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  1. Fist 666

    The Nonsense thread

    Haha. The fuck did he think would happen?!
  2. Just watch some five mile creek, that's all I know about Australia besides crocodile Dundee.
  3. Those were yesterday at a Bonsai Convention at my local arboretum. There were so many great specimens, I've got a few more pictures to post when my connection isn't shit. A lot of them were what I imagined @Kalashnikov's bum tree were supposed to look like. Or of Enid Blyton's faraway tree.
  4. Fist 666

    Kanye is a genius

    I have never understood the hype on this fucking tool. Pop music, pop clothing, pop mindset.
  5. Fist 666

    Shepard Fairey GIANT Poster- Tribal Gear

    Wrong giant there buddy. But I'd give you $30.
  6. Fist 666

    Break it down to me.

    I used to have prime. I only miss it for a couple of prime shows. I feel like I ordered more when I had the convenience of free shipping.
  7. Fist 666

    Break it down to me.

    I was trying to find out exactly how shitty that lil xan tard was, and stumbled upon this. Found a few solid rappers I'd never heard before.
  8. I recently got Google play radio or whatever it's called so I've been checking out a lot of albums I missed over the last decade. I also like the radio feature for similar artists during the work day, however, Current: AFI--all Hallows ep
  9. View from work today.
  10. Fist 666

    How to get rid of bums outside my window

    Pounding nails into the tree has the potential to kill the tree. You want to keep it healthy as the leaves add some insulation to their racket. Same with gear oil, etc Don't fuck with it like that. That tree did nothing to you. There are plenty of fish baits that could be smeared, that are in fact not dog shit. Earlier in the year, warmer months, I would have encouraged putting fruit or sugar water to attract wasps and whatnot, it might be too late for that. Just make a gallon of simple syrup or grab a bottle of corn syrup and smear that.
  11. Fist 666


    Haha. You might be on to something there. If it was a surprise vs knowing going in. Might be a different outcome for sure.
  12. Fist 666

    Break it down to me.

    The higher the hair, the closer to heaven
  13. Fist 666


    The first vagina I ever put my face on was about like that. Lots and lots of hair. I survived. meh. I've fucked a greek girl with a real hairy ass crack and lived through that, too. Y'all are scared of the fact that we're mammals. it's hair, not blue waffles. jesus.