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    Yeah, yeah I know there's a 12oz history thread and countless other reminisce type threads, but fuck it... Here's another one and figure you guys will dig it. Especially those that were around when this was happening. 12ozProphet Wet T-Shirt Contest! 💕12ozProphet Best Ass Contest! 🍑 Not sure this is politically correct in this day and age, but fuggit... Good times! Who was there?
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    Holy shit...Just realized that I've been married and divorced since the last time I've really been on here. Hahahahaha! Thankfully, still a full head of hair, painting abstracts and flying drones these days.
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    What are your favorite songs to listen to and why? What were they when you were at a different spot in life? This one reminds me of my grandpa, the Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard version is good too.
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    Some stuff I've been working in the last year or so. Good to see this thread still going!
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    Sold my house. Sold/closed my businesses. Moved to LA. Still rescuing dogs. 20 years of being vegetarian. Still riding my fixed gear I’ve had for 13 years now. Started and lead an all female cycling group #Hooligals Still traveling. Still collecting tattoos. Trying to get a job rescuing dogs. Still reading books the old school way. Still playing pinball. Won a trophy for placing 2nd in Los Angeles Pinbal League League tournament. Suffered a minor heart attack 2 months ago. Quit smoking cigarettes. Living a simple drama free stress free content life.
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    Hola 😀 Just had lunch with Caligula and he reminded me to get back on here.
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    A couple weeks back I was leaning against the edge of my deck watching a beautiful sunset. A moment after I'd started pissing through the railing my wife came out and hugged me from behind and said something about how lucky we are to have this view, and then realized what I was doing. Then she had the audacity to blame ME for ruining the moment
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    Glad you’re doing well. Rescuing dogs is awesome. We just rescued our third cat about two weeks ago. In any case, awesome to see you posting again!
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    And some of the die hards that used to be on here...
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    I figured you would have rattlers. Did some more off grid adventuring while the oontz was away, will add some photos soon. Still seeing a lot of snakes. This one was non-poisonous, but aggressive.
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    Sort of in line with this thread topic, but wanted to try and encourage you all - especially you OG members - to please take a minute and upload a custom profile and cover photo. This new forum system generates a semi custom profile image (avatar), but its way freakin cooler to see people take a second to tweak their own. Likewise, the member profile section is way more built out and interesting (not to mention useful), and also allows you to tweak it out with your own custom cover photo (header). So hit your profile and click on the corresponding profile or cover photo button to upload your own. Maybe a little later we'll start a thread spotlighting user profiles and run a giveaway or something for the best one. In any case, here's how mine looks at the moment...
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    Hahaha! Still a bunch of people missing... If anyone knows somebody that knows somebody... Spread the word. Might have to get crazy and bring back tic tacks and time warp this place for real.
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