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    Pretty much sums up my last couple weekends.
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    Beer traps are so good for slugs. Who’d have thought they were beer hounds?! Speaking of beer, I put my hops in the ground yesterday and mulched over them. Also to a graf shot with one hand whilst riding past.
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    Hola all. It’s been a while, but a quick update on life over the past 10 years. Got educated. Travelled. Had a career. Got married. Got a mortgage. Got divorced. Hit the drugs. Found a muse. Created art. Lost my mind. 5150 was the number. (Become the lens for God to execute runtime experiments?) Here are the images from that time.
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    couple more pics from the backyard since I had a coffee out there. apple tree is blossoming which is good new fruit and old fruit on the orange tree Pomegranate starting to flower strawberries coming on like a dream since I put the beer traps in place. yesterday we got about 20 good sized ripe berries off . last year we got about 20 period beer traps going gangster on the slugs and this was then little one the big one had two inches of slugs at the bottom Tomatoes starting to come in okay I have 5 plants in different varieties in this year and fingers crossed we get a a lot more than last year. My inlaws got nearly 250 pounds of tomatoes off about 8 plants last summer they had tomatoes coming out the wazoo. broad beans also going mad. these are really satisfying to grow because they yield heaps but since the family all hate them I'm now growing them for the cute vegan receptionist at work Ive got potatoes and brussel sprouts in the next bed but far out brussel sprout they went mad so they'll get removed on weekend I'm a fucking amateur when it comes to growing stuff . just shove it in and try to remember to water it.
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    You'd really have to attend one of his concerts before I feel you can fairly speak to his talent. His music is engineered specifically for arenas (music exec give me some insights on it) and his stage setups and performances are pretty ambitious. He also purposely structures his music in such a way to make it radio unfriendly (beyond language). Anyhow, I think *genius* is largely subjective, even in the academic sense. I'm sure there's some IQ cutoff that designates one, someones intelligence tips over to being genius, but obviously we're not talking about Kanye's cognitive capacity, meaning its that much more subjective. Regardless, dude has accomplished a lot considering his humble beginnings and I don't think there's its hard to argue that he's made a larger impact, across a wider spectrum of disciplines and industries, than most. Personally, I love his music. I have seen him in concert and it totally changed my outlook on him. But I can agree his personality can be too much for many and that maybe his music isn't really for everyone either. I'll be the first to say that I can't stand when celebrities / influencers feel the urge to use their popularity to preach or shove their own POV's on the rest of us as if they're in some sort of privileged position to know what's best, but mostly I just see Kanye saying over and over that he's not going to be told what to think based upon the popular position and that we need to come together and start talking to each other rather than being so decisive. Not sure I can say I disagree with the sentiment.
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    Fairly certain this is top shelf for most of the dudes in here.
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    Got around. From a previous outing, again the red sticker. Want to say this was from spring or summer.
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    I am trying to reset my attention span, the first step was to uninstall LinkedIn, Reddit, and Imjur from my phone and go to the library to get some books. Starting off with some a couple novels to warm up and then planning on working back to reading history and nonfiction on a regular basis along with some work related self study.
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    The Painted Desert section of the Petrified Forest National Park.
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    Had a productive last couple of days, married to the road. Now back in the rat race.....
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    I'm not on either side myself and tend to agree. Granted we are often referencing the extreme, but its a bit crazy to me to see how the extreme left is largely being embraced by the mainstream, whether it be the media, celebrities or even just so many people in general. I've said it before and I'll say it again here for the record... When you're faced with a plate piled high with shit, doesn't matter so much if you decided to eat it with your left or your right hand... End of the day, its still a steaming pile of shit. Also, people seem to lose sight of the fact that all government authority comes at the expense of individual freedom and liberty. Doesn't matter what banner it rolls in under, it's all an encroachment in which we, the people, either lose a bit of our freedom / liberty or on very rare occasion win a little back. People need to wake up to the fact that its clear both sides of the aisles are conducting themselves by their own set of rules, leaving the rest of us to be *governed* by a different set of rules that don't seem to apply to them. It's not about liberal or conservative anymore... Neither would be recognizable as such even a short as a few decades ago, let alone by the standards, ethics and especially conduct, by which either party was founded. Sooner we wake up to realize that the divisiveness of "us versus them" should be applied towards government versus governed, rather than democrat versus republican, the sooner we might start to turn a corner and improve this country and the quality of our own lives as individuals and Americans.
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    Tech support here, have you tried unplugging it, and then plugging it back in sir?
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