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  1. Threatening my dog with a bath as she had just found a fresh pile of bear shit to roll in Bucking wood for next winter. weird purple mushrooms, picture doesn't show how bright they are. Need to Google what they are.
  2. First infant and first federal prisoner deaths reported. Still not panicked, but definitely anxious about things getting back to "normal."
  3. I would put a sticker of that on my gate.
  4. I'd unconsciously avoided food shows and bourdain since his death. Hearing his voice about brought on a panic attack, makes me think my therapist wife is right about me needing therapy...
  5. It's a budget Denny's, you can get full for $6. I've eaten at them in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Asheville and I've never thought it was good, but their food will make turds so that's something...
  6. https://futurism.com/something-leaking-out-uranus/amp
  7. Don't forget cats, you know she's got st least three.
  8. Moved to the appropriate channel, but good luck. Prestos are dope.
  9. So I can't find the source, but I'm willing to bet your description is exactly what has been done. My guess is it's a screen shot from an interactive map that could be zoomed in on. The problem with that approach is that if you scale your points logarithmically, at this scale your 0-9 points are too small to see, but aren't negligible information. Hence the blur, the other option is to increase the size of the map which becomes unusable in a different way. That is why I assume it was interactive with zooming options. Here is a cleaner representation of seemingly the same information with less focus on exact location. ( source https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52056586) I'm not arguing anything other than the fact that there are trade offs on how you lay out data graphically. Humans love infographs; they make complicated things seem simple--hence shitty media using them too further stoke flames of panic...
  10. I worked for one of the largest corporations in America several years ago, and during corporate meetings our "leadership" team would critique the color choices of our data points and completely ignore what our data said. "Maybe next time you could show the lifespan in green instead of red?" "Maybe a bright blue instead of that dark blue?" "It is really negative looking..." Completely missing the point that there new product was underperforming in every metric. We would talk about the color choices for hours, and how to fix the core problem for like 20 minutes. Charts and graphs are inherently confusing. Showing a nation as large as the US, with issues in each state, will wind up with blurred data. Seriously, if you have a better idea on how to demonstrate/show information at that scale you can make money doing it. Here is a diagram that is sort of held as the pinnacle of graphic representation of data by Charles Minard. Edward Tufte does a lot of work pushing these ideas. So while there is total validity to your complaints with the above map @Dirty_habiTand @misteraven, the data remains relevant--however poorly shown. Clearly a screen shot missing a key, it shows the US compared to Canada and Mexico pretty clearly, whether it is deaths, confirmed infections, or fucking clown sightings, the US has done a piss poor job of responding compared to our immediate neighbors.
  11. Some lumber and screws to build a firewood shed so I have a project to keep busy with whenever quarantine happens. Also 12ga turkey shot x2 cases.
  12. @mr.yuck that's a plotline for the next trend in porn when step siblings and step parents hopefully passes.
  13. How the fuck is wiring millionaires' second and third homes essential? Glad to be bringing in a paycheck, but gtfo with that essential nonsense...
  14. That makes me want to use gloves at the gas station more than corona. Fucking animals.
  15. False. Not yet. But the gated community I'm working in for the current house may close to construction workers, allowing residents and servants only type scenario this week. That will fuck things up royally. TPBM is still sticking by whatever their new years resolution was
  16. True. My anxiety has been through the roof the last two days and even though I'm only 20 minutes into my day I can tell it's not going to be a winner. Tpbm has more toilet paper than they truly need.
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