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  1. those meat curtains down there look awfully del.ici.ous.
  2. where do you cop ur cans christof? online or in a brick and mortar store?

    Character Post

    nice job. pulchritude of artistic talent>> to say the least.


    'scuse me... r we allowed to post sketches or just finished work w. paint?
  5. sorry... but the senior member of this bbs forum pisst me off. NO hard feelings right?
  6. I DONT SEARCH "HOW TO BE GANGSTA". i've read charlotte bronte, jane austen and john jakes which are all pieces of pulchritudinous literature! UNLIKE YOU THUG BOY! i graduated top of my class at BRONX SCIENCE! YOU ARE A POSER! dork!
  7. Do you retard even read books? I don't watch porn - that would be you tough guy! since you even mentioned anime crap, i make the conjecture that u look at that shit!
  8. YOU WOULDN'T EVEN SURVIVE IN SING SING PRISON UPSTATE. i was there for a time, unlike u transsexual piece of waster matter! ENUFF WITH THE ASPERSIONS faggot ass motherfucker!
  9. fuck you nimrod! i been arnd the block for 10 FUCKING YEARS. if i saw u in person you would get a piece of sig sauer 9mm in ur fucking face!

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    a fine gal is like a glass of sour mash>>>goes down easy + finishes strong!
  11. i hope that this is GERMANE TO the discussion. KIM in KANT's blkbook...
  12. I know a certain way of cleaning clogged caps... i must've posted it onto a diff thread, but I forgot which one... since im a nice guy -pt thinner -wd-40 liquid lubricant for metal -bucket -gloves step 1: soak clogged spray tips overnight in the paint thinner. step 2: remove spray tips from the bucket of pt thinner. step 3: now, if u got wd-40 liquid metal lubricant - attach the thin straw which usu. comes w. it onto the wd-40 nozzle on can of wd-4o. step 4: final and most impt. step. use a razor to cut small notches onto male spry cap stems. attach the male spry cap onto the straw attached to cap of wd-40. give it a good 3 sprays and liquid metal lub should come out the other end. ENJOY!
  13. i usu. soak them overnite in a container w. paint thinner. next step: cut a few notches on the male stems of those clogged caps. step two: take a wd-40 metal liquid lubricant can with those straws they put on the nozzle of same can. step three: attach clogged cap previously dipped in pt thinner(overnite) onto the straw which is now fixed on the nozzle of the wd40 can. step four: final step, spray the wd-40 liquid lubricant about 5 times and the clogged spray caps are now clear. able to be re-used and not tossed out in trash!!!
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