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  1. Use an obscure browser that no one else would possibly try to open up and use if on your computer.
  2. As far as instagram goes, I wish there was a Virtualbox type app you could install other apps inside and shut them down 100% when you're not using them. I'm not paranoid enough to know all the spyware apps, I just remember some of my Dev friends being like "Whoa, WTF you have facebook installed on your phone?" a couple of years ago and was convinced I should delete it. In all honesty I should delete instagram myself and just re-install if needed but I'm not ready to yet.
  3. @misteraven When I first started using it I had issues since sites by default had all their javascript disabled. After a while I turned down the shields for sites that I actually needed to work properly, and avoided some sites I probably shouldn't be on in the first place instead of letting them use Javascript. You might be experiencing links that have just been #'d without and actual URL in the href=" " and javascript is used to put the actual link in as opposed to just HTML so it can track when it's clicked and who's clicking it. A lot of the clickbaity type sites like "business insider" had links like that, but I just stopped going to them or allowed the javascript.. If you're unable to select text in the url bar, something may have gone wrong with the instal. Sounds like an OS issue, as opposed to a browser based issue. I'd try re-installing, and rebooting the iPhone after install to see what happens. Also, I've never heard of Aloha. @diggityHave telegram installed but don't really use it much since nobody I message regularly uses it. I'm a fairly anti social person these days and haven't used Viber, Kik, or What's app in a very long time. I'd say 90% of my communications are work related, and since I'm in the public safety sector, it's some boring shit to listen in on. My work issues iPhones, my local, and overseas friends tend to be well off enough for iPhones, or they get hand me down iOS devices when I go visit them. So they're almost all on iOS/iPhones making almost all of my communications through iMessage these days with very few green text bubbles. No idea what apple does with all that info, but considering all my contacts are in the cloud anyway I don't think I'm able to do too much to keep Apple out of my business 100%. Luckily their business model is still focused on selling devices, as opposed to selling your data, so for now I think it's worth the risk.
  4. @misteraven Yes, believe it or not Apple does store your browser history from all versions of safari in the cloud, (including deleted browser history). With the recent EU privacy rules that passed European user's found out Apple was storing their browsing history on their servers (as opposed to on your device's browsers). Apple disclosed their browser data storage, including that they even stored your deleted browser history to conform with the new EU law. They only disclosed this information to European customers, then played it all off as an innocent mistake that they've now "fixed". https://www.macrumors.com/2017/02/09/icloud-storing-deleted-safari-browser-history/ I use Brave Browser on my iPhone, but I don't sync it with my desktop browser history. I have the advantage of a "free for life" (1Password) password manager out of early adopter status back when the business model wasn't subscription. So storing things like passwords to log in/out of random websites isn't an issue for me. For anything more than a minor privacy concern I also have TOR browser installed, along with Nord VPN which is always running in the background. Nord was the best $99 I've spent recently, 3 years of VPN that doesn't slow me down too much, and allows me to access any website I want to, from anywhere on the planet. Really came in handy for the EOS ICO which I banked off of to cover a lifetime of VPN.
  5. @KultsUsing brave for regular browsing, then clicking file > open new private tab with TOR, makes it much easier to access TOR instead of opening up a new browser and waiting to connect. Seems like Brave connects to TOR faster than the TOR browser does. Plus this keeps your "semi public" browsing history while off of TOR much more private. I've got my search engine set up as Duck Duck go by default, and go to google.com when I need it which is rare. DDG even has image search. I found out about it reading articles on how to use TOR properly, and noticing Google makes the "Not A Robot" verification/captcha process near impossible while using TOR.
  6. @misteravenBose designed an app that you'd be encouraged to use after buying bluetooth headphones. The app actually served little function as it was not needed to actually pair any of their wireless headphones. I think the only functionality I found was being able to assign the headphones a unique name. Long story short they got busted spying on people through the app. Someone looked into the massive bandwidth the app was using while running idle, and discovered it was using the microphone in the headphones to record your voice, and either pick out keywords, or send everything in to servers at Bose for analysis. A friend of mine was telling me about the small school he was attending to learn react native one day, and when I got home I had an add for that same programming school. I had already deleted facebook by then, and at the time couldn't figure out how my phone was able to pick up my conversation while stashed inside my backpack and I came across an article like this http://fortune.com/2017/04/19/bose-headphones-privacy/ Crazy shit considering I always had either my QC35's or QC30's on me. Both cost $300 & $350 respectively, but that still wasn't enough money for Bose. I dropped well over 2 grand on Bose over the last 3 years. Both my wife and I rock QC35's, and before that both had QC25's, I bought 2 pairs of QC30's, and a couple of speakers. Could probably get in on the lawsuit since both my wife and I had the app as soon as the QC35's dropped. Random shot in my garage of some of my Bose boxes, or should I say Bose wireless wiretaps.