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Found 5 results

  1. Not to break my own rules and solicit, but it is 12oz related so... It's honestly a little early to post this, but then again things take time and thought I'd give the 12oz community a first crack at this. As you guys know, I spent all of last year setting up a screenprinting facility that launched this year. More here: https://12ozcollective.com Anyhow, I need all the help I can get and if we were still based out of NYC, I'd have a pretty hefty crew. After leaving and especially after shutting down to regroup and relaunching, I've started with a clean slate and have been steadily building things back up. Honestly I can use a ton of help across a diversity of areas and disciplines but now have an opportunity for the right candidate. This individual will largely be assisting with all aspects of the screenprinting business, which largely overlaps with 12ozProphet since we're producing our own stuff. A creative background would be awesome, but not critical. Likewise, screenprinting (automated presses) or offset printing experience would be a huge plus, but also not required. We (I) can help train you on all the equipment, processes and work flow. In addition to screenprinting, you would also be assisting with behind the scenes aspects of the 12ozProphet brand, with particular emphasis on your qualifications and interests. The opportunity will require you to relocate to us. I'll be honest, this is position is best suited to someone younger that isn't carrying a ton of debt or a committed relationship / kid. Room and board will be provided at minimum, but depending on the candidate and their background, travel expense and salary in addition to full room and board is negotiable. This is the chance to get down at the ground level of something special we're doing for the next chapter of 12ozProphet. I'm looking for committed, loyal and ambitious people that are interested in learning a shit ton across a wide scope of brand and production business and willing to work extra hard to help make it happen. If you're interested, please private message and we'll discuss things in more detail. Likewise, if you know someone that's young and eager, good people and excited to likely learn and experience far more than what you generally get from a 4 year college degree... Point them to this thread. Thanks!
  2. Giving the 12ozProphet community here a first look at the next 12ozProphet Shop release: 12ozProphet - Classic Logo Tee (version 1) Giving you guys on the forum a first peak at another shirt dropping tomorrow. This will be in addition to the Divide Et Impera (Divide and Rule) Tee already announced. Clean and crisp, featuring the classic 12ozProphet logo on the center chest of the front and the 12ozProphet script tag printed on the bottom right of the back just above the stacked logo woven tag. No deep narrative or concept, just a clean design that'll look good with just about anything. Releasing Next Friday, July 20th at 3pm EST on the 12ozProphet Shop. Be sure and get on the mailing list! Front (Click to enlarge) Back (Click to enlarge) Detail (Click to enlarge) Trim detail (Click to enlarge) Trim detail (Click to enlarge) Trim detail (Click to enlarge)
  3. Alright, so in our continuing effort to keep building up the forum, I've implemented a new referral system. This feature, and the prizes that go along with it are now officially in effect and will remain so for the foreseeable future. If it gets too crazy or somehow motherfuckers figure out a way to abuse it, I'll cancel it. Help 12ozProphet grow and get some free stuff for your troubles. Read on... Here's how it works... There's a new section called "Referrals" accessible at this link: https://forum.12ozprophet.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=rsystem (On desktop its in the "Settings" dropdown that you access when clicking your username in the top right of the browser window. I still need to make some tweaks to add it to the menu on the mobile version). This will take you to a pretty simple contact form where you can enter a friends email, a personal invite message and can also track the status of your invites. You can invite up to 3 people at one time, with a daily limit of 12 invites total each day. You can view the status on that same page and in the status listing, resend your invite. Invites expire after 5 days. Likewise, towards the bottom right is a settings button that brings up a custom referrer link just for you that works pretty much the same way, except you can text it to someone, embed it in a comment somewhere like Facebook, add it to your Instagram profile, etc... Now the good part... The system will track the status of your invites. If the person accepts, which requires that they register an account and post at least one time (Important, they must register and post at least once to be counted), then that counts towards your referral. Referrals win you free stuff from 12ozProphet! Referral Rewards 3 Accepted / Confirmed Referrals = Free sticker pack and a free patch (your choice of patch from whats available on our shop) 5 Accepted / Confirmed Referrals = Free sticker pack and a free copy of our latest book The Official Bootleg Series v2.5 10 Accepted / Confirmed Referrals = Free sticker pack and a free 12ozProphet Shirt (If we don't have your size or it's sold out, you can chose one from the next release) After that, I'll float you $50 in credit for the 12ozProphet shop for every 10 Accepted / Confirmed Referrals until I either end up hiring you or go out of business. Note: Once you have your Accepted / Confirmed Referrals, send me a message that includes what item you want from the options you qualify for, your name, email and mailing address. So as far as I see it, this is a huge win / win for everyone... The more people we get on here, the more fun shit becomes on the forum for everyone. And as a personal show of gratitude, I'm willing to float you guys free stuff that hopefully gets everyone motivated. International shipping is going to suck and who knows how hard it'll be to actually get someone to join in, but until it really starts to hurt my pockets or I catch evidence that the system is being abused, we'll give this a go. ---------- Where to find the Referral page if you are on desktop. Referral page. To access, hit this link: https://forum.12ozprophet.com/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=rsystem Personal Referral Code under "Settings" on the Referral page.
  4. Giving the 12ozProphet community here a first look at the next 12ozProphet Shop release: 12ozProphet - Divide Et Impera (Divide and Rule) Tee Also, going to use this format to sort of explain the concept as I move forward with these. This one especially merits some insight and explanation... So by now most of you have likely read enough of my posts to know I'm not fan of government, regardless of which team wins the oval office. Personally, I believe that government power comes at the direct expense of individual freedom and liberty and also believe its been a very long time since it was truly operated "by the people for the people". Rather, we often hear about how much corporate money and influence is poured into politics, while watching career politicians talk a big game around election time, then point the finger at their counterpart across the aisle for why nothing gets done the rest of the time. Whether you want to put on a tin foil hat and buy into the multitudes of conspiracy theories that are often floated around, you'd have to have your head pretty deep in the sand at this point, to not recognize that there are huge agendas at play, tons of money and power on the line and that things are not at all wha20th t they're claimed to be. We know for fact that the 90% of the media is owned by a handful of corporations and that those corporations are often run and owned by people that are very active in politics. We can also reasonably assume that there are some vested interests at stake, driven by the massive fortunes that are gained and lost upon the outcome of these elections and the subsequent legislation passed. This shirt release is an homage to the idea that things are not at all what they seem to be. That its a high stakes game, sponsored by a handful of global corporations who stand to gain vast fortunes and consolidate further power by keeping us all divided; thus allowing them to continue with their agenda. Regardless of whether you subscribe to the theories that go into specifics on the subject, the purpose of this shirt is to get you to pause and think. To pay attention and dig beneath the surface. To begin questioning the narratives and analyze the motives. Ultimately to compel critical thinking, research and open and honest discussion and debate. Releasing Next Friday, July 20th at 3pm EST on the 12ozProphet Shop. Be sure and get on the mailing list! Front (Click to enlarge) Back (Click to enlarge) Long Sleeve (Click to enlarge)
  5. So I was planning to do this a bit later when I had my shit together a little better, but thought it might be fun to kick off now and actually doing it will help me refine the contest a bit so it can be bigger and better when I do have all my shit together. So here's the deal to win free stuff... In an effort to add to the activity on the forum and make things that much more fun, I'm going to send a free package to one a 12ozProphet forum member each week. (Yeah, shipping is going to kill me, but fuck it.) The forum already keeps track of stats on the forum, by way of a real time tally of a persons *reputation* and *contribution*. It does this in the forum of reactions, which as you know, are the little feedback tool at the bottom of each post here on the forum. Each Monday, I'm going to check the Hall of Fame section to see who has the top score for that week (gold badge). I'll post the winner in a follow up comment in this thread and then its on you to private message me your name, email and mailing address. Few things to keep in mind... You must have a custom profile photo and cover photo setup before the winner is announced. (Yeah, underhanded but trying to get you guys to customize your accounts) Note that there is a limit to how many *reactions* a member can give another member per day / week. I'm not going to say what that number is since not knowing makes you value them a bit more and keeps shit a little more honest. That it! Reactions are generally given out based upon the quality of your post. Whether informative, funny, interesting or well conceived, its the comments that stand out, that generally compel someone to *react* to it. Also note that reactions can go both ways... A negative reaction takes points away from your reputation so besides dropping off the MVP leaderboard, the system will auto ban you if you drop to low into negative territory. (there's also some that are simply neutral, meaning a person see you respond, but no points are added or taken from your reputation). Have at it...
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