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  1. I shaved my ex wife's cat once, it wasn't at all erotic and mostly I was worried about nicking the good parts.
  2. This makes me think about being in my mid 20s with 4 or 5 vodka redbulls and a bit of coke going clubbing.
  3. Eating trail mix (target coco-nuts) and dragging ass on getting back to work.
  4. I think my vasectomy cost me under $500. I can't imagine my quality of life if I'd been choking up that much to raise some spawn. ‐----‐-------------------- 2" 10/32 screws and a new set of klein screwdrivers, the last set of flat heads were getting too much chisel duty...
  5. Groceries. Seems like a lot more dollars for less food these days.
  6. Go to the grocery store and cook your own instead of degrading yourself as such.
  7. Getting my ass handed to me at Mario Kart 8 by a bunch of Japanese kids. Eesh. I fare much better against Americans, Canadians, and Europeans.
  8. RIP Trevor Strnad. Definitely in my top 20 metal bands, he was who I wanted to be as a singer back when I did that shit. Definitely my favorite metal lyricist of all time. If you've never done it, listen to UNHALLOWED and read through the lyrics with it, dude was fucking spectacular live, too. Super bummed.
  9. I remember DLing loads of different skins for Winamp. Oh the simplicity of that Era.
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