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  1. I used to work in design all day, and I don't know if it was the design work itself, or being stuck in a cubicle but when I got off work the last thing I wanted to think about was line and color. I'd imagine working in the culinary arts field would have a similar effect. Then again, I couldn't imagine eating processed food after preparing, and being surrounded by much better food regularly. Plus there's the full creative license perk, but I guess my point is you'd have to be pretty devoted to benefit from that.
  2. You ever got your ass whooped so hard your tattoo starts to disintegrate.
  3. I just wish they'd make up their minds on who's side we're on. Either you're on the side of Iran (Shiites), or you're on the side of the organization we helped build to fight them in Iraq (ISIS). I just don't get the flip flopping Obama, Trump, and now Biden keep doing. Iran and Syria are literally fighting ISIS or whatever they're called now and we're over there dropping bombs on their mortal enemies for literally no reason at all. I'd just let, or better yet help Iran win that shit, liquidate ISIS and station those troops someplace it doesn't suck camel balls to be stationed at.
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