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  1. Fist 666


    Some over priced white people tacos.
  2. Fist 666

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Binging some peaky blinders. Pretty damn entertaining.
  3. Fist 666


    Maybe she's a madwoman and is on board with all this sharing?
  4. Fist 666

    BEAT the picture above you

    So playboy not penthouse?
  5. Fist 666

    BEAT the picture above you

    Can we have a clear definition of porn? specifically penetration? is female masturbation okay? what about lesbian stuff? not trying to be a douche, there is just a whole wide world of sports out there...
  6. Fist 666

    Dear ________,

    Dude, truth. I am really thankful that the acounts I operated prior to 2007 are not linked to this one. What a fucking moron. Growing up in the age of the internet is terrible for the so many things that need to be forgotten/forgiven/etc. -F
  7. Fist 666

    Dear ________,

    Dear poison ivy, 100% go fucking fuck yourself. goddamnit. fuck. -F
  8. A couple views from my deck this morning looking west towards Tennessee and some from earlier this week.
  9. Fist 666

    Poll: How are you oontzing?

    Haha. I guess principles are important to have in all facets of life.
  10. Fist 666

    Virgin VS Chad meme format

    Maybe there is some sort of generational gap?
  11. Fist 666

    Poll: How are you oontzing?

    I don't mind the caps lock steez, but when the only break to that is for apple branding I have to shake my head.
  12. harumph. While I acknowledge that makes sense, the Art/Design section has gotten some much needed attention and traffic and I ran out of reactions...
  13. Fist 666

    Ranch or Blue Cheese?

    Ranch is for pizza. (Grabs popcorn to watch butthurt shock)