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  1. generally humans don’t eat predators since there’s a much greater chance of getting sick or catching something. it’s not unheard of (bear for example), but it’s generally not a good idea. when you do eat predator meat, it needs to be extra well done. rule of thumb on what a predator is, is an animal with binocular vision. some food for thought (no pun intended), if you’re ever in a situation having to hunt food.
  2. I archived it along with a couple other sections that never really got used. Easy enough to bring back, but never did catch on as intended. Those are default badges that’s part of a gamification feature in the new update. I still need to go in and tweak it all out so it makes more sense for 12oz, but it’s a framework that allows for user and feature promotions based on criteria like reputation or activity. As I move through it, we could for example, auto promote a user to VIP based on how high their reputation is. Or setup a private section for OG’s based on registration date, etc. Like I said, I’m still working on that, but it’s a way of rewarding members with something more than just reputation points.
  3. shadow banning means you’re suppressed without being informed of that, so no.
  4. Also, as a follow up to this entire Rules thing... Obviously no rules were created and a lot has changed since this whole conversation began. There has, however, been some really great progress as to a technical solution that at least helps things out. I do plan to still loop back to rules, but with the forum upgrade I did yesterday, there's some pretty robust features for automatic moderation, as well as a new "gamification" feature you might have noticed with the little badge graphic next to everyone's avatar and additional stats on user profiles. This feature will no doubt evolve to be pretty powerful, but as is, we can create rule sets on the backend so that if a user is spamming or trolling, they can have their posts auto hidden according to a threshold we configure. Example, right now there is a rule that if a Member has less than 100 reputation points and has a post that gets reported by 3 individual members, all their content become hidden and they are placed into a moderation queue. No doubt a feature like this can be abused, but likewise, thats self correcting in itself since I can see who did the reporting and can adjust the threshold on the rule set to make it a little less likely to be abused. Anyone that abuses it, opens themselves up to a straight ban. Anyhow, my thought is that if we have some simple, straight forward rules intended to keep user and conversations from degrading to trolling and arguing, the conversations stay cleaner and are likely to be better for the majority of members and community as a whole. I understand that there's been callouts about censorship, but fact is that 12ozProphet is a private domain that is entirely funded out of my pocket. Its your choice to participate and its my choice to let people participate. I tend to allow for a certain level of democracy on here, but at the end of the day, I see this as more of a constitutional republic in that there will be some basic rules inspired by principles of non-aggression and beyond that, we can discuss, consider and potentially involve the community as a whole into most aspects beyond these principles. No at always perfect (as if anything in life is), but I believe its a step in the right direction and ultimately all my choices are motivated by what I feel will be best for this platform long term. There's a reason that 12ozProphet's tagline is "Not For Everybody". Anyhow, I'll loop back and explain some of these new features in more detail once the dust settles. For now, the new merit system is using stock images and the default rule set. Took me a while to work through updating the custom theme we have to be compatible with the big upgrade I just did so I still need to go through these new features and dial them in. Cheers.
  5. @Hua Guofang Can you explain a little more? I've never considered it before, but makes sense that there should be a user option top at least collapse it. One mobile it isn't present and with out layout, images stretch to virtually the full width of the device. As for desktop, yeah should be a n option to collapse it or toggle off, but what size display are you on that it squeezes the image to be so small that instagram would actually make more sense?
  6. What’s the theory surrounding it?
  7. curious how quality of life is being defined. And also not to detail or turn this is a debate, but there’s clear correlation between natural resources, per capita as well as how poorly most systems scale. In almost every instance, there’s a sort of bell curve where scale to a point can less to efficiencies and optimizations and how that trend quickly reversed after a certain point. Look up a lot of studies in regards to military breakdown and structure for a sort of top line view of that. Likewise, look at how even in the USA, we can see how there’s a sort of sweet spot on the success of populations based on density / size. Anyhow, obviously a lot more to it then just that, but don’t think you can have a valid comparison between Sweden and the USA on these terms, for those reasons.
  8. Reminds me of the 7th Heaven days. Used to sell a ton of those back in the days along with Stations of the Elevated and Kung Fu movies.
  9. Not to derail the thread, but really ludicrous to me how we live in a world where one half of the people seem to despise the other half, yet most seem pretty okay with strangers forcefully taking a significant swath of their income and spending / reallocating it however it is they want, with little transparency and even less oversight. Regardless of where you fall politically, it truly makes no sense. Only position that this makes sense for is if you’re a politician or if you’re cool with being at their mercy of politicians in exchange for avoiding having to sort out your own way through life. No other scenario makes any sense if you just look at the track record.
  10. Had an interesting conversation the other day that was more about stock than crypto, but I’ll loop it back in a sec… Anyhow, it was regarding how it’s sort of common practice for politicians to have their spouse or a shell company but the stock and make whatever investments on their behalf, so they can keep shit a bit more under the radar. Meanwhile, all those purchases have to be publicly disclosed. Makes sense that as a society, we’re largely too lazy and lack the attention span to follow this closely, but when you consider the massive wealth virtually every congressman has amassed, from what ultimately is really just insider trading (advanced knowledge and understanding the effect of certain legislation they’re involved with can affect specific markets and companies), it’s crazy how there isn’t a site or app that simply aggregates all those moves, maybe syncs them up with relevant headlines and sort of charts probabilities or weighs them against what’s known about that politician and their track records. Anyhow, seems pretty obvious, and if nothing else, would be a fascinating thing to track and put on blast in a very methodical and organized format. Also seems like an awesome data point for your own moves. So all that being said, to a lesser degree, wondering if the same can be applied to “crypto influencers”, though I’d assume politicians also have to disclose crypto purchases (though I think that would be less effected by policy and legislation than stocks). On a related tip, who do you guys follow? What worthwhile news or blogs sites are out there that do a good job informing and projecting? What are some standard data points you guys that are seriously vested ( @Mercer) use to keep track of developments?
  11. pretty sure that was a joke but you should have been in VIP anyways so, welcome.
  12. Added you to VIP. Let me know if that fixed your issue. DM or email me if not.
  13. Often times there’s also legal implications to consider. Example, most states have legislation regarding food donation. If a supermarket donates food to a shelter and dudes get sick, supermarket gets sued. Easier for them to skip the liability and extra expense of coordinating donation, so it gets dumped. I’ll bet regarding Amazon it’s likely that the seller doesn’t want to eat the cost of return shipping on broken items or on items that have bulk or weight, but little value or margin. It’s not Amazon’s to give away and meanwhile individual sellers might not trust Amazon to “give it away” or possibly not even really understand the concept of donation (think of an offshore Chinese seller). So there’s product in limbo that can’t be returned and is taking up space. Seller won’t spend money on a return, but will right it off after proof of destruction.
  14. That said, he’ll obviously be the talk guy on this as it’s inevitably going tii ok turn into some high profile congressional hearings. But nobody will get in trouble. He’ll step down and immediately be hired by one of the vaccine companies he’d hooked up.
  15. interesting how wildly different perspectives are… He lied about masks being effective. Straight up said that non medical masks don’t work after a year of telling the public the opposite… Claimed hydroxychloroquine was dangerous when that’s what he was actually giving his family. Repeatedly said it wasn’t man made, now says it likely was. Said they weren’t doing gain of function research, but was doing gain of function research. More emails being released today, but surprised you don’t think it’s that big a deal.
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