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  1. misteraven

    The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)

    Damn, thats really fresh. Bet @Europewould dig this since he's mentioned he forages for mushrooms. Definitely need to learn more about that. Also truffles.
  2. misteraven

    The best of outdoor style: Hiker, adaptive, tactical, etc

    Hadn't heard of Hoka until I started seeing hype for their collab with Engineered Garments. Still sort of on the fence about them, but havent seen a pair in person, let alone tried them on. Sort of surprised nobody seems to really be dominating that space though, let alone owning it.
  3. misteraven

    The Off Grid living thread (Dropping out the rat race)

    This morning...
  4. misteraven

    Weigh In: Politics vs Pop Culture

    Here's the warning I gave @where Generally I wouldn't share this, but since you're claiming censorship, I figured you'd support sharing it. Pretty reasonable request and respectfully delivered, in my own opinion. There's a huge difference between censorship and simply looking to keep threads clean. Especially ones I've taken effort with. If it's not for you. fair enough... Easy enough to add the nonsense to the steady stream of nonsense on Instagram or elsewhere online. And indeed, 12ozProphet is not a democracy. If anything, I manage it somewhat like the Constitutional Republic that is the USA, meaning there's a handful or rules that super cede everything else. But beyond it, I tend to leave topics to a consensus.
  5. misteraven

    Legal Weed Up North

    Damn, thats tore looks like a GNC or whatever other sports nutrition store. Clearly looking to target that middle upper class demographic and likely people that aren't typical weed heads. Assuming they're half a step from punch cards where your 11th ounce is free or maybe you get a gift back of chips and cookies or something. Can't speak to weed here or elsewhere as I don't smoke. Nothing against an adult making the choice to partake, just way too far into my own head to smoke something that puts me further into it. I end up in a closed loop that makes me want to jump off a bridge.
  6. misteraven

    Drinks, the good ones

    Being honest, its been a while since the last bottle, perhaps a year or so, so don't exactly recall. I do remember it was subtle and not the typical woodsy taste I've tasted in others. Like I said, it drinks super smooth. I drank most the bottle just straight or with ice and usually until you have a buzz going, alcohol is pretty harsh. This wasn't like that and even straight sober, it had a really enjoyable taste and was just smooth. Recall that it reminded me of some of the authentic Sichuan I had in China, where there's a sort of lingering taste that transforms into something distinct from the original taste. I know that with alcohol, the taste is often changed by whatever you eat or or pair with it, but half the time, I was just drinking and this was great every time. Anyhow, it's not cheap but also not expensive. Definitely worth tracking down and giving a taste. If you aren't into it, just cut it with ginger beer and lime and it's still an awesome drink.
  7. misteraven

    Weigh In: Politics vs Pop Culture

    Current topic... Politics vs Pop Culture For those not familiar with these weigh in topics, definitely search "Weigh In" for some other good ones, like the Social Media discussion and the political correctness vs Teen Violence discussion. I woke up to find all kinds of posts about this new Supreme Stormy t-shirt and thought this made an interesting topic, though we've touched on a bit in many other threads. It's clear Supreme isn't new to taking political positions publicly or leveraging the massive platform and fan base to help distribute their position and influence the masses. Though at the end of the day, I think the freedom of speech and the right of individuals, as well as wholly private business and institution to take whatever position they want is rightfully guaranteed, I also believe that there are also times when it's more appropriate to stay out of the conversation. There was a lot of interesting analysis that goes into how a major faux pas in Hillary's presidential campaign was her efforts to leverage celebrities and influencers to help validate her message and position. It was said that this effort largely backfired because the average Mr and Mrs Smith out there was already disenfranchised by the excess and disconnect seen between the public at large versus the "elite". How on average, people love to see celebrities and entertainers doing their thing, but are largely turned off once that same group attempts to use their position to preach a position, most especially politics and social issues; both of which often comes off as ironic and even condescending coming from that group. Time and time again, we've all seen how they'll say one thing, but clearly live by a different standard, which is clearly afforded to them due to their wealth and success and increasingly often, their political connectedness. In any case and with all that said, I found myself really disappointed in Supreme's position. From Supreme's "About" page: https://www.supremenewyork.com/about Seeing as how overwhelming left the mainstream media, celebrities, athletes and people in urban areas are, it would seem to me that Supreme's political position and releases aren't "counter culture" at all. In fact, it's precisely what seems to be embraced by everything from most educational institutions to fortune 100 companies to the social media and tech companies that increasingly work their way into most facets of daily life in this country. Now for those that have been here for more than a minute or know me personally, also are clear that I'm no fan of Trump. I don't hate the guy, but I also feel he's pretty far down the best and brightest of who this country has to offer. More so, however, is I'm absolutely opposed to this binary dichotomy of red versus blue and especially concerned and absolutely against the divisiveness that comes with it all. In the case of Supreme, it would have been much more interesting, as well as much more keeping with the ideology and attitude they claim and project, if they were to pass on jumping on the bandwagon and instead take the third option, which would really be in keeping with "counter culture" and at least in my own humble opinion and much more valid position if your end goal is to help contribute to a better country / world. The third position I'm referring to is to step back from the binary dichotomy we see, where you pick a team and then due your "civic duty" to vote and help perpetuate that establishment, and instead see it for what it is... A complete charade in that neither party really practices what they preach and has strayed so far from the ideologies in which they were founded as to be unrecognizable. To instead rally behind a team, declare the other team your enemy and then spend an absurd amount of time tearing each other part with largely emotionally driven debate and slander, with near zero effort going towards critical though and analysis of fact and unbiased sources of information. I'm literally seeing people I consider rational and intelligent download apps that help them navigate the mid term ballot initiatives by dumbing it down to putting letting you pick if you're blue or red and then putting either a big green check or a big red x next top the initiative up for vote in your region. At that point, what's even the point of holding elections anymore when people are that misinformed and that partisan? Then to literally lose their minds when the other guys win. Anyhow, I truly believe that no good will come from this. That as a country, we've been so dumbed down and so blinded by decisiveness, anger and hate that is what drives modern politics, that it's nearly impossible to see how it can be fixed. Not sure how to orchestrate this on a national level, but we have all been taught since a very young age that when you're about to blow your top and throw a tantrum, that perhaps its best to take a step back, breath, count to 10 and maybe give the situation a second thought if its important and if your goal is get through it successfully. It's sad that in today's America, thinking like this is counter culture, but if you take a moment to observe the landscape, it's truly the road less traveled. I'd like to point out that it's not my intent to sway you from one team to the other. Rather, its my hope to simply get people to take a step back and question why we're all being pummeled from every angle to do so, while also being rallied into a frenzy to believe that those on the other team are wrong / evil / nazi / criminal / monster / etc / etc... That perhaps we might be able to have discussions and realize that most people just wants whats best for themselves and their loved ones and just disagree on how to get there based upon their own unique experiences and day to day reality. That maybe, we need to stop blindly rallying behind one team or another and rather look at the issues, seek to understand them, their history, context and impact. To really understand that if the goal is to make the world better, that marginalizing, let alone vilifying those that don't agree, isn't productive to having constructive dialogues. That the entire world and all its complexities can not always be reduced to a binary of right versus wrong. So in closing, a couple things I want to bring to your attention before I open this up for respectful discussion... 1. Statistical Probability In A Binary System - http://www.pas.rochester.edu/~stte/phy104-F00/notes-2.html Note: Ever wonder why a third option is rarely mentioned and always considered non viable? If there's only two choices, statically, each will come up approximately half the time. When you introduce a third option, that all falls to shit. No consider why any party that pops up that is not red or blue is ignored at first and then systematically dismantled as soon as it shows promise, ensuring the continuity that the first two remain in power, even if only half the time. Feel free to search for more on this subject and then consider how often we see only two options available for so many things and then consider how it might benefit the two options to maintain that dynamic to perpetuate the system. 2. A Current Look At The Great Lie Of Dichotomy Podcast - http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/the-great-lie-of-dichotomy I've dropped links and reference to this before, but will do so again as its relevant and IMHO critical for people to listen to, understand and apply.
  8. misteraven

    Nike Pulls Balaclava due to *gang* connotations

    I thin what actually makes this is not necessarily the Balaclava but the entire ensemble.
  9. And here to balance the scales... Blexit! Bummer to see Kanye back down the way he is, but then again, maybe I'll go make a coffee and come back to see him once again leading the conversation. Definitely living up to the bi-polar thing he seems to be trying to turn into a trend. And for the record, I don't necessarily agree with all his positions nor how he communicates them (or attempts to). I do however, strongly believe in the freedom of speech, however unpopular and believe that we're moving into dangerous times when violence or even the threat of violence is used to attempt to shut it down. To think that tamping down an opinion or position, regardless of how fucked up it is, somehow makes it go away is naive and dangerous. As a society, we're better off allowing for open dialogues. If we instead put those efforts towards, teaching or at least encouraging, people how to have informed discussions, driven by fact and conducted with respect, we'd go a lot further towards opening eyes, minds and hearts. But then again, that's probably not the goal. That said, if you aren't concerned about how Kanye was treated throughout this whole round, you need to turn off the news and out a little original thought and reflection into how quickly the masses are willing to jump on someone that doesn't toe the line. https://blexit.com/ https://shopblexit.com/ https://hypebeast.com/2018/10/kanye-west-blexit-merchandise-black-exit-democratic-party
  10. Brought to my attention this morning by @6Pennies... https://hypebeast.com/2018/10/mountain-research-drops-a-fw18-lookbook-for-protesters I'm not super knowledgable with Japanese culture, but don't think they're prone towards sarcasm or being ironic. None the less, I think its's brilliant in its social commentary. Goes to show that nothing is truly off limits and this look book really strikes at the heart of how I see most the people that subscribe to this ideology. Thoughts?
  11. misteraven

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

  12. misteraven

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

  13. misteraven

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

    Lot of good ones here, mostly political or social commentary. @Merceryou’d probably dig this account. https://instagram.com/madebyjimbob?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=3v3hmr3izq8t
  14. misteraven

    Custom Paint Designs

    Fuckin sick... Nice work man.