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  1. Sure there's plenty, but when you consider that basically all of Central and Western Europe, the Middle East, most of the Far East, as well as huge swaths of South America all have deep rooted histories of slavery, or that there's still so many countries in the Caribbean and Middle East that still practice slavery or that massive countries like Brazil have such a fucked up socio economic situation that it's barely better than slavery in most meaningful ways, that it amazes me that people still love to point out what we had going on a century+ ago. Also, cops in the USA kill more white people than black each year... Not a proud fact, but bucks the MSM narrative so rarely gets mentioned.
  2. Name what countries wasn't built on slave labor of some sort. Not saying it's a good thing, but people love to pint fingers at the USA as if we're somehow unique in that regard.
  3. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2020/02/19/director-steven-spielbergs-daughter-mikaela-announces-porn-career/ Mikaela Spielberg, who is the adopted daughter of the director and his actress wife Kate Capshaw, told the US Sun that her parents support her adult film career. Mikaela said that when she told her parents about her decision, they were “intrigued” but “not upset.” Spielberg being 'woke' as fuck or just trying to ignore how bad he fucked up with parenting that his daughter, whom can really be anything at all in the entire world due to having one of the most famous dads on the planet, decided porn was the best move.
  4. Sorry guys, that shirt has been a kick in the balls and has been on and off press 3x. The last of them just need the sizing artwork printed, but will ship out within the next few days. Adding a free book into the orders that shipped late and tripling up on stickers. Apologies, we're way short staffed and I've been juggling all of this plus a bunch of client work so only barely getting caught up now. cc: @MitchThe$nitchand @mn1_fuckos
  5. Should be in the smash or trash thread.
  6. TV series... Kung Fu starring David Caradine - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_(TV_series)
  7. Waiting for @Mercerto come through with his definite smash while everybody else is slow dancing.
  8. I own a couple Osprey's but my EDC pack is a FastPack Litespeed from Triple Aught Design. Far and away the best small pack I own. https://tripleaughtdesign.com/shop/fast-pack-litespeed/ Pretty sure that @6Penniesruns one as well.
  9. I have three of them (Helinox), including two in Multicam that I had to pay a bit extra for.
  10. Have that one on an Amazon wish list. Was hoping to see a physical copy at some point to see how good it is. Most of these types of books fall flat in my opinion, but it does look interesting.
  11. I suspect a lot of that is either false narratives someone mocks up or outright trolling. Then again in a country of 320 million, there's bound to be a fair share of morons. Either we stop putting them on blast and pointing them as representative of any significant portion of the population or go back to exploring the concept of eugenics. Regardless, not worth the time it took me to type this opinion.
  12. Zombie Airman: Infected World Book 1 Not the absolute best zombie book I've ever read, but so far, so good.
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