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  1. This thread is run it’s course and is now done.
  2. Link or description of grain shortage theory? Also, look at my last comment… Mind diving in?
  3. good read. thought all the news suddenly coming out about the Fed and government claiming to be able to enforce sanctions in the crypto world was kind of interesting. Maybe @Mercer can step in and give us an overview on the validity of those claims and perhaps break into the specifics of how it could be done or why it can’t? Yellen Says Treasury Will Monitor Crypto, Other Channels for Sanctions Evasion https://decrypt.co/94273/yellen-treasury-monitor-crypto-sanctions-evasion
  4. SMH… Could A Small Nuclear War Reverse Global Warming? https://www.huffpost.com/entry/nuclear-war-global-warming_n_828496
  5. Bumping this because it’s by far the best breakdown I’ve seen about the situation. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s worth the couple minutes. Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/ukraines-deadly-gamble
  6. @6Pennies @Mercer @Kults @Elena Delle Donne best explanation of all this I’ve found so far… Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/ukraines-deadly-gamble
  7. Pretty incredible but at least explains why the Russians are coming off so weak… Starting to see a lot of buzz that most are new conscripts and not real soldiers and that many have no clue they were invading. They’re claims they were told it was all a training exercise. Again, makes no sense… Seems like a weak strategy from a historically brutal leader to think a show of force would have people in the Ukraine turning over. And even if that was the strategy, why do it with fake soldiers? Again, nothing here is making any sense at all. Also to think Russia can’t actually wage war at their door step or fight for 10 days and then run out of munitions seems ludicrous on its face when we’re wrapping up two decades in Afghanistan on top of patrolling most of the planet. Anyone actually seeing any feeds or outlets from the Russian point of view?
  8. cant stand virtue signaling like this. really think that NH pulling vodka off their shelves makes an ounce of difference? yeah, that’ll teach Putin to mess with the Ukraine. I’m sure he’s soul searching the transgression as soon as the tweet got passed across his desk. Smh
  9. Best coverage has been… https://instagram.com/realnewsnobullshit?utm_medium=copy_link https://t.me/realnewsnotbullshit
  10. Still a nuclear power. Hopefully he isn’t crazy enough to play that card, but yeah this isn’t making much sense. All coverage points to the Russians being straight amateurs and have a real tough time buying that.
  11. no doubt, it’s all fucked. Lot of people were taping Ukraine or using it to launder money. yeah suppose the main point I was making is Putin warned everyone back in 2014 that he wouldn’t tolerate a nato / west sympathetic country on his door step and we pretty much engineered exactly that. really it’s the timing that I’m wondering about… Though I’m speculating now, it makes sense to me that the USA really wants to eat the dog right about now, but I’m wondering why Putin picked now to get riled up over it all. It really is a shock to me how weak Russia has come off, so the fact that Biden is beating his drum and mobilizing significant money and force when Ukraine has largely handled itself far beyond anyones expectations is suspect AF (and supports my assumption that the Biden admin is psyched to have a diversion). Crazy days.
  12. Honestly the big surprise to me has been how weak Russia appears. Granted we’re just coming off that disastrous withdrawal out of Afghanistan (which I’d like to think is very representative of our tactics and capabilities) but damn… Would have though Russia would have steam rolled through them in less than 48 hrs. Instead I’ve seen a bunch of footage of their planes being shot down, tanks running out of fuel and some other rookie shit. Not at all what I would have expected. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cacbzs_ujnk/?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. Not sure it’s all that deep, especially because there’s videos of Putin speaking from years ago about all that’s happening now. If you all remember the shit that popped off back in 2014 in the Ukraine, where the USA literally acknowledged it was stirring the pot out there and helping replace Ukraines leadership. Previously Ukraines government was pro Russia. We helped replace it with one that wasn’t with promises to help them enter into NATO. Some of this even goes down the rabbit hole in that Joe Biden via Hunter we’re personally profiting from the regime change. This is what was driving Trump to threaten to cutoff funding the Ukraine if they didn’t cooperate in an investigation, which in turn was what led Congress to impeach him. In any case, besides a history that goes back hundreds of years of the region largely being unified, there’s obvious geo political reasons for it as well. Ukraine previously was a founding republic of the Soviet Union and part of the Warsaw Pact, which was the Soviet Unions direct response as a counter balance to Western Power being consolidated under NATO. Though the Warsaw Pact disintegrated with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Putin has been consistently vocal about his concern with NATO and Western power and influence in the region. Obviously he’s pissed when a country on his border, with deep connections to the former Soviet Union and territory in general is suddenly flipped with an anti-Russian government and NATO support, never mind discussions of it potentially being invited into NATO. Likewise you can see the advantage of the USA having a new best friend on Russia’s door step. This isn’t much different than the Soviet Union being BFF’s with Cuba. USA wasn’t having it, so JFK invaded which was the bungle we now know as the Bay of Pigs and is historically recognized as the closest we all came to nuclear war. Anyhow, none of this is really secret stuff. There’s literally news reels of most of it, including Putin calling out the USA in 2014 for meddling in the Ukraine. Unsure exactly on the timing, but I’d bet that the Biden administration is desperate to get attention off the shit show the USA has been the last two years and it’s a fairly common tactic, historically, for governments to push out war when their population is about to boil over. In this case, it would deflect attention, possibly unify the country and likely kick start the economy in the short term. Plus gives them someone else to blame for shit, something we’re already starting to see.
  14. good to see some of you guys finally catching on. circle of control… circle of influence… circle of concern.
  15. not sure your case is a fair study since you’re well into a successful career. I’d assume you ate some shit and paid plenty of dues to engineer opportunities that ultimately resulted in the situation where you can now pick and choose. we’re talking about a young kid, as green as they come thinking he’s owed something. if he haven’t quit, yes… based on that conversation I’d have fired him. Perhaps not on the spot, but I’d have immediately started hunting for his replacement.
  16. yeah, not surprised. perhaps the next phase of this thread is to talk about how far America will fall over the coming years when you got countries like China making kids go to school for 12 hours a day, six days a week. meanwhile we’re building safe spaces and arguing about what is actually defines male and female. might sound like some Archie Bunker shit, but prove me wrong.
  17. Not my job to lay out a career path. It’s my job to provide the opportunity to step up into one. If I need to point it out and hold their hand through it, they’re probably not motivated, let alone qualified. update: new young kid started today and did well for a temporary fix. Interviewed a promising candidate by phone. Supposed to meet tomorrow but he’s ready to put in his two weeks. Have two other candidates that a trusted friend vouched for, but they haven’t reached out yet.
  18. Appreciate the long insightful post but this paragraph jumped out to me as an absolute race to the bottom. Money only buys loyalty so long as you're providing more than the next guy. Shitty strategy IMO as one can always swoop in and play that card. Maybe snacks and meals aren't the ticket either, but there has to be something out there that does establish loyalty... I offered dude a real career path, super cool work that all of us can be proud to be working on, etc. I do not believe what we are seeing is a normal by product of poor economic policy. I believe we're witnessing a perfect storm of poor economic policy, during an unprecedented event after decades of cultural shift that encourages shunning responsibility and a steady drum beat that virtually everything out there is a right you're entitled to. I welcome yours and additional members personal perspective / experience. No doubt we can abstract and intellectualize this discussion and for sure that side should be recognized. But I'm boots on the ground, seeing real consequence and not just chiming into a topic du jour. Shit is fucked... I'll retool the business and replace motherfuckers with robots before I start paying good money to people with shitty attitudes. Gone are the days of paying dues... I worked years for free just to gain experience, get my foot in the door and get to be hands on with cool shit. Kills me when some kid thinks he deserves salary because he shows up and scoffs at all I'm providing because he can get a couple dollars more just showing up at a fuckin place like McDonalds. (ironically, they'll probably the first to replace their entire unskilled labor force with robots).
  19. I just posted a rant regarding an incident at the shop today but realized I really haven’t updated and spilled the news on where things are at these days. Anyhow, today was a long brutal day and I’m typing this shit on my iPhone, so I’ll drop a photo and note that I’ll loop back soon with pictures and updates. Long story short, we’ve come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Here’s a photo of my wife standing close to center of the production side of our new shop. We’ve been working on it all year and expect to be moving into it in December. If anyone has screen printing experience, knows someone that does or is interested in stepping into a new adventure and working their way into a career in print production… Hit me up. Depending on qualification, talent and attitude, I’ll help you move out. Lots of growth opportunity while working on very cool stuff in a state of the art shop.
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