/glass/sharp shit in the roads, too. There's definitely cuts and bits in my tires but the sealant immediately sealed the punctures. So quickly, I never even knew it happened. I've gone through several real tires and one front tire only due
  7. Joker

    The Cider Thread

    Had this last night and it was really good. A little pricey for a four pack so I only got one to try... and now I have to go back and buy a whole four pack. Hate it when that happens. Also been enjoying these...
  8. I kind of agree with you, but I also kinda think Roger would include Shepard Fairy whether he put up money to sponsor the show, or not (for the record, I've no idea if he did). And I only say that because much like Banksy he's the darling of the "Street Art" world, and everyone knows his work... even soccer moms and old folks. To not include him would be a large miss. I think Roger would include him solely because it gets serious collectors to the show, gets admirers of his work to the show who have no connection to Street Art or Graffiti, gets stencil/Street Art artists to the show, and gets
  9. @E_B_A- that green/blue color combo is electric. Looks really nice.
  10. No evidence as of yet, but there's this article... https://www.baltimoresun.com/pets/sns-nyt-new-mexico-birds-dropping-dead-20200919-ksfmpuyocfa3jkpco22yltugiq-story.html
  11. This was the view from my driveway last Tuesday, around 3pm. Felt like I was living on Mars. This is the view this morning from my upstairs window... Opening the front door the air smells like you're sitting next to a campfire. It's thick. For the last week the air hasn't moved... at all. Other than hummingbirds, I've not seen or heard any birds which is really weird for where I live. Supposed to rain later today but we really need some wind, too.
  12. I've heard the same about Austin and Portland. Restaurants look the same, small local businesses look the same, same kinds of people walking about, bike friendly, all that kind of stuff. But I've also been told I would like it because it's where Lance Armstrong is from there... which is when I walk away from the conversation.
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