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  1. Chicks dig gay dudes. If it works for you keep smashing... and saying homo stuff. /nh
  2. Pistol

    Side Hustles

  3. Pistol

    Sooki Made Me Do It..

    Welcome back man. Wondered what happened to you. Hope all is well.
  4. Pistol

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Oontzing and watching Puppy Dog Pals.
  5. Pistol

    Hello All--------------

    Damn your heartless. Going full in on the limp noodle for just a dickhead comment. /nh. Personally I would’ve saved that one for another day. Haha awesome!
  6. Pistol


    RD Artist Supplies. La Habra, California
  7. Pistol


    The Container Yard. www.thecontaineryard.com Los Angeles they just opened a Montana Store there at the compound. I think you’d dig that place. Not sure if they still haven’t but they had Fishy Farms. An aquaponic set up inside some shipping containers. The owner of the property is super cool. Saw me taking some flicks of the outside. Invited the GF and I inside and gave us a tour.
  8. Pistol

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

    I’m partial to sports memes with Michael Jordan crying face.
  9. Pistol

    12ozProphet Forum MVP Contest

    I’m sitting on a couple hundred photos of two chicks in booty shorts and thongs with Oolong and a 12oz post it note. Was gonna wait for more active users though. 😎
  10. Pistol

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Fucking around on my phone because my chick has game of thrones on.
  11. Pistol

    iPhone Applications & Discussion Thread

    I use Adobe Photoshop Mix. It’s useful for cut and pasting Michael Jordan crying faces on coworkers. Works well. Easy to use. Multiple layers. Great app. I also have Adobe Draw but don’t use it as often.
  12. What you write with? These are some of the pens I have in my rotation or have just bought. Trying to see if I like them or not. Some pens I like for different purposes. Some for neat work related stuff. Some for taking notes. Some for bold signatures. Zebra F-301 1.6 mm Bold My favorite boldest ballpoint pen. I love the pen itself. Heavy duty metal body that feels good in the hand. Great for leaving big bold signatures and doodling or notes. This one I’m using is kinda old and running dry so not the best example. Only problem I have is they don’t make a blue with the 1.6 mm Also the bold is getting harder to find. Usually only at Staples now. Foray Advanced Ink Boldpoint 1.2mm. This is my second favorite ballpoint that I’ve tried. Flows really smoothly. One problem is the ink collects on the pen and the first time you use it, it might leave a spot on the paper. I also wish the body was more like the Zebra. This body seems cheap and flimsy. Third one is the same just different color. Moma Muji Aluminum .7mm A bit too thin for my liking. But I read a review that this was his favorite writing utensil. So I gave it a shot. The aluminum body is super light. The pen itself writes very smooth. No skips. One odd thing is the pen itself that comes out of the body seems really small and flimsy. Zebra Z Grip Medium. I just took this one from work. It’s okay. Nothing spectacular. This would be a pen i let someone borrow and not care too much if they snag it. The Ohto Fude ballpoint. This one is a very watery gel pen. Obviously very bold. Writes nicely. Dries very quickly. Though not a big fan of gel pens. Would work well on porous papers. Sharpie Pen Fine. This is my go to pen for work. I can write very small and legibly with it. I work outdoors and the sun fades regular ballpoints in a couple days. This stays legible forever. The body is thin and simple and the pen itself is easy to write with and doesn’t bleed through. My favorite most often used pen. *Also /nh throughout.
  13. Pistol

    iPhone Applications & Discussion Thread

    Looking for a good app that has eye drop and color fills with multiple layers. I don’t have a computer much less any adobe software. Just looking to tweek some designs around a bit. Bonus for working with vectors and supporting various files. Nothing professional though.
  14. Randy Moss ✊🏿https://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2018/8/5/17653008/randy-moss-nfl-hall-of-fame-tie-police-deaths