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  1. reminds me of India (country).
  2. 12ozprophet admin (Alan Benedikt) confirmed that the order was shipped. They relocated to Missoula MT. Great place to own guns and cattle. I would seriously love to live there if my wife would let us move. Good grief. #AntiAsian
  3. @Dark_Knight: because she's in Australia. @LUGR: 92%, how did you come up with that figure?
  4. I'm reading the Holy Bible KJV
  5. uma thurman was his aunt.
  6. someone explain why I can't access my tresdias account on here, which I created back in 2004. Either the password was hacked or moderators deleted the account due to inactivity!
  7. I didn't get ripped off as I received the spray caps from 12oz.
  8. I'm a real person and that's my niece when she was 14 years of age that I use as a profile picture.
  9. Hi people, I placed an order on 11/21/2021 and have yet to get a shipping confirmation. Bought them for reselling. I think I got ripped off, since 12ozprophet shop isn't sending me any updates. I even installed the "shop" app on my phone too.
  10. only a coward would sneak into somebody's house to get revenge. That's not how beef is handled you cracker motherfuckers! I hope you all die from the Corona Virus Vaccine fucking up your bodies!
  11. odesk snuck inside my house around 2000, some time after high school graduation. In the suburbs, I guess that's how beef is settled; when you can't locate the kid to fight. Police located his hair on my blue carpet and identified him using a DNA test. #LOSER
  12. I used to live in Australia but that place is more expensive. I believe Auckland is in New Zealand?
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