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  1. In the age of “fake news” and cancel culture, all packaged in a thick layer of hyper polarization and extreme political division which is amplified by memes and all carefully orchestrated and spook fed to the masses by mainstream media and social media, I thought it might be interesting to circle back, explore and connect some dots on some popular “conspiracy theory” that eventually can be shown to be conspiracy fact. Since the MSM has shown to consistently ignore when new evidence is presented that bucks the narrative and social media has remained a shit show divided along partisan
  2. Talked a lot about how 12ozProphet is shadow banned on Instagram... Then yesterday I had to update some stupid plugin so I could continue to post shopable posts, though I basically stopped posting at all for the last year, and low and behold...
  3. For 1911 / 2011, I’d go Salient or Combat Precision. Not cheap.
  4. Good choice or you can get the best of both worlds with stopping power and round count with 2011. Though, personally I’d get it in 10mm even if extra mags will be a pain in the dick to find. Noticed on this last rush on ammo that 10mm was among the last calibers to sit on the shelf. Oddly it’s only shotgun ammo now.
  5. agree with everything except “overpriced margaritas”. besides that being highly subjective based upon the income bracket of the individual purchasing them and what that individual is used to paying or margaritas, I believe most would consider the cost of margaritas down in Mexico as exceptionally low priced.
  6. misteraven

    Polar Vortex 2021

    that was a week ago. Back into positive digits this week. Crazy how 15 degrees can feel like t-shirt weather after that.
  7. Talking to @Mercer IRL about how we're going to change the world.
  8. Been busy as fuck, but time to get off my ass and get another forum tee into the world. I really love this first one and trying to decide between trying to reinvent the wheel with a new design or just remixing this and giving the people what they keep asking for. Open to suggestions and feedback, but yeah, planning to take care of you guys and put some cool forum specific stuff together. Let me know...
  9. Found this guide / legend that helped me make much more sense of the shit I was reading on there. Even though I did setup a Reddit account many years ago, I never really used it at all. Only been recently that I’ve gotten interested and being honest, it really does reaffirm my belief in online communities outside of social. In any case, if I can figure it out, I’ll buy some $GME tomorrow just to support the cause.
  10. Would you mind explaining how it would even be possible to regulate this? (Or point me to a post where you've already discussed it?). My understanding is that the entire foundation of this is engineered to counter exactly this type of situation. As for registerinhg a wallet, no doubt apple / google can pop some shit and ensure wallets (via apps) are compliant, but likewise, couldnt you VPN from a foreign IP and download a non USA version of teh app? Or likewise, download some shit off the internet to a computer or buy a hardware wallet from outside the USA? Please expla
  11. these guys post a lot about how they make ammo. it’s a small Indy ammo company that started up a couple years ago. definitely made me want to do something similar. https://instagram.com/grindhardammo?igshid=13m0kurfs4t6r
  12. Some amazing scores here if you can work remote. Wish I knew of a resource like this in the early 12oz days. https://www.cheapoldhouses.com/
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