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  1. Imagine grifting so hard you publicly denounce your own sister for being gay, and endorse torture as a legitimate function of government, and the hillbillies still shart you out of office. Watching libtards worship this wannabe war criminal daddy's girl is fucking next level hilarious. F3KgFnHBdjqANp7h.mp4
  2. Mercer


    I hate people like that who had everything handed to them in life and earn good money, but can't seem to manage their finances properly, or they choose to live someplace extra fucking expensive like SF, or Manhattan and they constantly bitch about the struggle instead of appreciating it. It's like they're trying to grift with people that really struggle, but they've never actually struggled. Like bitch you spent $200 a week at the bar/restaurants and bought a nice car before you got a nice crib, and you also took out loans a gender studies degree instead of something useful. Meanwhile I know people with multiple felonies that grew up in public housing, coming up on hard labor construction gigs that own nice cribs and have their families living comfortably, and they appreciate everything they have. Anyway: redditsave.com__-nwfk54htq7i91.mp4
  3. @KILZ FILLZFirst you need declare your vast estate a "farm" even though it's not a significant source of income which drastically cuts property tax. You can also qualify for farm fuel, where you don't even need to pay the fuel taxes, and can have Diesel delivered to your "farm" at a massive discount because there's no taxes on it. Technically, you're only allowed to use farm fuel for your "farm equipment" on your own property of course. I'm actually trying to get into this position myself minus the Range Rover. The best way to cheat on taxes isn't by falsifying documents, or trying to hide income, it's hiring a good accountant.
  4. Turbotax users are usually people with W2's from a regular job, that have been getting ganked steady throughout the year already. They're looking more at small business owners, freelancers, contractors, and people that own cash businesses like laundromats, etc., Basically middle class people that have revenue streams they might not be able to seize before it gets in their hands. The actual wealthy have so many tax loopholes, accountants, and tax attorneys there's no need for them to cheat, and it costs them too much time and resources to go after them in court. One thing is for sure, no billionaire has ever shot at, or been shot by the IRS. They didn't spend millions on small arms, and 87,000 new agents to go after billionaires like those liars are pretending.
  5. Mercer


  6. The idea of the government granting & enforcing monopolies on ideas literally retards cultural advancement.
  7. Mercer


    Pretty sure it's staged but holy shit was I ROFL'n
  8. Mercer


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