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  1. I used to live in Australia but that place is more expensive. I believe Auckland is in New Zealand?
  2. Actually, I posted that to get a response. It backfired.
  3. does anyone like Bluegrass music? Sorry, not trolling. I like Earl Scruggs.
  4. I thought I would live in Prescott AZ or Northern ID. Except for the white supremacist thugs up in ID. Arizona has better gun laws for people who respect freedom. Homes cost way less too.
  5. I'm trying to get noticed. Not for doing graffiti but trying to get my post count up. You see, back in 2004ish I created an account: tresdias on 12ozprophet forum but never posted anything. I can't log in because the password no longer works or my account got de-activated from being idle. I wish the administrator MisteRAVEN can re-activate the tresdias account from 2004?
  6. People, realize that I am old enough to remember He-Man "Masters of the Universe". I was born in 1981.
  7. Any Long Island graffiti people please write me: private message. I'm not a cop or snitch.
  8. I have no idea how people join crews. I was an on/off graffiti "writer" since 1996 or 1997. Never did any serious damage. Does anyone know how I can join a good crew on Long Island?
  9. IS anyone from Damage Team on the Oontz?
  10. "The Road Ahead"? Never read that book before. Would like to tho.


    Hey Jude! Don't make it bad! Take a sad song and make it better. Remember to let her into your heart than you will start to make it better! Nahnahnahnahnahnahnah Hey Jude!
  12. I've heard of him. Did some nice outlines.


    Mr. Yuck=NSDAP NAZI
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