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  1. My apologies, my browser doesn't display any adds, so I didn't notice Wiki, or NY Post had that stuff. You should try brave browser.
  2. Props to anyone holding Cardano still. Sold all of mine for BTC/ETH at a buck twenty. FULL_SPEED_AHEAD-g32q8xih4iz61.mp4
  3. Biden knows how to pick a winner. This guy lied about 50 cal's being used in a crime (never happened) on Reddit as part of his own personal misinformation campaign. My guess id if you're in the business of violating the constitution, you'r prefer your victims were disarmed, or less capable of fighting back when you snipe their innocent wife, or murder their dogs. Source: NY Post Also, kind of funny he's throwing shade at violent cartels when it was the Feds arming them in the first place under the Obama administration
  4. Posted a good copy of that video about 12 posts before this.
  5. Favorite line from Art of War that helped push me towards Agorism, as opposed to an ineffective militia style Anarcho-Capitalism when I became radicalized: "The true art of war is to defeat one's enemies without even fighting". Economic warfare is much more pleasurable, effective, and extremely profitable.
  6. Friendly Reminder: Every Iron Done battery deployed costs $50M, each missile they fire cost between $40k-$100k. The rockets fired by Hamas cost pennies on the dollar. Anyone who else familiar with Sun Tsu? The solution Israel found was shift the burden to politically retarded countries with easily corrupted politicians and a gullible public.
  7. Lobster Claw Style: Dutch_bassist_Remco_Hendriks_playing_on_a_fretless_bass_with_the_finger_style_dubbed_lobster_claw.-f8z9773x69z61.mp4
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