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  1. Also worth noting Americans are the only ones to have set foot on the moon and will likely set foot on Mars before anyone else manages to get to the moon.
  2. Blew my mind to find out that supposedly to become a doctor, you aren’t required to take any classes on nutrition. Yet, we’ve all heard so many times, “you are what you eat”. That said, time to revisit my keto diet plans. Hardest part of changing your diet isn’t necessarily eating something different but meal planning. If you don’t plan, you’ll likely fall back to convenience and convenient food is some of the worst shit for you. At least as far as how most supermarkets are stocked.
  3. As mentioned in my last post, there really is no straight answer on this and once again, that is part of what I have a problem with. We're almost a year into this and we're still arguing if the shit is real. We can keep spinning our wheels on this, but reality is that this was sensationalized significantly by the mainstream media, in the USA at least, we've been given bogus information... First it was for our own good and to protect the PPE for the medical staff when we were told that wearing a mask is actually more harmful than good, and then repeatedly at every step when both sides of the pa
  4. Yeah, we can go through rabbit holes all day long and there isn't likely ever going to be a true smoking gun. We know that even with a smoking gun, shit gets spun and then devolves into the same old tired partisan debates. Likewise, we can look at all kinds of recognized precedents that show what level and what extent governments (including out own) will go to to get what they want. When there's literally trillions of dollars at stake, I doubt any of us can fully fathom to what extent an ambitious party with expansive resources would go to. So yes, absolutely possible. True... Who
  5. meh, move on and add it to your karma points. $44 isnt even worth the time you've spent on here discussing what to do about it.
  6. our local population of full time residents is around 5,000. With tourism, it peaks at 50,000. there’s actually bidding wars on periphery for the first time since anyone can remember because so many rich people are coming in from CA and NYC (mostly CA). it’s not the usual rural situation and there’s a huge spike in infections being reported. just not seeing anything about sick people and though the death count has ticked up, I think it’s like low 20s overall. So a fraction of 1% assuming it’s all true, which pretty much follows the overall national average. again, I can ver
  7. top half is so freakin gross I’m having trouble finding it funny. how the fuck did we get here?
  8. maybe, maybe not. He’s not in office yet, so jury is still out as far as possible m concerned. being honest, I’m really not sure. I know one person personally that had it for sure and he only knew after mandatory testing and said he’s not sure he felt anything except maybe things tasted off. two other people I know of, didn’t know them directly. one died, but it’s all been here say as far as details. I know several people directly that died this year (2020 has been pretty nuts) but none had anything to do with Covid. I keep hearing about this or that, but have seen zero for
  9. Been watching Last Man On Earth. Basically a comedic view of the end of the world. Worth the watch.
  10. I noticed that there’s news everywhere about TX about to hit 1 million cases and how poorly the response there has been. So decided to look up stats since it’s been a long while. Wondering why TX is being called out all over, but not California? They’re several thousand cases closer to the milestone. Or what about NYC? Are they no longer testing as widely cause they have 33% more deaths but half as many cases? Lot of unreported / unexplained disparities in these numbers.
  11. Not the best farm shoes, but they do okay. Flex on the livestock... Nike SB, horse manure.
  12. Was waiting on shit to get normal to start in on an Aero Precision build, despite probably having four or five Seekins Precision lowers stashed. Anyone have any god links to how to tune a gas block? Been seeing malfunctions in one of my AR’s and thinking the bolt is just cycling too hard. Wondering if there’s something better than trial and error to fix it.
  13. Think the appointments will be from Harris. Not sure Biden really knows where he is and what he’s doing half the time.
  14. Indeed, I stand corrected. I was relatively young when it went down and stopped giving a shit about the clintons once HRC was no longer Secretary of State.
  15. Clinton was impeached and not removed. Trump was acquitted of all charges, thereby they tried to impeach but were unsuccessful.
  16. The impeachment of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, was initiated on December 18, 2019, when the House of Representatives approved articles of impeachment on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The Senate acquitted Trump of these charges on February 5, 2020. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impeachment_of_Donald_Trump#:~:text=The impeachment of Donald Trump,charges on February 5%2C 2020.
  17. I beg to differ. Being accused, tried and absolved for murder is a far cry from being convicted for it.
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