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  1. Re: Boy Kills 1500 Pound Monster Pig i want a BLT
  2. I was 15 in a movie theater banging a 13 year old.
  3. i do love the fact that all they did was make fun of other bands and talk shit. That always made me smile. Weren't they also involved in the carl crisis yogurt bath?
  4. And the drinking starts now...photo's may come later.
  5. for a breif stint a few years ago I spent a summer getting shitty fast food jobs, holding them for a week only to try and find new and creative ways to get fired.
  6. Re: Once in a while I get an itch in my throat.. spring time allergies are the fucking worst shits ever. The other day I had to drive out to some bumblefuck part of kentucky and as soon as I got out of "the city" and got to where there is more grass than concrete it started. Sneezing fits, eyes watering, ears itching, and generally just can not breathe. I am allergic to grass pollen, one of the most abundant plants on earth. t3h gh3ys
  7. I am just saying I am 24 and could do better than some used up 30 year old cum dumpster that half of my band has already fucked. The girly passed out in my bed is a different story. She is 21 and just retarded to the ways of the jager. In fact I had to drink her last jager bomb and I am still going while keeping her drunk ass of the roads of the bluegrass state. So if you live in kentucky just thank me later.
  8. on the rape tip I just found out that some girly I never even slept with is saying I raped her FIVE yes thats right FIVE times but is not pressing charges because everytime I raped her she came so its not a crime...my only question as a kentuckian is what the fuck?!?!?!?..is that a new rule. rape me once shame on you do it five times, fuck it, do it again?!?!?...I need to move from this state.
  9. wow the update about her beeing just a friend and her asking me not to post pics of her in her post jager bomb state while she takes over my bed is ridiculous....I was planning on sleeping on the couch anyways but her running past me in her underwear to throw up again makes me laugh......I think I am going to make ramen noodles and watch the show....later 12 oz.
  10. ok so a friend of mine is yakkingin my bathroom and is female. I could probably fuck her after she passes out....but I am not with it no matter how drunk I am. SoI want to know who would fuck the drunk chick yakking in the bathrooom.?
  11. So I have a shot at getting my own local weekly radio show and I have been using soundforge to put songs and teh vocal clips together but I KNOW there is an easier way to this considering that I pretty much record the shows at home on the computer. So my question is this, does anyone out there have any software they recommend for me linking things together for an hour long radio show where I can just load in my tracks do my voice overs the such with a little more ease than doing it all through soundforge?
  12. the only time I sleep late is when I work late. I try to make it a point to at least be up by noon. That way I still have plenty of day light to get things done and feel like a goon waking up as the sun goes down.
  13. that guy sounds like he needs to mountain dew...its so much more extreme. But if he really wants to step his game up he needs jolt or surge.
  14. THEY HAVE VITAMIN GUMMY BEARS?!?!?!?!???!!!!! That is fucking badass.
  15. Re: so my boy is about to smash on MY couch actually shitting in public toilets and leaving the fruits of my labor is a hobby of mine. I barely remember making this thread. i think I going to go and talk hard on the internet to someone so I can feel like I am a fucking badass. Its going to fucking rule. ps the title change rocks.
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