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  1. $100 dollars worth of wax job will resolve that issue quick fast.
  2. Getting crushed over here, which is why I've been MIA for the last couple weeks. We're maybe 30% through this job and though we have a great team, I could definitely use more help. Short term and long term. If interested, shoot me a DM cause eventually we'll dial this in and won't be bringing on more people. Already have 3 people on board from out of state. Anyhow, its a ton of work but we're crushing over here and its been pretty awesome actually. We have an amazing setup, so if you're looking to get out of whatever bullshit is happening in your town, give me a shout. Cheers!
  3. This is the photo.
  4. Local LEO suspect its a response to a video that went viral of some asshole screaming at protesters. There was a photo of him staring down a young girl that seems to have become the official poster card for the situation. In any case, the caravan got spotted crossing through a small town. That towns LEO simply called ahead when they saw it continue and each town along the way essentially did the same thing until it hit our country where it eventually stopped. They’ve watching the area where they’re camped out and the spots they’ve hit up for food out of concern. So far, they seem to be genuine protesters and not inciting violence but they were coordinated and organized. Then again everyone here owns guns and good many are walking around with them plainly visible. Who knows...
  5. This ones interesting because there’s actually photos of BLM posing and marching with guns. One shot in particular made rounds of a young good looking black female wearing what appears to be a plate carrier and carrying an AR. Until you look close and realize the best is for paintball and the AR is chambered one .22. Was extra interesting to read the context the MSM applied to it and how truly clueless they are about firearms.
  6. Fucked up when I really had to pause to think through it this was a meme or reality.
  7. There's armed protesters all over. News isn't really covering it and I can only assume its thrown them for a loop considering its the liberal contingent that is embracing it, suddenly countering years worth of narrative. Same way, there's virtually zero discussion of NYC suspending Habeas Corpus, yet endless articles about Trumps tweets and him alluding to Marshall Law if cities can't get things under control. Its amazing to witness this in real life and then watch the MSM version of it.
  8. Thats fine man, I'm not here to convince you. But will say, its not so much rumor when a sheriff you happen to know beyond just the professional dynamic of that relationship is telling you multiple departments across several jurisdictions are tracking movements and his department was activated to track them as they entered this municipality. That they are literally monitoring staging grounds for protesters. Again, can't always wrap your head around subjects by monitoring news feeds and watching from afar. I know this individual well enough after a few conversations to have a feel for how trustworthy his information sounds and where he's coming from but I absolutely trust the people that we share as friends and those guys have vouched for him. This isnt a friend of a friend spreading what he heard. This is a local sheriff that comes highly regarded by some mutual friends that train with him daily explaining what he's been tasked with for the last week. As far as I'm concerned its beyond reproach, but take it for whatever you want, makes no difference ultimately.
  9. Think you have a skewed perspective on things. You can’t fully understand this subject by studying it off news reports and text books. What happened in Michigan didn’t happen over night. It’s been years of cultural conversation and change and that crap the media decided to spotlight recently was just flavor of the month that fit the story line at that moment. That protest has been on going and it’s happened many times, in many places with differing support / interest for many years already. Lot of that kicked up a notch after Sandy Hook, but it’s been going on for ages.
  10. No link. I found out from one of the local sheriffs. My friend hits the gym with him daily and he did me a favor this week for something else so we were talking about current events.
  11. In regards to my second statement, I’m saying we’re 4 months into this shit show. 3 months of pandemic, a month of social unrest. You keep mentioning that things haven’t happened that you’d otherwise expect and I’m merely pointing out that it’s been an unbelievably compressed timeline so far. To imagine that the entire world would shutdown and that America would be chaos in such a short time period boggles the mind. It’s almost unreal to believe. I’m pointing that out to draw attention to the fact that it’s near impossible to predict what next month or three months from now will look like. We have an incredibly volatile situation as we head into yet another election cycle with two non-starters like Trump and Biden to pick from. Just because you haven’t seen something happen yet, doesn’t mean it won’t. Doesn’t take much and we’re seeing a lot of shit being posted that could very well be the catalyst to evolve this bad situation to an entirely new level. Really I hope shit just goes back to normal, but we’ve seen it spin out of control to unimaginable levels in a very short period of time. No telling how it’ll continue to unfold, so I’d be cautious about statements since none of us would have believed any of this if we’d been speculating about it 6 months ago.
  12. Imagine you’re getting different news than we are and I’ve noted that social seems all over the place as well. There are many cities / regions that have assembled armed citizens to protect monuments and local businesses. It’s actually happening out here now. Local sheriff’s office got a heads up about a large caravan of busses that have come up from CA, tracked through entire way up. Our local protest that began as a few dozen people, turned into hundreds over night. It’s been pretty peaceful so far. I’ve had to drive through it a couple times and it appears to be mostly positive, but does feel somewhat volatile at the same time. In any case, it’s absolutely mobbed resources since local LEO is not staffed to accommodate anywhere near that situation. They called in some outside help, but there’s people everywhere open carrying (more than usual). Went out to dinner with the family and most the wait and cook staff were armed as well as a good many diners. Ive communicated with friends in other places that have said similar stuff is happening throughout Idaho, Wyoming, parts of Utah and into Nevada. I’ve seen it on social media in Oregon and Washington State.
  13. Would also like to point out that this whole thing has barely had time to spin up. You of all people have the background to know that any type of coordinated uprising takes time to organize. Plenty of historical examples, both old and modern, show that you aren’t just going to get an immediate pushback when a government goes tyrannical.
  14. Not suggesting that we’ll necessarily see the populace rise up like Red Dawn. Reality is that the Revolutionary War itself was conducted by a fraction of the population. My point is that if you look around at all the areas that have armed protesters, you’ll note a pattern of very little police violence. Likewise, you’ll also note that the most egregious violation of human rights always seem to take place in areas / regions in which there is little to no gun ownership. id also like to point out that everything that has occurred in the last 4 months would have been dismissed exactly the same way if we’d been discussing this a year ago.
  15. This is some of the largest news so far and amazing it isn’t headline news everywhere. One of the few outlets running it is freakin HighSnobiety. I did verify it, which makes it even more scary that news isn’t running it. Pure irony that it happened in the most liberal city in America. Or perhaps not since there’s absolutely dick anyone there can do since you have a land mass surrounded by water and a populace that was entirely disarmed. Fucked up... If there hasn’t been a single moment you could point to in which it was clearly time to leave, that fuckin it right there. Even if this rolls back and nothing comes of it, it’s clear the politicians in NY believe they can do as they please without consequence or respect to the people they in fact serve.
  16. Skimmed the last page. There’s news on the guy in Seattle that drive through the barrier and shot someone. He was Latino, not white. He claimed his car was being mobbed and that protesters were trying to pull him out of his car and had been grabbing his steering wheel, etc. In any case that’s his defense, but really doesn’t appear to be someone that was looking to kill others or he could likely have done so. Definitely wasn’t a white supremacist since he wasn’t white.
  17. This here probably deserves its own thread. Unreal...
  18. Thanks @Hua Guofangyou’ve just perfectly explained why media is not to be trusted, social or mainstream. Next step is to now consider the narrative and ultimately agenda that compels individuals to repackage.
  19. Among the worst things I’ve seen. The police department’s statement on the matter was salt in the wound. Even the revised version is bullshit.
  20. Interesting opening sentence considering that those laws were written for exactly the reason we’re seeing being played out now. Short of the exact era they were penned in, there hasn’t been another time so far in American history in which the words in those founding documents and all It represents has been more relevant. Unsure why you’d dismiss them. Fact that they have stood the test of time should indicate how profoundly significant they are. If anything, I’d argue the laws written in more recent times should be audited for their worth. Also, it’s important to note that Trump isn’t exercising execute decision. There’s are laws that were enacted long before his time. If memory serves, the instrument that curtails the freedom to assembly was stuffed into the extension of the NDAA, which Obama signed into law. All of this latitude to curtail freedom comes from previous administrations. A big part why I keep telling people that government is the problem, not the solution. Easy to ignore when your team takes the Oval Office, but it’s a precedent that outlives the administration and is very difficult to undo most the time.
  21. What is there to really say that hasn’t been said? It’s an absolute shit show. Post is a little misleading unless there’s been changes I’m unaware of. National Guard is distinguished from US Army.
  22. *By the way, I didnt mean that in a shitty way with that opening statement. Just merely pointing out that living it is one thing. Trying to understand from afar, regardless of sources and investment, simply isnt the same thing.
  23. This is where you're disconnected from understanding the practical application of living it versus reading about it. The cities that are hardest hit are virtually impossible or extremely difficult to own guns in. NYC, CA, Philly, Chicago, DC, etc. There is exceptionally little gun ownership in these areas and AR's for example, are basically modified to the point of no longer resembling the same platform or just simply impossible to own. In some cases, you can own, but not leave the house with it, except to go to the range. Also, you're talking about entirely different cultures. Having lived in NYC, it was all but taboo to even talk about guns as you'd incur the liberal wrath of how nobody needs them, so there's a culture that has largely shunned guns, even in cases where you might be able to have some sort of neutered version of ownership. It was actually pretty interesting how when Covid got crazy, a lot of people I know that vehemently argued against gun ownership were calling for advice on what to get and where. More ironic was some tweets that came out where people that had been previously anti gun were actually complaining about how hard they were to get. Those places with the pro gun demonstrations were often just beyond these dense urban areas (battle ground territories) and also somewhat misleading as well. 300 dudes standing in the lawn of a town hall may look like a lot, but spread those same 300 out in a city that's warring and its so thin you probably won't even notice them. Also consider that the you're seeing what they want to see. There's lots of good happening out there with police and people working together, but that doesn't draw near the attention as another video of a cop stomping a protester.
  24. I cant fuckin stand that silence equals complicity bullshit. I brought this up in a slightly different context in past discussions. People need to know where you stand so they know how to react to you. I've seen time and time again when people lose their shit if you say you just don't give a fuck or that you can't subscribe to either political party cause they both suck. They can't compute the response unless they know you're on their team or on the opposing team. The silence equals complicity is an amazingly effectively ploy to bring people into the fray that has the benefit of skewing towards you joining on the side of the person insisting that you engage. Fuck that. Country is literally ripping itself apart because everyone feels they need to pile on.
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