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  1. You come back in here and don't even bother to argue politics with me for old time sake. This is what betrayal feels like.
  2. Find a way to save some money and invest it.
  3. I'm done for tonight, 10/10 conversation lols were had, highly recommend *5 stars*
  4. Look man, Truth be told I never liked Trump, all his pedo shit aside I know his ilk having lived in Queens NY for 12 years where dudes like this are a dime a dozen. It's alway "Tremendous, Yuge", never just "big" over exaggerated language. Most end up with diamond pinky rings, and work as sales managers at car dealerships, or some shady company that rips off either their customers, or contractors that work for them like Trump did there. We all knew him as a shady fuck. I actually worked for a guy like him for 3 weeks when I first moved there. Interesting shit, I just can't get how rural dudes,
  5. Not for nothing but Multivitamins did cure a bad case of crabs I brought back from Somalia last week.
  6. In reality, I honestly do think Clinton, Wiener, and all these dudes are at least guilty of fucking teenage girls. Abusers in general are attracted to positions of power where they can act out their desires without too much interference from law enforcement. Not saying every politician is a pedo, but I'm willing to bet that as a profession, it's probably a greater than average chance of even one of these untouchables getting caught on film pinching a pre pubescent child's nipple on stage, sexting dick pics, you know, normal shit for politicians these days. The reality of the matter is Trump is
  7. Wait, Trump was involved in their prosecution? That's weird I didn't know that.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if we were in for 5 figures at this point. My wife sold a discontinued color set (celery green) set for $1100 (Dinner Plate, Cake plate, Side Plate Cereal Bowl, Mug, Everyday Bowl, Soup Bowl) recently. It's an investment, they generally have a higher resale value than the retail price once the color is discontinued and someone with more money than sense breaks one and needs a replacement.
  9. I mean, isn't there a few credible rape accusations against Trump as well? His ex wife, some underage teen. My lord Casek, how could you be so callus, we're talking underage rape victims here.
  10. I've usually had Turkey, but a ham is somehow interchangeable with a Turkey for smaller gatherings. Sure did, love brussel sprouts also, but the gas is killing me. Had to sit next to the fireplace playing it off like I was tending the fire, in reality it was my cool hack for sending them up the chimney, out with the smoke.
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