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  1. Saturday Driving To Orange County Fair. First things first. /nh Bleh. Deep fried Oreos Chicken skewers Thats a lot of wine. Trevor Noah Boysenberry pie for Day in Pies 6 to go.
  2. Driving around trying to not do any work today. Got hooked up with a couple Manny Mota balls. /nh Watching Dirty Money on Netflix. Lunch. Left early. Heading into downtown. Went to Dodger Stadium. Some guys wanted me to buy them tickets. They collect Pujols HR stubs. He got sent to DL for the game. Lol. Head home. Going through my old 12oz booty Conway submissions Shower. None of this is mine. Pick up daughter. Watch VICELAND show about Mexicans with long pointy boots.
  3. Pistol

    12ozProphet Throwbacks

    Glad to see two of my entries in there. I think I had a couple hundred in the VIP section with two chicks.
  4. Pistol


    Chick Fil A/Target run combo. Nuggets Kids meal Incredibles Bluray Monsters University Bluray Book of Life Blueray Low fat milk Incredibles bag
  5. I would like to see what tease/cmeup is up to.
  6. @Fist 666 @MarcoFromHouston is the same on IG
  7. Smart. Suki. MilkGrenades. MarcofromHouston. Cat face. 50million. Platapie. UncleBoy. Willywonka. Lilystcynical. Theohuxtable. Rushawn.
  8. Pistol


    I buy fitted. Though it's getting harder to make purchases online. As the quality control had gotten worse. Sometimes my normal size is huge. You used to be able to count on New Era hats made in USA. China sizes were sketchy. But not anymore all hats are sketchy. Plus you can't really find made in USA ones. Troublesome when you get 5 Dodgers on the field hats and some were China and some we're USA sizes. Still I only buy adjustable snapback, Velcro, or buckle style if the hat is only available in that style. I used to buy new era low profile hats. Then they stopped making them. Now I've gotten kinda used to the big crown. I think snapbacks have taken off because brands and stores can produce low numbers so as not to have a huge investment and the space needed to store various size hats. Along with the small batches they can market them as limited.
  9. You just did 2 years? I'd expect you to talk about that pornstar chick not Mero. Damn son prison got to you. Anyways welcome back.
  10. Pistol

    Where in the world is DAO?

    I think I read that JNCO finally went out of business. Perhaps DAO is in mourning.
  11. Pistol


    A cheese quesadilla from a local spot
  12. Pistol


    I have a pretty big collection of hats. About 90% Dodgers or affiliates. It's about 4-5 New Era hat carriers. I try and checkout lids or eBay for new stuff. I also took advantage of a crazy sale at the stadium a few years ago where fitted hats were 5-10$. Some were kinda weird color ways including orange and black that I'd never wear but still felt the need to get. I have to reorganize them and I'll snap a pic.
  13. Motherfucking Nightowls son!
  14. Pistol

    Tell Us About: Why you live where you live.

    I had wrote the post. Then I went to edit. But I submitted at 6 minutes after original post. So it denied me. Didnt think it saved the message or at least I didn't see it when I scrolled down. All good I think I remember a time when edits weren't allowed at all on here. All good. Yeah DHabz. I enjoy museums and stuff. Didn't even get a chance to talk about the Getty museum and Getty villa or the Broad which I haven't been to yet. I just figured more people go to the super touristy spots like Hollywood, Santa Monica, Disneyland etc. I'll post up some food spots later.