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  1. No library is complete without Calvin and Hobbes collection, modest or monstrous.
  2. Just a little foraging yesterday. Fried these up with fiddleheads paired with a rabbit stew.
  3. This is a great idea, I think. Though it could also bring some piggly wiggly characters to the forum
  4. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-68810053 If this isn't it, I'm not sure what will do it. @Hua Guofang @christo-f We need you.
  5. Had my ten-year anniversary since meeting my wife this week. Other than work in kitchens, ride bikes, read books, and play with myself I ain't done anything for ten years... seems like both a flash and an eternity. I didn't think I'd live til my 40s, let alone be happy. Tldr: life is weird.
  6. Dude, noes, That shit is bad for you. F
  7. That heart means sending you love, not that I love the update.
  8. Scrolling back to the 380s when images still show up. What an absolute fucking gem.
  9. The eclipse drained those clips to E
  10. Right, eliminating hog populations is about as likely as killing the coyote population. The video of that nonsense is definitively inhumane. Culling is necessary, got it, I agree. Making videos for entertainment's sake, wasting meat (wild boar is amazing), and intentionally maiming animals is some of the most cowardly and despicable shit humans do. They can say they aren't "doing it for fun" all they want--nobody uses a belt fed anything without enjoying it. Not for fun? Don't put it on YouTube.
  11. I hate that shit. I understand their population is unchecked and rampant. But that shit is so wholly unsportsmanlike. No confirmation of kill, no attempt at good clean kills. No head or heart shots, just simple putting rounds in an intelligent, living being and putting it on YouTube to entertain other fucking assholes. There is imbalance in the ecosystem because of humans, exclusively. That "but my crops" shit is indefensible.
  12. Nonsense. Look at that post count.
  13. The roots radicals?
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