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  1. Brink

    Triumph is going to destroy the USA :(

    I wasn't really claiming that the US was the cause of instability in the region, I was just mentioning that we certainly had a role in how the region operates currently. Other than that, very good points: I certainly gained a bit more perspective on the situation. It's definitely a tricky situation regardless of how you look at it, with religion being the root of many problems that seem to be arising (maybe less of a root and more of an excuse), theres not really a clear-cut solution to a centuries old battle.
  2. Brink


    Damn Raven, thats some serious shit
  3. Brink

    Drinks, the good ones

    definitely some nice choices, what are your thoughts on writers tears?
  4. Brink

    Triumph is going to destroy the USA :(

    Well, considering how hard the US fucked those regions to begin with, I don't see a time where we can be completely removed while simultaneously protecting our interests. Stability in that region would most likely result from a dictator like Ghaddafi; however, that would not be a "democratic" region anymore, which would not allow the US to continue to rape the land of fossil fuels.
  5. Brink


  6. Brink

    The Photography Thread

    @6Penniesthat second picture, too good
  7. some spreads from a zine I worked on
  8. A long awaited Earl album, thots?
  9. Brink

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    make sure you get those wrist exercises in daily... ...if you know what i mean
  10. Brink


    good thing the crypto bubble burst
  11. Brink


    Thats a hefty amount of ass hair poking through, gonna get serious rug burn going in
  12. Brink

    the NEW sketch thread

    graff forums are full of the illest, coolest, and hardest writers alive... everyone knows that