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  1. Seeing more OG names pass through, so time to bump this and coordinate on some more outreach. Who’s still missing? Drop some names and let’s see if we can coordinate to bring another couple lost members home.
  2. Radical Rick and Wrench Pilot...
  3. Back to the topic... Decided to visit an old forum I'd lurk for hours back about 12 years ago... https://supertalk.superfuture.com/ Saw that they also have an interesting model of paid only... Also, surprised to see their subscription model... https://supertalk.superfuture.com/subscriptions/ Shows that forums are definitely still alive when they're literally charging fees to just join. And in case you're thinking it, no I have no plans to start charging anyone to be a member here. I'll likely bring back a paid VIP or some sort of subscription model if we enough traction to qualify that, but those of you with accounts will always have access and can't imagine ever not having a free tier for general membership.
  4. Wish I could, but not surer the momentum is quite there yet. As soon as I can pull it together, best believe I will. Though, now thinking of a collab to get a full AK build going. Welcome back to 12oz man... Maybe you can help me breath new life into this private group:
  5. Finally complained enough to push it through, nearly 24 hours after the fact.
  6. Posted this in the Your Day in Pies thread. Main drain backed up and turned out to be a crack in the drain pipe just before the septic system. $1.98 for a new elbow, $12 for a 10 ft pipe that I only needed about 10 inches from, already had the PVC glue and maybe a few minutes to cut the old joint off and glue on the new one. Stunk, but not as bad as you’d think. Digging wasn’t bad either.
  7. Bode lizard in the top left creeping out from behind the L and Cheech defeated posture on the floor, legs splayed and back leaned up against the front of the E. Bode butterfly or two floating around and think this ones a wrap.
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