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    12oz gets around.....IG stories! (re-upping uncensored versions)
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    $20.00 is fuck all in Australia - a 15 year old working at Mcdonalds makes $9.00 an hour so $20.00 and a load of fun isn't going to work when a coke is 2.50 -4.50 and a beer at a pub costs $7.00 upwards sheesh for me it's going to involve a lot of walking to the beach. swim two longnecks of beer $15.00 hot chips -5.00 Bunk on the tram home but possibly https://bws.com.au/product/904283/golden-oak-fruity-white-cask-4l OR wrap this around you and run the streets. eventually the coppers will give you a free feed plus you'll have $10.00 left over
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    Jesus, straight up masterclass in here, @misteravenalmost should be charging an entry fee!
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    my wife was just like "I dont give a shit stop talking" when I tried to explain to her... tough day.....
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    I try really hard to pretend I'm interested in my coworkers apex legends battle stories, but then a that's crazy slips then I feel bad and shit. I sympathize since I like rambling about lame shit too.
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    Naw I'm just some old has been that works night shift at a gas station.
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    Pretty interesting to see how many more people are doing exactly that. Wasn't going to post this publicly, but no reason not to. This week in particular I'm seeing a significant uptick on here. Obviously a few threads almost feel like the old 12oz. Seen @seekingdrop through, @blood farthas recovered her account and is posting again, seen OG mod @sofarokregularly maintaining the travel and UK train threads, @STYLEISKINGstill swings through and throws in on a bunch of threads (be great to see him throw into the Toys thread and keep holding down the Burners and style thread, Seeing @One Man Bannedand @micahhawaiiessentially making the new forum about the best place to look at frights on the internet once again and certainly awesome to see how @Jokerwent from thinking he was just too busy with life to post regularly to almost single handedly holding down the Toys post here thread (freakin over 2000 pages now), and then there's a few new people and semi established lurkers (including @Limeliciouz, @aufand @ndvto name a couple) that have been logged in most days this past week or three for most of the day. This morning saw a massive spike in my start of day activity feed (165 new updates) which is substantially more than I generally see between the time I leave off before bed to start fo day each morning. Based off my own experiences with the forum, I believe the tipping point will come at anywhere between 3 - 5x the current traffic levels, which is actually an exponential increase smaller than what we've experienced in the last 12 months. Not specifically saying it'll happen in the next year as there's just too many contributing factors that can shift this wildly in either direction, but for example, when we released the forum reunion tee, there was a very large increase in activity that has mostly sustained itself since. Crazy that I still regularly get messages form people that are just finding out that forum is back, but I still get them regularly. I do think that the clear (and getting more clear each day) decline of Instagram presents an interesting opportunity not just for our forum, but for online culture in general. Obviously I'll keep pushing to the best of my ability, keep spreading news, likely put together an another tee that celebrates the forum somehow and other programs that give us and everyone else an excuse to talk about the forum (outside the forum), come check things out and register or recover accounts. I also communicate with @Dirty_habiTon a daily basis and am constantly looking into server and software tweaks or other methods / references / ideas on how we can perhaps improve the '12oz experience'. (Actually planning a big site update for the main site so it isn't just an online store, that I believe will make swinging by the site in general a more compelling thing that in turn, should also bring additional attention to the forum as well). Anyhow, you guys should remember vividly where we were 2 years ago... Literally 2 or 3 people logged in and even the popular sections showing threads that didn't have responses for days or even a week. Admittedly it does feel slow to me sometimes, especially when I have a bunch of extra time to pound the forum, but then again when I start exploring sections and threads I don't normally look at, I also come across some really interesting stuff. You guys might have also noticed that I've made it a point to contribute to the content as well. Not just posting comments, but taking the time to pull from daily life and interest and build out proper new threads. I try to think through a topic I find interesting, aggregate a few links and / or files that relate to a specific POV or help frame up the discussion and then release them. Sometimes they take off pretty quick, other times I need to sort of baby them along and cultivate them, but I will often hit up a handful of members I talk to pretty regularly and shoot them a link to go check it out. If I had a little more time on my hands, I'd treat some of these threads like blog entries and include a leading image and maybe some supporting images so it reads almost like an article. Perhaps even convert that into an Instagram post like other news sites do with their feeds so we can pull traffic over. Anyhow, point is that its pretty amazing that we're here having this conversation at all considering people had written off the forum as entirely done back in 2014 or so and it was essentially dead only a couple years ago. At least at this point we can all acknowledge there is a true community on here, even if for now its still a little small when comparing it to the old forum or the major players like Instagram. But we'll get there...
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    I know we have some people here into pollinators. Had a shit ton of butterflies this year so took a little while but wanted to capture metamorphosis. Appreciate and/or hate. If not obvious this is 3-4 different butterflies captured in different states.
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    Never finished highschool, floated around doing construction, retail, gym instructor, dairy hand (I shit you not) telecoms, sales, etc. Spent years in the army as a paratrooper and gained some focus, since then earned a degree with a double major in Govt/international relations and sociology with a minor in psychology. Did an honours thesis on China's foreign and defence policy. Have worked a lot throughout East and Southeast Asia and the US. Learned some languages, did postgrad studies in policy making with a focus on international and national security, worked a lot in strategic forecasting and analysis. Now work in a university in a cell that assists with policy making. Will do a PhD one day comparing China's Cold War policies and strategies to what they do today. I still paint, only legally though as I'm nearly 50 and have more important things in life to focus on.
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    turned mercers avatar upside down. dont even know why.
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    @ElbowMack187- you can set your vanishing point anywhere you want. Like, anywhere. If your vanishing point is directly behind the B then that's where it is. You're setting all this stuff up in your initial sketch so all the extra lines don't matter, once you have your lines dialed in you can erase what you don't need/want, then color in your sketch. You can do the same for a painting as well. When you're working on something bigger, like a wall, you can spray a dot to represent your vanishing point, and then use that as a guide for where to create your initial 3D outline. No need to paint a line that goes all the way to the sprayed dot. Honestly you don't need to draw the long-ass lines to get the one-point perspective correct, You can set your dot and use it as a guide to draw the depth of your 3D at the correct angle - see the sketch below for what I mean.
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    Not for nothing, but dude has come a long way from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (A pretty fun movie in itself). The Matrix broke new ground in both story telling, action and special effects, but the John Wick series... Freakin hell if it’s not consistently setting new standards in action movies with each release. John Wick 3, is a masterpiece in non-stop action and intense fight scene choreography. Some actors are good, but Keanu Reeves is taking it to entirely new levels. Besides putting in the work, dude clearly has a talent for this and looking at the behind the scenes and seeing him get thousands of hours of 3 Gun training from the likes of Taran Butler, it’s literally the perfect storm of all things action here. What I truly appreciate, besides the thoroughly entertaining movies themselves, is both the talent, dedication and discipline to the foundational skills that make up the character. Dude isn’t just acting, he’s really fucking good at this in real life. Anyhow, it blew me away to see the real life Keanu Reeves running guns and training. Thought you guys might appreciate seeing it yourselves.
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    Not a repost. props for still managed to be full retard
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    @NightmareOnElmStreetYou basically write a script in react, or react native that says: 1) If user clicks the unfollow button, remove unfollow button, display follow button in it's place, then go to step 2 2) If account they're unfollowing gives zuc good hand jobs (using their mouth) don't unfollow, if not execute step 3 3) If account they're unfollowing belongs to peasant, or gives zuc hand jobs using just their hand, actually unfollow.
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    A good friend of mine graduated a few years ago with a masters in aerospace engineering, he was an extremely talented mechanic as well. Basically he knew that all he really wanted in life was to ride around the US on his KLR with friends, camping and working small jobs as he went. Turned out to be one of the most genuine and honest person I know... I wish I had the balls to just ride off on an adventure whenever I felt like it
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    #proud-weirdo-oner The overflowing glass is a good analogy on 2 points. The mind is like a glass, and if we fill it with emotion without the occasional emptying it will overflow and spill from time to time, likely when we don't want it to. So it's in our favor to find things that are meaningful/productive/healthy to do to empty the glass on a regular basis. Sometimes you do have to make yourself go. I've found that I tend to be rewarded for my efforts more than not. Plenty of the flix I've posted over time were because I made myself go. The glass or cup analogy is also a beginning zen meditational to help people learn meditation, mindfulness, and mastery over your emotions. Basically says your mind is an overflowing cup, how can you learn until you first learn to empty your cup? Other thoughts are that when a tap is giving a shitty pour you might need to switch to a different beer or wait for the keg to be changed. Shit's interesting. You can win all with a shit hand if you play it right, although you may have to bluff a lot to get there. Shit's also the fertilizer out of which many good things grow.
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    Going down.. Chumpkin Much better. Argentina on point. The fountain(not pictured) is nice and relaxing.. Pretty spot in Baldwin Park. Bloodfart Dance N Graff 80s dance party... My selfie game is on fleek or drugs. I haven't decided which.
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    @ray40 Definitely on the right track, but still go back and simplify. Draw simple letters out of bars, all even proportioned, all even sizes and heights. Not sure if this picture will make much sense but I've highlighted the bars that are working in blue and the bars that don't make sense in red when I was starting I liked to draw two parallel lines top and bottom to keep my heights even and occasionally used boxes around my letters to make sure they were in proportion to each other Look closely at the outline Joker drew to see how he's done this its definitely getting there but the only way to move forward is to go waaaay back an perfect the basics first
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    DHabz popping in here to say I like the medicinal qualities.
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    LA. Sadly a few of these people are no longer with us RIP.
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    I'm expecting a UAV strike right through my bedroom window lol
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    @STYLEISKINGI know there is a fair amount of politics in the artists' invitations, too. Cope2 threatened to beat me up because I made fun of him for not being allowed in. And then actually had a conversation with dude about it. Like you said, it seems to be a gastman history of graffiti, not necessarily a complete one. All that said, I wish I could have made it. Oh well, a few cans that I dug up were on that wall.
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    Just a note, the second list is actually a lot longer than that. There are many, many companies who haven't invested in China for many reasons, including refusal to bend over for China. Look up what the 'former' CEO of Cathay PAcific did for HK and his employees. Google should also be listed for taking a LOT more CCP cock than is spelled out above. They really need a fucking kicking for what they've pulled.
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    Holy legit beer setups. God damn. 👌🏽🦅
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    Stroll through the wood then the hood to rest the brain on my pup peaches rip day. 😞 Hike some, eat, some, lurk some, eat some. Can an you spot the 🐸 toad?
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    Why bother? His only cited source is a blog that pushes conspiracy theories and extreme propaganda.
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    @misteravenyour commercial imagery is some of my favorite. It's so clean and crisp.
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