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  1. still rock the JPG Le Male, never fails
  2. Yea boston isnt the greatest for community or diversity
  3. recently copped the ald x nb 550s in green, super pumped
  4. premade crust? one of the most circular looking pies iv seen
  5. Just seeing this thread now, but any other northeast homies out here?? Taken a few months ago in VT, had a lovely camp along the long trail.
  6. I always return to this... absolutely insane bass playing
  7. Brink

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Love this instru. Flows so well
  8. a really well done movie, awesome soundtrack as well
  9. Looks like he took modeling inspiration from a 2003 racing game
  10. Just rewatched The Shining last night. Too good
  11. I wonder if anything will be done about this leak, or if it'll just be smothered and suppressed
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