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  1. The Fast and the Bicurious
  2. Not a typo, this was a joke in my crew when a homie started dating a Jewish girl like 20 years ago. It's not funny to be playfully racist anymore, kind of a bummer. Lots of gems just gone...
  3. Yeah, wax has been the standard for so long that people don't even know it's an option. They're just so much more forgiving with some of the more complicated toilets that you wind up rocking a bit to get placed. (like a lot of totos).
  4. With that tight of a clearance, fighting to seat it, a foam ring may be a better option if the tank heights remain similar.
  5. Fish tacos with sea bass. I was pleasantly surprised and the quality of fish.
  6. Restaurant. It came with a maple-sorghum-rosemary butter that was fucking brilliant. The bloody Mary I got with it was a 0/5 stars, though.
  7. Actually had that recently, it was hot chicken. I would have preferred a waffle to the pancake for the texture, but it was delicious all the same.
  8. Definitely agree, was mostly just talking shit for my own amusement. I actually prefer French's yellow on ham. I use browns, stone grounds, etc with other meats. Yes homo. At a ball game, definitely yellow.
  9. With my state refund I am paying most what I owe federally... Overtime and a good raise fucked me. Stupid fucking system.
  10. Catfishin hoes is gonna be wilin on that shit. Yikes. Be careful out there, men.
  11. But, what kind of mustard? Hopefully not French's yellow...
  12. I'd vote for Murakami because I loved that one, and don't know the other guy... I'm confused/concerned by the dislike of McCarthy in here.
  13. Refillable Ketchup/mustard bottles are nice for ground tags.
  14. True. Feelings are for pussies. But for real, true. I've done a lot of work. Learned a lot about communication and knowing myself and about being honest with myself accordingly. Tpbm is trying to eat less meat (more plants).
  15. Pederast* Autocorrect can suck it.
  16. There's a boy inside that belly. Smashing makes you a gay Pendergast. Gross.
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