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  1. Mercer


    @Hua Guofangfrom the jump, before even reading the article you wanted to debunk. Not sure why you find this so hard to believe? Guaranteed they were looking for ways to flip this, investigating every possible angle, instead of straight to handcuffs, and building a criminal case against him immediately. These pigs have taken it upon themselves to grant themselves extra rights above what the public/taxpayers who they leech from have. In reality, the American ideal of "innocent until proven guilty" has been so far eroded, it's almost shocking to see it actually applied. Imagine having the right to put a bullet in your wife's chest during a domestic dispute, and not be immediately arrested. Then imagine being shot in the chest, while the person who did that is being coddled by their coworkers that are taking a couple of days to think up any excuse to not charge him. Fuck these pigs, I don't understand how anyone (with a conscious) in their distract could ever respect that department moving forward after this.
  2. Decriminalize recreational cocaine.
  3. What crimes were the prisoners in for, and where can I get one of those scorpions, that looks like fun to shoot? In all seriousness I'm more shocked that this was a dutch operation since prostitution, and drug black markets there don't generate enough capitol to fund something like this. I'm assuming since cocaine/heroin are still illegal they probably run a distribution network out of there for the entire EU.
  4. Mercer


    Glad you asked. There's a strong possibility that he should have been arrested immediately after putting a bullet in his wife's chest unless there's convincing evidence it was in self defense. It's that simple. Some people think there shouldn't be special privileges like the right to dump lead in your wife's chest for a select group of government employees.
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