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  1. You ever seen someone with one of those neglected parrots that go crazy, and rip out their feathers? Fuck those people. It's not even a domesticated animal, they're supposed to be free, or eaten, not held in captivity. Just saying, put that little neglected Thanksgiving turkey looking ass up before inviting people over so you don't look like a retarded psychopath. Fuck is wrong with people that have something like this, tortured, screeching in their house all day.
  2. Fucking people don't have the decency to shoot you and get it over with, they want to take their time and get all stabby with it.
  3. In an ancap utopia, I'd like to think the customers can choose between no defecation, or opt for a free feces coating on the house, with Prime™ membership of course.
  4. What if she's still hot, despite being covered in her own defecation from the trip?
  5. So my wife and I were ready to go out dancing for the first time together. I got super excited, and she decided to cancel out of nowhere. Fuck is her problem? It_was_a_shock_to_her-rewardingbluedesertpupfish.mp4
  6. Pies veterans, they're not hard to spot.
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