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  1. Well, well, well. Looks like somebody finally got some of that sweet, sweet defense contractor funding this month. https://twitter.com/TulsiGabbard/status/1182751618334220288
  2. I hope that chimney-less Igloo with no smoke coming out at least has a carbon monoxide detector in it. Safety first.
  3. lol, whyhemadtho... I have no idea why this is so funny, we need this dude on here.
  4. Had to dip for tappas. One thing I have to hand to@abrasivesaint Taking on@Kults&@Mercer simultaneously in the political memes thread is prop-worthy, and sorely needed if we're all being honest.
  5. They're indifferent at best, like most people thousands of miles away. In the unlikely event Iraq, Turkey, Syria, or Iran cease to be a threat to Kurds within their borders, you best believe YPG would take aim at the western infidels occupying their land. There's no mideast culture that consciously aspires to western values. The Kurds have a very strong, tight nit fundamentalist culture, and actively seek "Kurdification" of any non Kurdish cultural group that finds themselves under Kurdish control. This is the only way a minority group under oppression is able to survive as a culture. That's not to say there are no Kurdish individuals that do appreciate western/outside cultures. I'm saying in general if they had a choice, they wouldn't want us, or any other group there occupying their territory. Unfortunately they don't have a choice in the matter and haven't since 1923, so lesser of two evils is their only choice realistically.
  6. No, a realistic one would be nice, like pulling the fuck out of there. There's nothing to figure out, it sucks being a Kurd basically. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. There's nothing we can do short of taking a tremendous loss of capitol/life sticking around playing referee for another 100 years. If this is what you're advocating for, wouldn't out time/efforts be better spent doing this for a people where there's an actual hope for self sustainability? These things work for advanced societies with a high level of education like Germany/Japan post WWII, it's not going to work anywhere in the middle east because the overall culture there is incompatible with having a free society. Our best hope is to find individuals who do want to live free and helping them relocate, not trying to diss everyone, but the reality of the situation is there has never been a free/stable system in the middle east and no amount of bombing/bullets will change that. This is like expecting a rapist to become an effective psychotherapist to help their victims deal with PTSD. We can't "fix it", you have no idea what "fixing it" even means. You're just parroting talking points put together by the military industrial complex, hell bent on perpetual war. Think about it for a second, what could we possibly do for them other than murdering people on their behalf? Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. Unfortunately the Kurds have nothing to offer, while Turkey on the other hand is a major ally. So we'd be shooting ourselfs in the foot providing weapons, or anything that could be used to fight our shady ass ally. Fact is, we actually need Turkey, and have a long history of cooperation with Turkey. Personally I really dislike Erdogan for multiple reasons, but not enough to warrant killing Turks either by proxy, or directly. No shit, you'd have to be an asshole to want the people you've been fighting side by side with to perish, or suffer. Our military personnel would like nothing more than to do something to help people who need it, that's the best thing they can hope for. Unfortunately, that's not how chain of command works. The US military is supposed to defend the United States, and not act as a police force for the entire planet. If anyone really wants to enter the area on their own accord and join the Kurds, I have no problem with it, I just don't want the American taxpayers to pay for it. I'm at the table now suggesting we stop ordering more food/drinks in the restaurant, we know we can't pay for it. Seriously, we can't fix this problem for them, nobody can. Why go bankrupt trying to achieve the impossible?
  7. @abrasivesaintI'm waiting fr you to describe a better course of action than us pulling out.... *waits patiently*
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