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  1. Brink

    The Hip Hop Thread

    de la always crushes it
  2. Brink


    The new Metro looks to be really good
  3. Brink

    First Thing You Ever Stole

    money from street preformers i was a little shithead
  4. Brink

    hey 12oz...I got somethin' for ya

    didnt know what to expect to see after waking up today i guess this works
  5. Brink

    Revok vs. H&M

    I think oddly enough revok is the only person to not make a public statement on this so far
  6. Brink

    The Hip Hop Thread

  7. Brink

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Heltah is ill
  8. Brink

    The Hip Hop Thread

  9. Brink


    Trash the way she lookin at the camera makes me feel like im fucking someone with down syndrome
  10. Brink

    What is a good graffiti name

    I heard if you add Oner to the end of your name, it advances your style automatically by 10 years
  11. Brink

    What is a good graffiti name

    Probably Gay
  12. Brink

    The Photography Thread

  13. Brink

    The Hip Hop Thread

    a pretty tite live set
  14. Brink

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Fair enough, id still place Guru and Mos up higher on my personal list. But yea, KRS can get a bit corny
  15. Brink

    The Hip Hop Thread

    im always surprised mos def doesnt make more top 10 lists. I think lyrically hes insanely talented, and he has a decent body of work. Guru as well would be top 10 for me, maybe Jeru and KRS as well