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  1. Just an update... We're still waiting on the next major forum software release. Was supposed to be in March, then rolled into April and recently found out that it'll be a bit longer. Since they blew the original deadlines, they aren't setting a date due to all the complaints, but if I had to guess, should still be something in the summer. I'll keep you guys posted, but just wanted to mention this so you don't think it's fallen in the cracks.
  2. Pretty wild how dude thought this was a good idea. Guess you could say the same about most of these, but this one hits particularly bad.
  3. @T4M* Yeah, there's been some issues with Amazon Web Services that borked the four a bit last week. Should be sorted out.
  4. Last nights solar storm views from my yard in NW Montana.
  5. Own lots of land. Turn as much of that land into productive land as possible (farm and livestock). Build a custom house from scratch. Be secure, free and independent.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6R2tbXSAeE/?igsh=MW52ZXFocTN2MmV2Nw==
  7. Nice, good to hear! And glad to see you around again.
  8. Adding a little romance into my off grid thread.
  9. Going to be truly fascinating to see how the administration and MSM respond to Biden losing. At this point, is there even a chance?
  10. Have a lot to catch up on this thread but this sin't really a response. Likewise, I also don't think what is happening here is a consequence of capitalism. Rather, its the abuse of capitalism and a system that not only doesn't do what it claims to do (looking out for people's health), but doesn't even come close to operating with any meaningful consequence or responsibility. There was a time when the USA led the world by example, but here's yet another example of how we've not just fallen short, but how government and industry are going out of their way to not just cut every corner possible, but intentionally making moves that they both know will eventually compromise health and kill humans. Some of it overtly without shame or subterfuge (because people are also systematically dumbed down and trained to the lowest common denominator), but just as much is literally bending rules and truths until they no longer resemble anything of the kind. Example, citric acid being shopped as if it's vitamin C and healthy. When in fact it's processed derivative of black mold that has a similar molecular structure, with the all the extras of being super fuckin bad for you. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6097542/ Here's "Fact Checkers" skirting the issue by calling false on the fact that the food industry isn't conspiring o kill you, LOL... https://fullfact.org/online/citric-acid-black-mould/ Call it irony (or maybe simply, not surprising) that Pfizer came up with this shit... https://www.peacefulmountainmedicine.com/post/citric-acid-a-common-food-additive-with-an-uncommon-source https://ldnresearchtrust.org/inflammation-mutant-black-mold-and-very-common-ingredient At best it's described as preservative, meaning they seek to make something last much longer on a shelf than it should. Thanks to the miracle of science, it doesn't seem to spoil as quickly. Not only is that in itself, already kinda not the best idea (same with chemical ripening of fruit and vegetables), but doing it with a known inflammatory while adding pictures of citrus or callouts of "Vitamin C" while doing so is absolutely misleading.
  11. Ah, forgot about this thread. Maybe this needs to be combined with the crack pot theory/ conspiracy thread?
  12. https://www.businessinsider.com/gucci-kering-income-decline-stock-down-hit-china-sales-slump-2024-4
  13. I would love if someone could please break down how any of this is the problem of the United States? Ethics aside, which clearly in this situation there is virtually no ethics from wither side... How is a region that has been warring and conquering itself for millennia... Literally from before biblical times, so at least two thousand years... That still can't seem to get along... How is it our business or responsibility to step foot into that area. Honestly, maybe there is a viable reason on why we should be policing the region, bit if so, I've never heard it. "Spreading democracy" isn't a qualification that merits the responsibility or cost. Is there any other reason? At this point, I'm willing to even take the loss for anything that we tried to do or failed to do or planned to do. But considering recent history with the pullout of Afghanistan, the quagmire that was the GWOT or the long history of the USA pretty much failing at everything since WW2, why are we still there? Left or right, does anyone really think we should be fucking around in the Middle East, poking China and North Korea, running a proxy war with Russia or any of the other dumb shit that is happening. If you think it's a good idea, can you explain how or why?
  14. Whoever that dickhead economic adviser that fumbled the questions in the video floating around... Only in today's world is there no consequence for that incompetence. Dude should have been publicly humiliated from all sides and angles and fired. If there was any integrity in politics, some of the people he reported into and responsible for hiring him should have been publicly castrated until they stepped down. Instead, it just serves as another talking point for people to argue about, while we keep driving towards that cliff.
  15. Bumping this for lurkers. @simon sandleshit you still around?
  16. Sweets are definitely a vice for me. Despite healthy eating, I still go out of my way to satisfy that indulgence but cutting out sugar for as long as I have definitely helped kill the cravings I used to have. Some studies talk about sugar being as addictive as heroin. Not sure about that, but it's absolutely addicting for most people, I believe. Anyhow, the fix for me has been to make stuff like home made ice cream with monk fruit as a sweetener instead of sugar. Been an interesting ride to go from ice cream, to keto type ice creams to finally, home made. Though the keto ice cream doesn't have added sugar, its still has a ton of garbage in it that isn't good for your gut, mostly gums and preservatives. As far as home made ice cream, it's a fair bit cheaper and a lot more tasty. Lot of recipe's out there, most of which are pretty simple... Two cups heavy cream, 1 cup whole milk, 5 egg yolks, tsp of vanilla, pinch of salt and half cup of sweetener (in my case monk fruit). All that in a Kitchenaide with the ice cream attachment and when done, I'll powder it with a quality cocoa powder that has no added sugar or sweetener. Literally a tsp of cocoa powder is enough to make it taste chocolatey since the Ince cream is sweet enough to boost the flavor of it. Anyhow, it's all whole ingredients, super easy to make and nice treat that doesn't give me any cravings or guilt.
  17. AUDI Activesphere Concept. https://www.progress.audi/progress/en/audi-activesphere-concept-your-active-lifestyle-companion.html
  18. Yeah, you guys on the forum will know about everything first. Also, still working out my plans to bring back VIP, but that will also be something that lends itself to perks beyond a different color username and access to the VIP section. I have the new 12oz website pretty close to done and most of the ideas for the launch collection figured out. Should all happen with the next month hopefully. I did just restock a lot of sold out sizes for the stacked logo tee after ages.
  19. @Mercer reason why modded guns fail is because most peopler aren't qualified to mod them. Guess there's no formal spec for what qualifies as "Gucci", but when I hear the term, I think Salient, Taran Tactical, Q, Noveske and stuff like that. Those aren't generally find that fail. Most the gins I've seen fail are more just low end guns that can handle being run hard in classes I've taken. Outside of that, it's only been the occasional out of spec part or usually gas / pressure issues or shit ammo that are both pretty easily resolvable. As far as the brands I listed, I know they do pretty extensive testing so I'd be surprised to see something fail, though I've actually broke a salient firing pin before as well as had big issues with one of their BCG's that was slightly out of spec. Anyhow, that G20 is looking sweet, but feel the stock Glock trigger pretty much sucks. How'd you manage to beat up your RMR that bad?
  20. Not sure if you've stated where you live, but it look really awesome from all your posts. Seems to be pretty rural, but likewise you also post a surprising diversity of good food and cool stuff to do.
  21. Bet this must go over well in a place like California.
  22. What a coincidence. Nothing to see here.
  23. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6d7R-JOZF2/?igsh=dWw3a2QzbTB6d3Yx
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