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  1. Mercer


    What I find most disturbing about this is how they tried to smear her, saying because she interacted with her ex, who may or may not have sold illegal substances she's not innocent. Like I bet all three of those pigs have smoked weed, maybe even sniffed a line once, but yea, she had a relationship once to someone who sold a drug before so it's totally her fault, technically we had to execute her in her sleep.
  2. Mercer

    Break Loot Murder

    Japan is a cool place to visit, but the social conformity required to be somewhat socially acceptable is too overwhelming. Americans there are like watching illiterate cave people trying to mingle with Manhattan's upper crust. They don't appreciate the passion, emotional outburst, even hugging family at the airport is viewed as low brow shit. They only tolerate visitors because it's polite thing to do with retarded people, and truth be told it's probably just fun watching a bull navigate through a china shop. If you really want to be taken seriously there, or contribute/be part of society there you have to unlearn everything you've been taught about manners, socializing, then relearn that shit from toddler aged lessons up you filthy, still smearing shit around in your ass crack with paper looking ass barbarian. Even if you had it down to a T like you were somehow raised there by a Japanese family, you'll face the same type of thinly veiled low expectations I feel when I'm around mainstream liberals, "Oh, you read good for a...? uh, yea man you read good" *starts clapping like they're talking to a child*" type shit.
  3. Any An-Prim reading list that doesn’t include Ted Kazinsky is missing the fuck out. Also Audible + Lots of driving for work and you’ll be through that list in less than a year.
  4. You may have missed what I found funny about that tweet. That irony is perfect because it unintentionally illustrates my perspective as someone who questions the states legitimacy in all aspects. No matter where you sit on the topic of abortion itself, or even collectivism, these NPC’s parroting popular political rhetoric can be entertaining to watch. Even people running defective software can recognize that the SCOTUS was never designed to function as it does now, a workaround for a constitutional amendment process. For her, the sting isn’t based on questioning the government, it’s probably more along the lines of “My favorite judge had cancer, but thought Hillary had this, and refused to retire under Obama because girl power and boy did that turn out bad for me”. It doesn’t matter to me if a leftie comes to the right conclusion the wrong way. Nobody ever agrees with me so I take what I can get. Even if she’s motivated by wanting to get as many abortions possible during her lifetime and set a record. Her statement perfectly, and unintentionally illustrates just how ridiculous our archaic system of governance is. When someone completely indoctrinated by this cult like religion of state starts noticing these glitches in the matrix, it’s worth noticing that they noticed somehow, and giving that a signal boost for the humor of it.
  5. Mercer

    Break Loot Murder

    An alternative perspective (outside of the soft racism of low expectations) on race in 2020: http://unregistered.blubrry.net/episode118/
  6. Mercer

    Break Loot Murder

    I had to take it back to WWII, let the Soviets and the Germans (Left Right) exhaust each other fighting, then take over the world.
  7. Mercer

    Break Loot Murder

    When two of your enemies are fighting each another, don’t aide either side, or allow one to win. Rather, encourage a prolonged, draining conflict to ensure both sides will lose. - Mercer 2020
  8. It's almost like he wants to lose the election. Sanders has been tarnishing his own credibility by campaigning for lord fingerbang here since he lost the primary. What a fucking idiot.
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