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  1. Well I had a heart attack Sunday but I’m home and recovering. Dog rescue has my blood pressure up high and filled with so much stress and pressure that I’m going to have to part ways for a min which makes me very sad.
  2. I was 10 and partied with many oontz heads. I can’t remember how young I was but I most certainly met some amazing people off here ❤️
  3. You spelled my name right. It’s Sooki. Big day tomorrow. Thank you guys for caring ❤️
  4. Omg is that bottom one a Great Pyrenees? I want one so bad! I also did intake on Mama Molly a Rhodesian/Coonhound and her 9 pups if anyone is looking to adopt. Whole family was emaciated af.
  5. One of my adopters gifted my dogs a bag full of xrated dog toys lol Nori is very taken with a particular one she always greets me with. IMG_1133.mov
  6. So I took my bike into a shop in Silverlake. I have a 12oz sticker on it and some kid saw it and commented, “oh damn she has that old school 12oz sticker on her bike” and made me smile
  7. My old iPhone 12 nothing fancy : ) Also, the Doyers… sweep sweep sweep makes me happy when they lose:
  8. Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo 106 Underground Seafood in Inglewood
  9. OMG my roommate used to order Panhandle weekly.
  10. It’s been so long I can’t remember but Blondies!!! That was my jam as a poor grad student. Soda and a slice $3! I think I went to Oakland and Berkely for my pizzas 🍕
  11. HTX is pretty much in the same boat. Funny as it sounds, the only pies I currently enjoy is MOD Pizza. There is another place but it's a travel to get to even though it's good it's a hassle for the travels. that sucks, I feel your pain. One of my adopters has a spot that’s good but i don’t want to drive 45 min there then 45 min back in LA traffic.
  12. I’ve tried so many recs and so far I’m not impressed. I hardly ever have pizza these days. So so very sad.
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