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  1. Yea, fuck it. I'm done. Honestly thought this thread was posted in the News section, not Channel zero. Regardless, I think it was pretty entertaining.
  2. I like capitalism, I just hate all governments. Technically I'm an Agorist.
  3. Stop making up shit saying I "think it's a hoax", I'm on a double shot of Moderna myself and worked in 4-5 building a day with flawless masking every day before 04/2021. You can't really think I'm a fucking Trumptard. If so, you're fucking brainwashed into thinking everyone who's not a Democrat is a Trumper. That's just fucking stupid.
  4. Also, I'm not a mod, and I'm not even mad. You know I've always had your back when these other motherfuckers on here were sweating you. That said, it's just everyone that comes in here on the left vs right shit gets shut down. I'd never ban someone for having a beliefe I don't share, and being passionate about it, and I can't anyway. I never asked to be made a moderator, and left 12oz and only came back after that moderater status was gone.
  5. I fucking hate Trump if that's your worry. I hate Biden too though. Anyone who believes in any of these politicians is a fucking retard IMO. Not everyone is an either or, I'm an Anarchist, and have a years long post history to show that.
  6. Peep my post in January 2020: Here's your boy Mercerdamus on the George Washington Bridge (NYC in the background) in a U-haul leaving NYC right on time, February 19th 2021. This took a month of planning before, and was about a month before anyone you consider credible knew what was about to go down. Till this day never caught Covid. Sometimes the weird conspiracy nuts are right.
  7. Here's a refresher from 4 months ago when they started to backpedal. Saying it was a leak from a lab was a conspiracy theory before the backpedalling started period.
  8. Sounds like a lot of great excuses for terrible people to me @DRUNKEN ASSHOLE ONER. Not giving up my exact age, but old enough to vote, not old enough to drink in 1994.
  9. You seem to forget that back then, suggesting it was man made and not from the fish market made you a conspiracy theorist. In fact, most people that believe everything on CNN didn't admit it came from that lab until John Stewart finally said it on a talk show. How you going to act like that isn't the case?
  10. Are you talking about the same party that wrote the 1994 crime bill, ushered in mass incarceration? The party that almost unanimously voted for the Iraq, and Afgan war? The people like Obama that dropped 70k bombs on families earning less than $5 a day, for the last 20 years knowing 90% of the people killed in drone strikes were innocents? The people that push welfare in the hood to get votes, but will cut a family off the second the father lives in the same house as the kids, so they end up fucked generation, after generation? Yea, real nice people. Think of all the good they've done.
  11. @Elena Delle DonneI hear you, it's just weird that people that used to be against the bullshit society stood for in one way or another, are such conformists now. Out of my small crew of 5 writers, only one person met a terrible end. It's just Pittsburgh really wasn't the same as the South Bronx, and by the time I made it to NYC after I stopped writing myself, most of people I met there and fucked with heavy over those 15 years wrote, and were higher level, thus prone to success in other facets of life so to speak. I mean look at the old moderator crew on here pre-2010ish before shit fell apart. Most of the original crew have generally done well for themselves in life. At least the ones I know. I mean I grew up kind of rough, kicked out of regular schools since I was 14. Did bids in 3 different places, graduated HS from the infamous St. Gabriels Hall. So all in all yes, if you come from the gutter you're probably not reaching for the stars. If you're out here running them streets chances are higher than most you're going to end up being fucked. With that said though, the people I know that ended up doing long bids, murdering, getting murdered, etc. weren't even into graff that much, and the success stories who made something for themselves were. Graffiti literally saved me from the fucked up path I was on, and introduced me to a better group of like minded people. I'm sorry if that's not your experience, but your experience, and political views aren't the end all be all for everyone else. That's not even what I was originally posting for. As I've explained I hate politics/politicians in general. Last thing I want is someone who never comes on here bringing those lame ass mainstream left/right vibes in here off of social media, talking about how stupid people are for believing in conspiracy theories, etc. My main reason is page one of the Covid thread we already knew that shit came from, even posted a map showing the exact lab in Wuhan, and how bad shit was about to get. Conspiracy theory me all you want, but I made it out of NYC myself because of it in February 2020. That's before the mainstreamers you prefer even knew what was happening. Also was on here talking about Crypto, and impending economic collapse for years and investing heavy before everything we said would come true did. These bullshit conspiracy theory people OP has such disdain for might just know some shit if you're smart enough to listen. Last thing I want is for 12oz to become a haven for mainstream conformist to come on and bitch about the people they're too stupid to unfollow. I mean look how lame this bullshit thread is.
  12. IDK, I can't just dry wipe only. Before wet wipes I used to keep looking at the paper post wipe and sometimes would keep going until blood. I don't own a bidet either, and my personal bathroom isn't big enough to install one. I'm thinking these flushable type wipes can't be worse than toilet paper, at least by enough to make a difference. Actually tried using a bidet before and it didn't work. My ass still had shit in it and it was wet. Nobody told me you use soap, water, and your hand to actually clean it out shower style. Fet like Stallone in the movie where he wakes up in the future and everyone is using shells to clean their ass.
  13. You do realize the government, both parties, have literally murdered millions of people in the middle east in cold blood. It's not even arguable it was in defense. In face, most murder worldwide throughout history is the result of people in government. I'd take a pussy hat, or maga hat any day over someone who literally makes a living ordering poor people that end up in the military to go kill people so my homies in the oil industry can finance my next campaign.
  14. Yes, and the vast majority of who I consider close friends wrote, or still write, and are very good people. That's not to say I've haven't had a sociopath or two in my circle over the years, but that isn't the norm from my experience. The people I really fuck with, including myself are doing big things IRL, hold it down well for the fam, hood success stories. My remarks, come from a disdain for tow the line conformist attitude being expressed. Shits cringe, at least to me. I think outspoken Trumpers, Republicans, Socialists, and Democrats alike are all equally fucking retarded. At no point in history has the majority consensus, or popular political views been right, not even once. Even half a generation ago when kicking gays out of the military, not letting them get married was mainstream acceptable. In short, if I wanted to listen to cringy mainstream political pontification ala regurgitated Fox News, or CNN, I'd watch that lame bullshit on TV. There's no need for it to permeate every corner of the internet. That said, high level discussion is cool, but thread titles with dumb as fuck in them are just that. Keep that shit on twitter, FB, IG. TLDR: I prefer the company of the so called weirdo's, scumbags, and non-coformists you enjoy shitting on for some reason.
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