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Found 5 results

  1. Not to break my own rules and solicit, but it is 12oz related so... It's honestly a little early to post this, but then again things take time and thought I'd give the 12oz community a first crack at this. As you guys know, I spent all of last year setting up a screenprinting facility that launched this year. More here: https://12ozcollective.com Anyhow, I need all the help I can get and if we were still based out of NYC, I'd have a pretty hefty crew. After leaving and especially after shutting down to regroup and relaunching, I've started with a clean slate and have be
  2. Giving the 12ozProphet community here a first look at the next 12ozProphet Shop release: 12ozProphet - Classic Logo Tee (version 1) Giving you guys on the forum a first peak at another shirt dropping tomorrow. This will be in addition to the Divide Et Impera (Divide and Rule) Tee already announced. Clean and crisp, featuring the classic 12ozProphet logo on the center chest of the front and the 12ozProphet script tag printed on the bottom right of the back just above the stacked logo woven tag. No deep narrative or concept, just a clean design that'll look good with jus
  3. Alright, so in our continuing effort to keep building up the forum, I've implemented a new referral system. This feature, and the prizes that go along with it are now officially in effect and will remain so for the foreseeable future. If it gets too crazy or somehow motherfuckers figure out a way to abuse it, I'll cancel it. Help 12ozProphet grow and get some free stuff for your troubles. Read on... Here's how it works... There's a new section called "Referrals" accessible at this link: https://forum.12ozprophet.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=c
  4. Giving the 12ozProphet community here a first look at the next 12ozProphet Shop release: 12ozProphet - Divide Et Impera (Divide and Rule) Tee Also, going to use this format to sort of explain the concept as I move forward with these. This one especially merits some insight and explanation... So by now most of you have likely read enough of my posts to know I'm not fan of government, regardless of which team wins the oval office. Personally, I believe that government power comes at the direct expense of individual freedom and liberty and also believe its bee
  5. So I was planning to do this a bit later when I had my shit together a little better, but thought it might be fun to kick off now and actually doing it will help me refine the contest a bit so it can be bigger and better when I do have all my shit together. So here's the deal to win free stuff... In an effort to add to the activity on the forum and make things that much more fun, I'm going to send a free package to one a 12ozProphet forum member each week. (Yeah, shipping is going to kill me, but fuck it.) The forum already keeps track of stats on the forum, by way of a
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