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  1. That said, he’ll obviously be the talk guy on this as it’s inevitably going tii ok turn into some high profile congressional hearings. But nobody will get in trouble. He’ll step down and immediately be hired by one of the vaccine companies he’d hooked up.
  2. interesting how wildly different perspectives are… He lied about masks being effective. Straight up said that non medical masks don’t work after a year of telling the public the opposite… Claimed hydroxychloroquine was dangerous when that’s what he was actually giving his family. Repeatedly said it wasn’t man made, now says it likely was. Said they weren’t doing gain of function research, but was doing gain of function research. More emails being released today, but surprised you don’t think it’s that big a deal.
  3. Curious if this scandal brewing around Faucci has swayed any opinions either way?
  4. found it. You actually posted it. More than a little while ago I guess… such a great thread… https://forum.12ozprophet.com/topic/83879-great-moments-in-12oz-history/?do=findComment&comment=6323947
  5. damn, someone needs to start a new SFW Pr0n thread… LOLOLOL
  6. Was just digging through an old thread and found the original forum rules from way back in the day. This was actually peak 12oz…
  7. cheeto feet got posted somewhere not super long ago. here’s some good ones along the same lines… Great Moments in 12oz History 12ozProphet History
  8. Could be. But like everything else on the planet, people change, things change. At one point the forum was arguably the best place online to waste time. Later, that became Facebook. After that it was Instagram. Sometimes it’s phases and cycles, other times it’s just people evolving. End of the day, forum is what it is and reality is it’s largely dictated by all of us as a group. There’s the occasional asshole or funny guy that makes it worse or better individually but when it comes to an overall vibe, that vibe is the people and personalities here as a group. There hasn’t been any major change
  9. I see a whole lot of people trying to make sense of a topic that had / has most of the world freaked out and him being frustrated by the direction of the conversation. Not seeing anyone running him off. Curious cause he’s a good dude and OG member and if he chooses to leave because his point of view differs, it’s a much different thing than anyone running him off. Both are a bummer, but I can hopefully do something about the latter.
  10. I've heard everything under the sun from active military, including some people that are pretty high up the food chain. Some turned out legit (heard about the lockdown in CA well before it was announced), heard some that didn’t happen (Airports, highways and state to state travel would be suspended by the federal government) and a ton that there’s no way to really verify (Covid being 100% man made and weaponized). Like most things, it’s all over the place and generally falls along partisan lines. part that’s been weighing on me is that more and more outlets saying that vacc
  11. Fact Check: 12ozProphet has verified this information and deemed it to be true by independent fact checkers. See why: https://www.forbes.com/sites/neilhowe/2017/10/02/youre-not-the-man-your-father-was/?sh=615a22248b7f
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