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  1. You are a fucking rock star. It’s easy for us to rescue the dogs and adopt them out but the in between which would be finding the fosters is where we have the most difficulty. Without fosters we cannot pull dogs off the euthanasia list, we can’t intake dogs from the Chinese dog meat trade, or take in all the medical issue dogs from Mexico. if you have the space for a couple of weeks, volunteer to foster (rescues will supply you with everything).
  2. @NightmareOnElmStreethave you reached out to a trainer/behaviorist? Go ahead and txt me, I’ll pm you my number.
  3. As most of you know I rescue dogs and find homes for them. About 3 weeks ago, I drove to the middle of nowhere butt fuck Egypt just outside Los Angeles and picked up a litter of puppies. I decided to foster one and failed miserably. Welcome to the fam Kombu. She is 11 weeks old now, my pitbull/Queensland heeler mix. 100% asshole. Nori is a pitbull/dachshund mix and 11 years old now. She loves Nori but Nori is still on the fence IMG_1049.MOV IMG_1049.MOV
  4. Who’s been riding through the quarantine? Solo rides? Group rides? I have been doing solo rides but then I always usually ride solo. However, I miss some of the shenanigans riding with others. Also, hiiiiii IMG_5208.MOV
  5. I am in disbelief. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. If there’s anything I can do, anything you need? Sending you lots of love
  6. Umm that’s part of the design
  7. IMG_9223.MOV IMG_0072.MOV IMG_0131.MOV IMG_0001.MOV
  8. Sopranos is sooooooo fun!!! I have my pinball league tonight. I’ll try and video some sopranos footages.
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