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  1. Signed for hbomax to watch The Righteous Gemstones from a high recommendation of the wife's friend. Meh... Ended up starting The Last of Us. Liking so far. And finally watching Watchmen. I'm stoked, wife is meh thus far.
  2. According to bumble, I'm unfuckable. Tinder and okcupid give slightly higher reviews. Feeld scores are Cs to Bs.
  3. I use a Google voice number for all apps/sites that require a number.
  4. Four pairs of Ariat work pants.
  5. That's shitty to hear, man. I feel the boom is finally bustin'. I'm nervous for what spring/summer is gonna be like. Trying to grab the OT now cause it may disappear...
  6. God's front door. Cuntulonymphus
  7. This dude had a dachshund with glitter rainbow painted nails.
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