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    A weekend of pies got all 916 clones potted up someone is putting together our dry racks sit by the river later than usual. chatting with a friend about life this is Main st. Friday night. At 9:30 I live on this street. my day off. I felt like I did absolutely nothing but lay around but I went for a mornin stroll. It was too perfect out not too. i want in on one of these gardens round the way I knew it was gonna be warm today so I did really just want to lounge around. I did. I lounged oh and I bought a few new plants. and drew a template of the racks so we can use as a map of the clone’s locations. philly cheese pie. This one has been the best yet. Then went for a sunset walk IMG_9160.MP4 back to work this morn
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    found a boulder under a river birch to have a seat and create a salad bowl for the rest of my walk, I look down and realize there is the smallest strawberry patch and this is an odd variegation to be in nature. homie had his food truck close
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    Circle of life, balance of nature. Saw my 1st fawn of the season yesterday. Kind of saw my 2nd today..... Ate the brain right out the skull. No doubt Mother Nature listens to metal.
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    long weekend breakfast complete with typos galore in the menu. how the fuck dont people check it? If the graphic designer didn't see it come up in indesign he must have been pretty useless. Corellas by the bucketloads fucking heaps of them checked out renovations walking the local MTB tracks ( but not this one) made some friends bone found another painted rock rubbish bonfire even with the addition of a gallon of paint thinners it didn't really take off 4:11am 37 degrees. heard a squeak in kitchen so set a trap and 1hour later IMG_3225.MOV
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    I was defrosting ground beef and saw that it leaked in my fridge. I took the opportunity to take everything out, disinfect everything thrice, and cleaned every tiny crevice with about 40 Q-Tips. It was oddly satisfying.
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    little further up the road into the woods and mountains and another early road crosser
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    Stuff from the last week or so. Kid tried out his new bike. Finished the gangway shed. Drank more than I should. Did some fat tire ebiking.
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    true enough - here's a few more Woolloomooloo wollongong tallebudgera Woolloongabba Humpybong Wonglepong Burpengary Woodenbong Jerramungup Boonoo Boonoo Narrabundah Narrandera Nar Nar Goon Budgewoi Koolanooka Koolewong Koolyanobbing Koonawarra
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    Last two weeks at work have been givin it to me real good. I’ve never harvested and that shit is no joke when there is only two people cutting and two-three people doing post cut stuff. weekend in pies in two parts We call these blue bottoms, “Friday Pants” still will stop and admire some of these colas I also have a feeling that were making a video documentary of this place post harvest pots. Represent mildly about 1/4 of what the total is FullSizeRender.mov IMG_1450.MP4 after work hangs by the river bald dude wanted to sit and chat, which I didn’t mind but got mildly offended when he loaded a bowl and I didn’t take it haha “but I packed enough for both of us” i told him covid or not I wasn’t hitting his pipe. so his friend joined don’t pass this chain because there is no longer any weed control so I guess they just let the knotweed grow from here out. also brought my Sony out which isn’t been out in probably almost 9 months Pittsburgh parking spot
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    The takeaway is police were given a golden opportunity here because of the looting to get the general public on their side, by protecting the private property, and livelihoods of the general public. They failed miserably, and instead of cleaning up their image they’ve somehow made it look even worse. This concept is perfectly illustrated by this photo, a homeless man being shot in the face and not a damn thing being done about it by the other walking piles of human feces that witnessed this crime.
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