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    Weird how that dude intentionally murdered a quarter million for literally no reason at all. The only thing that happened to him is he was a hated for it over a decade, but now everyone likes him again because he said a few mean things about Trump when his brother ran against him and it gained traction so he went with it.
  4. Sperm will skyrocket in value very soon, creating a new class of large testicled billionaires, and a new booming ejaculatory economy. AI, and robots will begin to fully sustain us, and Space X will even develop anti aging pods to get to Uranus /prohomo. We will live close to 1000 years in them, isolated in whatever flavor of commercial metaverse distopias we can afford the subscriptions to. The idea of anyone creating another one of us, to suffer this inhumane fate will be unbearable to think. Cum prices will dip harder than the great 2018 shitcoin crash. Sperm banks will need "bailouts" and spooge will once again be discarded in bathroom sinks..
  5. I avoid the subject altogether for the most part, the hardest part is passing on good jokes until after a few of those type fall flat or fly over people's heads. Most people never have questioned anything, and I find that questionable.
  6. Mercer


    Even 911 dispatchers are on some authoritarian power trips instead of doing their jobs. redditsave.com_911_dispatcher_hung_up_on_assistant_manager_of-qmtqazqesxz81.mp4
  7. Mercer


    100% pro choice, but wouldn't mind if that dude ended up pretzel'd like he tried to tackle Dave Chappelle.
  8. Just came across this, no idea if it's authentic but kinda makes sense.I wouldn't be surprised if it were true, although most people think that think racism is a narrowly defined aesthetic & only authoritarian right. Racism tends to correlate with authoritarianism, as opposed to economic left or right. Plenty of commies & progressives have done some terribly racist shit. Even with all the editing & whitewashing of FDR's speeches, and words he still comes off racist AF and even nominated a Klan leader to the supreme court.
  9. That dude is a fucking joke. I used to do web design at Cornell's medical college, at first I was like cool, this dude is kinda famous. Turns out everyone there thought he was a joke, and wondered why he wasn't fired yet after all the cringe snake oil he liked to promote. We made it a point to discreetly photoshop an old lady wearing a sweater with his face knitted into it, into the background of all the stock photos for the cardiology department. Surprised it took his grifting ass this long to become a politician.
  10. I'm radicalized every time I land a kick flip. I suppose it's possible to be radicalized by political memes. TBH I'd like to see his political compass results, from what I've heard about his manifesto, he was pretty much neo-liberal (older democrats like Hillary/Biden) with an extra twist of hard racism. The way the test works is it gets a general idea for your political tendencies. Issues like 2A probably aren't the most useful questions for the test I'm assuming, because even people from the authoritarian end might still support gun rights. Hence the "thin blue line" stickers next to "come and take it". I do think it's fairly predictable graffiti writers, or even former graffiti writers would end up anti authority, and economically on the left. We're not exactly known for licking police boots, or observing individual property rights.
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