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  1. Shout out to my stoner homies
    9 points
  2. Left her drippin, back to whippin
    8 points
  3. Up from 6am till 2am getting this thing painted and clear coated. Holy shit...it was a long fuckin day but it looks insane. I got emotional; it was a a fuckin crazy year of learning. How to build a website from scratch, how to do videography, how to navigate paying taxes on my business, learning how to weld, learning how to do body work, how to manage money, learning how to do these bartending gigs and keep everything high quality, how to keep my gf from breaking down because she had no clue if it was gonna work, spending all our money and if I could do all the things I was trying to do for th
    8 points
  4. Nice work man! We got close to painting the bus this weekend but some finishing putty was faulty and kept shrinking. Got a lot of the white and some clean on pieces. Next weekend it will be finished and it'll be time to put her together. We got photoshoots and gigs on deck so we gotta move! Fixing this kind of stuff last weekend Doors all back on.
    8 points
  5. In that video Jim Jordan is essentially asking for a date from Fauci - a date so Jim's constituents can get their constitutional freedoms back... because being asked to wear a mask is akin to living in China - GTFOH. Essentially he's asking a question that can't be answered the way he wants it to be, and he's showboating on that. All Fauci had to say was "it'll be over when it's over". That is the second video I've seen with that guy asking a question that can't be answered, but acting like it's a question the requires a simple, easy answer. If he wants an answer I've got one, Americans being
    8 points
  6. 8 points
  7. Every time I hear someone complain that water "taste" bad
    7 points
  8. Just so ya'll know I'm fucking rich
    7 points
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