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  1. that wet chewy boogers car is a good'n!
  2. i guess black vagina makes his penis soft
  3. lol that's what i was thinking. jacked up b&b buuuuuump!
  4. mecro's and the cdc's funky mel joce myanz
  5. Dude looks like he's got his lobe stretched up over his ear haha. Loose butthole. *edit ....too late
  6. I got one for myself one to the moms house and one to the girls house. I'm jewish.
  7. bondage tape...get it and use it on the bitch. this stuff can be used for anything. wrap it around her face a bunch of times...it adheres to itself and won't pull her hair out. Tie her ankles to her wrists...whatevers clever. I like the tie em up and blindfold em then go make a sandwich tactic. bust in the room full force about an hour later and beat that ass. She'll be putty in your hands homie.
  8. Bump the fuck outta this thread. Sick benching duder!
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