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  1. When that inflation hits ssstwitter.com_1679872200407.mp4
  2. When you're so above the law you only pay attention to your own signals. ssstwitter.com_1679836280960.mp4
  3. How twitter replies work. ssstwitter.com_1679859596355.mp4
  4. ssstwitter.com_1679853615361.mp4
  5. Showing someone like her, even if it's for something positive like having a meme-worthy level of charisma, even though your building just burned makes progressives extremely uncomfortable. It's like good old Archie bunker style racism, but with extra steps. They don't mind if blacks are featured in media, but only if they're in tuxedos and seem non-threatening, or they're whitewashed and part of a mixed race couple in a commercial or something. That is of course, unless it's something negative, like portraying themselves as criminals specifically for a black audience, then it's OK. Not really complaining because I check enough boxes to star in my own "non-offensive minority" commercial myself. Just pointing out the absolute absurdity of how uncomfortable progressives are made observing black people, to the point you can be accused of "digital blackface" racism if you allow one their 15 minutes of fame.
  6. Pope always brings the drip.
  7. Like a dumbass, I used to walk around there alone half the time with 5k in camera hanging around my neck. Never had a single problem though. There's some real nice Graffiti up there.
  8. ssstwitter.com_1679454429015.mp4
  9. 69 just got that ass beat while dressed like he's working the streets turning winter time tricks up in Hunts Point BX ssstwitter.com_1679453439436.mp4
  10. Preach brother, mother fuck a Hank Hill.
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