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    My name is IOU. I like long walks in dark alleys while spraying rap letters with various types of crack heads, pookie puffers and needle ninjas.. I used to mad oontz, now it's broken. If I heard correctly this just some virtual test lab to see the Rap Letter Sprayers outside of their normal hate on everything enviornment.. Anyways, good to this fucker still alive and kicking. Can't front it definitely play a roll in my life that actually still to this day influences my life. Much appreciated to all the cats at 12oz.. I've seen other graffiti sites and never spent any time or even made an account other 50mm.. I met up with a bunch of random people from here years back which for me was a big thing, cuz fuck people. I used to not do things like that. At all, but that's definitely changed. Made me more comfortable with myself, which had a lot to do with the people I met not being shit bags. Except for Soup, he's a bitch. This place helped to fuel my interest in photography, which is still in my life. I usually don't leave my house without a camera. That slowed my ass down and got me looking at things differently, you know like actually taking in where you're at. Seen a lot people grow from this place. Some didn't of course but we laugh about them later... Through it all definitely made some friends but the one constant has been home slice Sookie.. Mad appreciation and love for her. Freaking Cali, dude is just good people through and through.. That's my words for now. So yeah, I appreciate this place and the mad men behind it. Respect!
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    God damn im bored at work, bout to kneel during this powerpoint HR meeting
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    i like to record my day periodically. Here’s a quick edit of my last day off.
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    My x wants me back so she sends me videos all the time enjoy 6EBA162F-79B3-4864-BC6B-42A03F11BB08.mov
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    This could easily go in the Off Grid thread just as well but did more supporting the local agriculture over the past few days. Some places do farm to fork, with everything coming either direct from that farm or in conjunction with neighboring farms. Everything here is in that vein. Not pictured was an amazing goat cheddar cheese & chive scone, best scone I've ever had. Game was already over and won here but for the bonus the cook was happy we liked shit and made this beef patty on the spot for us and threw in the coco bread all free- shit was O-fficial.
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    Now winter is beginning to thaw I’ve thrown my hops rhizomes in the pots to go in the garden bed in front of the deck. I’ve got cascade, chinook and a mystery batch. Only problem is that I forgot to mark which strain went into which pot, god damn it. And i I enjoyed my first all grain amber ale. Took the photo with a potato....
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    when Meetings go longer than needed and have ugly people participating in them.
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    When your 1st post is tits everyone wins!
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    Some old and some new
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    I wish I can hang out with him again and catch up. btw, I'm finally here now. Happy? haha Did all the original private messages get deleted? Dr. Dazzle...damn a handle I haven't seen in ages. I wonder if we're still FB friends xoxo
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    Just got back from a rough day at work . Came home to a Nike box and this guy chillin on the doorstep . Been seeing a lot of these lil dudes hangin round the rose bushes this year
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    Saturday. The homie has a crazy toilet, heated seat, ass spray - hella luxurious.
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    Some cartoons by Ron Cobb an American cartoonist who moved to Australia in the 70’s Change the pic to the guy holding a smart phone not a television and it’s pretty accurate.
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