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  1. Hola! I’m alive and well. Thank you everyone for messaging me, thinking of me, and for all the concern. Covid almost killed me, but tough old bitches are hard to kill Will be back soon with lots of dog content.
  2. All day with BKOB (black kids on bikes). IMG_8449.MOV IMG_8454.MOV IMG_8464.MOV
  3. Made blueberry Meyer lemon jam. So many blueberries equaled less than half a jar
  4. I sat in court and it took everything I had to keep my mouth shut when he came out. When it was over a group of us started walking out and his aunt had the nerve to call us Bitches. I started chanting murderer. 12 sheriffs came and escorted us out He’s a pos and I wish him the same result that poor Eponine endured.
  5. Second attempt at kimchi fried rice but this time I added mozzarella cheese. It was good FullSizeRender.mov
  6. Got a little ride in Met my home girl for coffee ️ Worked from home Noticed someone logged into my account from Lagos Got my IG account back Took the dogs for some pasta
  7. buy a small jar of kimchi (leave it out until very ripe) cut into small squares and sautee in butter first, thats key. add rice and the kimchi juice and a little gochujang, sesame oil, more butter and fry it up. top with sesame seeds and over easy egg.
  8. Kimchi fried rice Impossible sausage and potato pizza No, not at the same time.
  9. Last night I made pizza with sliced potatoes, mozzarella cheese, res sauce, and impossible sausage.
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