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  1. @misteravenpride was a few months ago, dog
  2. Fuck. Have always been blown away by his work. Had hoped to get my belly done by him. Rest Easy.
  3. What makes graffiti especially moving is knowing the insane price tag behind it. Like if someone racks some black and white rusto and does a straight letter on a killer roof top spot, I wouldn't care. But if someone spent 10k on a drone to inkjet some silly ass street art unicorns in that same spot, i would have the biggest boner. So basically, I'm saying it needs more arrows
  4. If you have to ask, big man, you can't afford it.
  5. I don't think its a "touchy" subject, but I think the problem with arrows is that too many people use them as a way to disguise the fact that their letters suck. Most doo-hickeys fall into that, imo. get straight letters down, then worry about flair.
  6. Here are two recent eBay scores. The cap on the small top is a guess, it didnt come with one but it seems the most appropriate as the can is threaded for that style spray cap. And fuck it, its my shelf display....
  7. East att df talked about this recently-- about people putting half the letter behind the previous one without understanding what the hidden part of the letter is supposed to be doing.
  8. I knew a guy who lived like this, ate humble pie every day and saved every cent he could. He worked 3-4 months a year and backpacked the rest of it . He had seen more of the world on foot than probably most people see by car. Dude had done hundreds of thousands of miles, after food and airfare his biggest expense was boots, of which I think he went through like 8 pairs a year if I remember correctly.
  9. @bruce_mrkrheen is a furnace/a.c. company. Post yours up. Post anything, I want this thread to gain a little traction.
  10. Mossberg tactical 12ga, a whole bunch of bunch of shells and a new bore snake.
  11. its a fairly apt name... I'm not sure what spores I'm going to start with, so many to choose from and as I plan on doing frequent, uh, "micro tastings" as it were, I've got some reading in front of me. I will probably start a thread in VIP about that side of things. A coworker does several types in logs in his front yard. His oyster harvest was serious business.
  12. Here here. I plan to start growing within the next couple months. Both food and fun. Spores are readily available online. I have a friend growing "albino penises" which I'm curious to try, obvious no homo.
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