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  1. Mercer

    The Nonsense thread

    He probably hoped the paperclip would instantly melt, and droplets of the molten metal would hit his eyes to relieve some of the pain from being electrocuted. It's even worse paused, and advanced frame by frame.
  2. Mercer

    The Nonsense thread

    Paperclip Outlet.mp4
  3. Mercer

    Saudi journalist anducted/chopped up

    Audio recorded by his Apple Watch has apparently been released now. Looks like he was tied down to a table and chopped into pieces while he was still alive. Only took 7 minutes apparently, for the butcher this was probably just another day’s work like any other day. Disgusting piles of inbread shit, how the fuck can we be are aligned with a Monarchy, or any government associated with the only attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor. If there was ever a good cause for military action.... At the very least we should confiscate all of their resources, and arrest a few key members of the Royal Family. In parting id just like to emphasize fuck Trump, Obama, and Bush.
  4. Mercer

    Kanye is a genius

    This is why minarchy (minimal/limited government) will never work as a permanent solution to ensure liberty. It was a great idea during the enlightenment, but generation after generation, the core values inevitably become altered by a populous that is unable to focus on the intricacies of political thought. "I don't want people to do X, let's pass a law", "We all need to pay our fair share" etc. None of us, including myself have the time to earn PHD's in various fields of science to base our decisions on facts, as opposed to the shit sandwiches handed to us by sociopaths seeking to rule us, or limit our freedoms. I remember being taught intentionally why free speech is important to protect, specifically why you shouldn't pass laws criminalizing hate speech, and how that could set a precedent to limit all language unfavorable by the majority rule mob, or government. Why the 2nd amendment is important, and basically all aspects of the rights protected under the constitution. This is no longer the belief held by the majority, and will encroached until it's almost non-existant. I think the only solution is revolutions every so often to reset the balance. Actually fighting is too costly for most, and unnecessary in my opinion which is why I think anyone interested in the cause of liberty should be engaging in counter-economic measures. Finding private alternatives to traditional roles of government, and working towards a state of Agorism is the best route IMO. Without the internet, and crypto-currencies this task would have been very difficult in the past, but today if Agorism is properly implemented using these tools the government, and more importantly "Statists" would be helpless to stop it. But yea, Kanye is one crazy dude...
  5. Mercer

    Kanye is a genius

    If you think only one side of the polarized political scene is at fault, or "they" just wrong about everything, congratulations, you're part of an even bigger problem you don't even realize exists. Going back to HG's original point, I agree with Clapper, our biggest problem as Americans is that we think our greatest enemy is each other. This pattern inevitably leads to a self fulfilling prophecy. There's no real debate about issues, only discord, neither side actually cares about the greater good more than they care about "winning". It would be hilarious if it wasn't so fucking sad.
  6. So twitter has banned one of my favorite political meme/humor accounts (anarchyball), now I hear facebook did a recent purge of multiple libertarian pages, along with all the copwatch, copblock accounts. They have a very serious problem with users that question authority.