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12ozProphet Community Guidelines
Last Updated February 18th, 2024.


Welcome to the 12ozProphet Community!


Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant community where members come together to share, learn, and connect. We aim to foster an atmosphere that thrives on respect, entertainment, knowledge, and positive engagement. Our goal is to provide a space where members express their unique perspectives, contribute meaningfully to discussions, and discover common ground in shared interests.


Dedicated to creating an environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas, our community values diverse opinions and strives to be a platform where respectful debates flourish. We celebrate the uniqueness of each member, recognizing that our differences enrich the tapestry of our collective experience.

Sharing is fundamental to our community, and we strive to offer engaging content that enhances the lives of our members. Whether through entertainment, informative discussions, or shared ideas, we aim to make 12ozProphet a compelling online destination.

As stewards of this community, we prioritize the well-being and safety of our members. Committed to upholding community guidelines, we actively moderate discussions, content, and the community to ensure a positive and secure environment.

Together, we maintain 12ozProphet as a thriving, productive, and entertaining platform where individuals freely express themselves, learn from one another, and contribute to our community's collective growth.




The following suggestions and guidelines provide a foundation for maintaining a positive and constructive online community while allowing for diverse discussions, respectful debate and worthwhile interactions.


Helpful Suggestions:


  1. Search Before Posting: Take a moment to search before starting a new topic. There's a good chance someone has already asked the question or initiated a discussion on the topic. Checking first demonstrates respect for the community and will help you avoid appearing inexperienced. 
  2. Use Common Sense: The internet is like the wild west, filled with dirtbags, trolls, and misinformation. While we strive to filter these, it's your responsibility to exercise common sense and avoid looking stupid.
  3. Respect Others' Opinions: This isn't a place for heated arguments. Respect the opinions and positions of others. Embrace diversity of thought, engage in respectful debates, and contribute to making the community entertaining and useful.
  4. Share Your Ideas and Knowledge: Communities like ours thrive on new ideas, diverse viewpoints, and knowledge. While lurking is fine, active participation enhances the experience for yourself and others.
  5. Give Props for Helpfulness: If someone has helped you, shared something valuable, or made you laugh, show appreciation. Use the 'reactions' button below each post to give props. Reactions drive member reputations and encourage continued helpfulness, knowledge sharing, and humor.



General Guidelines:


  1. Treat Others Respectfully: Use language and behavior that align with the spirit of our community, avoiding harassment or offense. Thoughtfully frame your topics, statements, and replies. In case of disagreements, attempt to deescalate, and if needed, use the ignore button or contact a moderator.
  2. No Shit Posting or Offensive Content: Shit posting or offensive content is strictly prohibited. While the boundaries may be obvious, our staff has the discretion to determine if topics or replies are contrary to the community spirit. We rely on members to govern themselves and each other, with trolling not acceptable in any forum, including topics, posts, and the 12ozProphet community messenger system.
  3. Respect Privacy: Uphold personal and others' privacy. Avoid sharing personal information, revealing specific locations and refrain from doxing, or snitching on anyone else. Trust in privacy is crucial for our community, and any violation will not be tolerated.
  4. No Spam or Commercial Promotion: Genuine contributions to discussions are encouraged. Exploiting our platform for spam or commercial promotion, including self-promotion, product, service, or website promotion, is strictly prohibited.
  5. Stay on topic: Please use descriptive titles when starting threads and keep follow up comments and posting to the topic at hand. Likewise, please keep discussions topics to the appropriate forum section.





All members must adhere to the 12ozProphet Community guidelines. Our enforcement methods include respectful requests for modification, forceful directives to cease inappropriate behavior, content and feature restrictions, content removal, temporary account suspension, and permanent bans from the 12ozProphet community.





By participating in the 12ozProphet community, you acknowledge that all membership data, content and discussion is hosted on a private server, and that we reserve the right to make decisions in the best interest of the community. Membership, account privileges, content, guidelines, and expectations for member and community behavior will be managed, upheld, and evolved at our sole discretion.



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