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  1. Waiting on a tow truck, thought I'd check in. What a thread. Fucking glorious from post one. Keep it up, everybody.
  2. Fuck. Dude called me during work hours a couple weeks back and I hadn't made time to call him back--The dumb details of modern life get in the way of shit that matters far too frequently. He was the single most interesting person I've ever known. RIP King Tierdo the Wierdo.
  3. That's all. I'm out again.
  4. You have to make shit up in order to make a punchline, you're so amazing. Where on earth would 12oz be without you? Seriously, what an asset. Why would you hate on a vasectomy? You don't want to blast baby batter without concern for a pregnancy? I sure hope your hooked-on-phonics dumb ass doesn't plan on reproducing. I would 100% never type like that. Also, broke? Where are you pulling that from? I'm really curious to know. And for the record--when I troll I make it count, you intellectual midget. The last page has been fun. I'm done, though. You have fun running this ship into the rocks.
  5. I contribute formal discussion in the formal discussion part of the rap letter forum. You struggle with basic reading comprehension and wear a fanny pack. Neat.
  6. If you need help making sense of the words on the funnies, I can help you out. I don't think anyone on the other forums you ebaum your memes from would make such a generous offer. Moving on...
  7. That dude is a goon, 1%ers have nothing to do with fashion icons like him that sell image and have nothing to do with lifestyle. While i give the photo zero credence-- His rocker doesn't necessarily mean anything. I know Nomads who rock California rockers in Denver, banditos who rock vegas in Tacoma. Home chapter, vs visiting, vs scouting, etc
  8. Dave delivering wisdom, not much comedy. Worth the watch despite the audio/video quality. The piece on Dorner and 400 cops showing up "because they killed one of their own" is so fucking relevant.
  9. Being that HA and bandits are all over Seattle and Tacoma implies nobody local made it. Saw very few mongols there, ever. Or someone who has only watched SOA and never actually interacted with clubs, probably both. And they will never show up to help police, period.
  10. Obviously in complete agreement with you, but George Zimmerman did exactly this when he murdered Trayvon Martin and he kept his freedom, so its a coin toss for this dude getting away with his bad decisions or not. Failing systems...
  11. Fist 666


    @Mercer. @misteraven Worth the watch, he has a followup video for ultimately being fired for refusing to take the video down.
  12. That one is "product. " I don't fuck with lucerne stuff except for sour cream or buttermilk.
  13. We've been over this before. FORMAL DISCUSSION. It isn't the fucking kids' table. If you want to post moronic drivel and not get called on it, you've got entire forums dedicated to that lifestyle which you clearly celebrate. Crossfire has never been that place, don't try to make it so.
  14. My helper read me that tweet at work yesterday and I didn't believe it was real. He's really outdone himself.
  15. That homecote and fuller copper kettle are nice finds. If you are interested in selling or trading let me know, @650toy There should be dates on rustoleum cans, those aren't as old as you think.
  16. I should clarify: I'm as pro kink and pro poly as they come, if dude is into getting pegged by his wife's bf, neato, or just being a traditional cuckold, party hard, but that lip ring screams that he's never been in a fight and without capitalism how on earth did he get that purple hair dye?
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