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  1. Some people just want to watch the world burn. But seriously, what the fuck?
  2. About to check out the new mariokart 8 wave.
  3. Are you splicing 12g to 14g wire? Or is that old white romex and is 12g? Also, it looks like you're relying on your wirenuts to make the joint, while acceptable by code, a good twist is preferred by any electrician worth a damn.
  4. Watching people lay sod makes my back hurt for a week. And pavers. I'm working a house right now with a 12000sf driveway with a complicated paver pattern. Obviously all Hispanic dudes doing the work, but I don't see how anyone can be in that trade more than 6 months, let alone many years and not be permanently quasi modo status.
  5. Depends on the soil, 90% of the time a set of PHDs and I'm down to my required depth in under 5, but that 10% of the time when it's red clay or roots/rocks/clay mixed make me hate the activity, too. That's what apprentices are for. And mine, the idiot that he is, told me on his first day with me that he, "fucking loves digging trenches." Okay kid, you got it.
  6. Homemade banana ice cream. I'm well versed in making realize cream the real way, creme anglaise and all that, but: Ninja creami is fucking dope. It's so easy and fast, mostly I'm doing glorified froyo with this thing. stoked, worth the dollars, but not helping me lose my gut...
  7. @mr.yuck nah its real. I think ithink old timey thing, both of my grandmas (one from Kansas one from Washington state) would make it for breakfast when they'd visit. Both from the depression era.
  8. That's just nonsense. Fries go with ketchup. Apple pie goes with vanilla ice cream and caramel, and occasionally a fried egg. Now eggs can go with ketchup, but you're just talking crazy talk. Maybe in Canada or Cuba that shit will fly, but goddammit, this is America.
  9. Traitorous behavior, indeed.
  10. I usually get told some mix of "be on your best behavior, but relax..." uhhh, it's one or the other. So all her coworkers just think I'm quiet and way more introverted than I actually am. The few that have been to our home and I'm cooking/hosting are always shocked at how abrasive a human I am compared to my wife.
  11. Getting my anxiety up thinking about some bullshit instead of falling asleep...
  12. I wonder what happened... did he beat the charges? Did he get rich?
  13. Carolina style BBQ. Fuck yeah.
  14. I hope that/those circuits are off... I got a little bite last week troubleshooting a tripping gfi breaker. Circuit was double fed... made me drop a large F bomb in front of the milf homeowner.
  15. https://youtube.com/c/JamesFreeman1 The only YouTube channel I'm subscribed to. He's got a whole crew of dudes who live to film cops. Lot of lols, but my blood boils for each one
  16. Was the purchased from a store? What was retail price for this volume? What is the weight? Am I a cop?
  17. I actually really like my job when my managers don't screw me or set me up to fail and when the customers aren't just completely wrong. That's like 2 days a month at this point, and my 38-going-on-75 year old joints can't take it for too many more years... I just wanna win the lottery and be a picker
  18. It looks like it would me wholly monotonous. The ratio is shit--the acid of pickles should cut the fat of the cheese, and then dill, it looks like you're just going to taste pickle juice. Maybe some raw broccoli would save it....
  19. I hang mini discoballs in my berry patch ( yes homo) as a means of discouraging birds.
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