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    Dudes hands are backwards. Thats gangster as shit
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    Hey guys, hope 2020 isn't busting your balls too hard. Was just thinking this morning that its so wild how many of you guys were around back during 9/11 and now will be able to later look back and say you were on here posting for the shit show that's been 2020. Anyhow, I know a few of you noticed I'd been MIA for the better part of two months and maybe a couple of you have noticed I've been lurking and posting again for the last week or two. Assume you guys are aware of the situation, but figured I'd post an update and do another one of my updates to keep you guys looped in. The screen printing business really turned a corner these last couple months. We'd honestly been doing fairly well for a new business since what I consider the official launch; September of 2019 when the website went live and I started really doing outreach. But its interesting to see how we happen to be one of those businesses that has actually benefited from COVID. Most of the industry is in CA with a lot in the North East. Obviously those areas were hard hit with all the shutdowns and meanwhile I've engineered my life around social distancing, so we were well positioned for this mess. Couple that with a lot of relationships, colleagues and friends from my old life and that lead to us getting super slammed with work. So for like 2 - 2.5 months or so, we basically worked 90+ hour work weeks trying to keep up with a series of huge jobs that came through. Actually have a number of jobs on deck this week and next, but these are all much easier to service and we've improved out processes and efficiencies exponentially in these last months so not the avalanche of work that the preceding couple of months were. Anyhow, we've since hired 4 additional full time people and added a roster of about 5 more temp workers. We're talking to our press manufacturer about several pieces of heavy equipment we're looking into getting for next summer and will very likely be moving into a 10,000+- sq ft building sometime next year. Anyhow, its pretty wild and being honest, I've had a tough time wrapping my head around whats happening and what my next steps should be. Seen lots of companies fail when they grow too fast and likewise, 2020 is a shit show and its only going to get worse as far as my personal opinion on the subject goes. Likewise, there's a huge opportunity here that will allow for a lot of exciting things and you guys already know that I plan to funnel a lot of that success and resource back into 12ozProphet and the brand. So in regards to screen printing, I'm still looking for good help. Most permanent positions are filled for now, but we'll be staffing again in Spring, if not sooner. I'm still open to internships and part time work that can likely turn into permanent positions if it works out exceptionally well. We definitely have a good thing right now and I'm looking to continue assembling the team that's going to keep it growing and improving. Plus being located where we are and the lifestyle that all that entails has been a hugely awesome decision that seems to be validated more and more with each days news. Anyhow, if any of you are looking for a big change or know someone that sounds like a good fit, DM me or email. As for 12ozProphet, obviously I'll be around a lot more regularly, at least until the next huge drop gets dropped in my lap. Even then I think we have things pretty well dialed in so even if things go bonkers again, I should be able to maintain on here. @Kults @Mercerand @Dirty_habiThave been hitting me up from time to time with news or updates. ------------ As far as the brand and 12ozProphet... I'm definitely going to replace the main website. Been a plan for ages and I've worked off and on putting something new together. Hate leaving it as a shop only, though the challenge is always keeping a stream of worthwhile content up. If nothing else, I've always wanted to have a place to showcase some of the notable projects and stuff we've worked on and perhaps have a place to post some basic news and updates. Not sure, but definitely want it to be more than a shop. Likewise, I am still planning a podcast. Few people I had sort of helping out have mostly disappeared so will need to figure out a manageable plan, but I havent given up on that yet. Likewise, I also want to create a regular email. Once a week or so, but definitely once or twice a month. Thinking of trying to reassemble a contributor team to help out with that, but we'll see. As far as the brand / product, that's obviously going to be a big focus. We'll start to see some of the real advantage we have with the screen printing company soon enough. Obviously I managed to push out some tees over the last couple years, but as mentioned above, we're turning a corner with that side of the business so I'll reapply efforts to the brand side that'll capitalize on that. Also leveraging some relationships that are being strengthened as a result of the screen printing stuff to pull the brand through the door and open some opportunities. I need to dust off some old plans now that I have a little more to work with, but that's going to be a big part of my focus over these next months as well. Anyhow, just wanted to pop in and drop some news. Kinda cathartic to work through it and put it into a post and figure I owe it to you guys to mention whats happening. Lots of really good things, even if it seems half the world is burning. Hope you guys are all doing well.
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    Thinking about this most gangs are represented by a color or two that stands for something like blood, loyalty, etc. If you're going to start your own gang don't limit yourself to just 2 colors, take them all for yourself so your gang looks like the biggest and best, let your gang flag be a rainbow of colors.
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    I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking. I'm basically the King of my jungle just a gangster stalking. I'm living life like a firecracker quick is my fuse and then dead as a deathpack, the colors I choose. That's why I paint and I love colors, colors....colors I really live by the motto that Rhythm is a dancer, It's a soul companion You can feel it everywhere Lift your hands and voices, Free your mind and join us, You can feel it in the air. It smells like RUSTO!!!!!! ...........I'm a Sales Director for an IT research and advisory firm but have 20+ years of sales experience which has been helpful in dealing with the bulls, the cops and anyone else who catches me doing shit I should be doing, Pause. I fix computers, mod shit and other nerdy stuff that I never thought I would get into. I actually believe that I can do or anything if I try hard enough which is something that I learned from a member of this board by the name of keep it rail. I'm also a DJ, A real one though that can mix vinyl, not some stupid wanker that spends more time jerking himself off behind the booth while clapping like a dildo and throwing cake at party goers. I don't play weddings or music that people request cause fuck you. I dabble in hosting a podcast, video production, beating the shit out of people, obviously all things art and collect Nike Air Max 90's, all other shoes are inferior. So in short, fuck the cops and if you need me to sell shit for your company, I can.
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    From the other day. A little post work time spent staring at trees and water.
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    My first fall living amongst the whitest of the whites. Shit's poppin mid September.
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    I'm going to rep the shit out of this.
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    I bust one in this vintage 1940's sex doll before gettin loose
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    Move to Colorado, we've got the least shitheadiest big city in the U.S. Denver fall fashion during the apocalypse:
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    Rum & banana custard w/meringue topping in a chocolate pie shell.
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    guess ill share a bit.. my education was general high school i never went to college, which i regret at least not attempting to.. but honestly i was a little asshole back in the days once i graduated.. i worked alot of random places, victoria's secret being one of them and no it wasnt what you'd expect.. alot of things changed though when 2014 came around.. ended up losing literally everything and had to move to colorado with my mom because we had no place to go.. in the meanwhile my son was about 9 months old and his mother was parading him around her new man sending me pics of them out and about while i arrive to longmont to a doublewide trailer with my psychotic aunt and depressed mother on my golden birthday out of all days.. not a fun birthday at all.. so after being stuck there looking for work and failing every single time i ended up coming back to chicago with literally just a backpack of clothes and nowhere to sleep.. couch hopped for like 2 weeks while looking for work then my friends mother was gracious enough to take me in.. but, it was really hectic over there and super stressful being in the middle of the constant yelling and fighting.. anyway i worked at walmart for the second time doing over night stocking with him which sucked ass.. my sister helped me looking for work in the restaurant industry and my first job was opening The Kitchen in downtown chicago.. owned by Kimball Musk, it was one of those farm to table ordeals but it was dope and good money (yes, tons of foie gras).. Kimball would pop up here and there, generally a really nice guy.. he also had a huge cowboy belt buckle he apparently won in a sunflower seed spitting contest in texas he'd wear all the time.. but that shit ended after two years though because management changed and it became the whole "people who are friends but suck at their job but are in a position of power and now looking out for eachother" kind of places so i left.. from there went to a couple random bars in wrigleyville, then from there some shwarma place which was really stupid.. after that i was fortunate enough to work for the Alinea Group here in chicago at one of its other restauraunts.. went to a open house after work and was the ONLY person hired that day.. needless to say i quit the shwarma place and was there full time for two and a half years.. Ive met Grant Achatz too hes ok.. really lowkey and quiet when he'd pop up but kind of pretentious.. that place was like service industry bootcamp though.. it was cool cause there was no uniform, i could wear all my stupid ass graphic tees everyday, they BLASTED music and played everything.. chef had an ipad on the pass with spotify and played whatever he wanted.. we listened to big sean bounce back like 8 times one night, also a HUGE taylor swift fan surprisingly which was funny.. but with as much fun as i had and famous people ive met and gotten to drink with, i wouldnt go back there.. super stressful to the point even after i get home and im just chilling id get random headaches and start bugging out about service.. i dont think ive seen more people cry on the clock anywhere else than that place.. lots of craziness and lots of drunken nights to balance it out.. after that i decided i needed to work somewhere with better money cause me coming in and doing 3 or 4 jobs for over a month while getting what i was getting, abso-fucking-lutely not.. so from there i got yet another industry job at a restauraunt in the Chicago Athletic Association hotel right across from millenium park.. buildings been up since 1893 for a bunch of rich snobs to stay and drink at and play games.. funny cause wrigley helped build it and with the whole south side rivalry cominskey was never made a member after he applied like twice.. that place was dope though i made some solid money, the work was way different then what i was used to, as in i didnt have to basically do everything all at once and everything was super chill.. THEN FUCKING COVID HAPPENED... so yeah... we closed back in march, been unemployed since, we were suppose to open in august but now the entire building is shut down untill spring 2021.. but in the midst of all that ive been going to the burbs to help my moms partner doing stucco work on random jobs.. we worked on this huge house that was being built doing the whole top part, couple other big ass houses doing patch work, im actually here now for the week for some extra cash. we did some random office building just redoing the caulk work and patching up the holes and cracks on the roof.. 100 bucks a day in cash just to help out isnt bad at all.. at first he just kinda does most and i hand him shit but ive been paying attention since i started working with him and getting a hang of things to where now he just drops me and my buddy off and tells us what to do then comes back from another job to do the finishing touches before we leave.. so with collecting unemployment for the time being and being able to work with this guy on and off, or whenever he really needs the help, ive been trying to get out of this creative void im stuck in and work on music and get into voice over work.. possibly look into audiobook narration to start and look into voicing characters potentially.. working the service industry ive always had people tell me "yEw ShOuLd ToOoAtAlLy Be oN tHe RaDiO!!" like every other night along other random and sometimes really fucking weird things about my voice.. so now with all this free time i have its kind of like a "why not?" scenario.. ive looked into voice overs from video games and movies, to audio books and what it takes among tons of other research and it does seem like alot of work but pretty fun at the same time.. also my same buddy from today and i are still trying to figure out how to go about this screenprinting business hes been looking into.. alot of things are in the ground work as of now but with all this time on my hands, once again the question is "why not"? so yeah.. thats where im at so far... also shout out to my son his bday is next week and im super excited.. i got a 7 year old on my hands dudes.. time flies..
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    Found a siK K in the wild while looking for cars with my girl.. also a cool lil mantis on one of the cars..
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    Prepare yourself for when the turkeys turn the tables, soon they will be stuffing you
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    4th option, often overlooked, is boogie hands
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    I’ve been a busy girl. *our first run was a high success. Our numbers were good all the way around. (I’ll break it down) *I've taken lead propagation at work -aiming to direct the nursery in phase two. which means I’ve re populated our second run with help and this next run by myself. (With help but with help that doesn’t take directions well and you have to do the work over again-that’s why you trimming now) 768 plants each run plus extra. It’s a constant cycle of growing, cutting for cloning, transplanting and getting ready for flower. phase two is about 10x the size we’re running now. I told them i wasn’t playin around with this job. We have externs now. I usually have them under me good portion of the day. We just had our second set start yesterday. *embedding my footprint in the beginning of this company. * I’ve accepted the guy into my life and I’ve committed. Y’all- we’ve been around/with each other for five years and I’m just now committing. It’s never been my thing. This makes commitment number two. I’m in my 40s. *started saving for a house * mailed stuff out /ordered stuff for my kids birthday and it’s all arriving on time. * dropped about 15-20 lbs since Ive started working. *had to make a decision as to have my MMJ card or weapons permit. Most of you will be disappointed in my decision-I’ll leave it at that. * quickly eliminated every racist family member/friend out of my life-that I didn’t they were racist until current events. *haven't caught covid
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    drink enough to get liquid courage drink too much go paint wake up and see some toy mfw im the toy now i have to cap myself commit suduko
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    Came across a line on the way home we wanted to take that sign behind the banner a few weeks back then they bolted it to the door and eventually moved it up. Attached a fish wire to it (and the banners) and it runs inside the door. Along with cameras pointing toward it. I have no idea what the building is.
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