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  1. I've actually heard a lot of great things about icy grape! I've got a pack of blueberry muffin beans personally coming on it's way now to hopefully drop in my first run with my new RDWC setup! End result of me stabbing things with heated needles
  3. I'd say! Enjoy that shit, bro! This hurrrrrr is today's project. Rosin carts! Separate from the consult - I just got them down so fucking cold that I had to make some more
  4. Meeting for a consult job today!! Picking out the AAA rocket fuel jars to show them what a pothead that looks like sideshow bob can do for them
  5. No problem at all, bro. Last year The majority of what I did was biomass brokering to labs so a large chunk of my job was understanding analytics so I could deal with the bitch work before anything got to the lab and angered the people who pay for big rigs of hemp. How much did they want for them? The chocolate bar I got at cannacon I think was 40 bucks and was 4g in total broken up between 8 equal pieces which was assumingly .5g a piece and had that before I ate another 1g of a buddy's - I got large mushroom bits in some so I think there was a lot of hot spots which weren't mixed very well at all. I have to say my favorite format to eat those in are capsules. Hella easy to fill and just wolf down super fast.
  6. Sounds good dude, let me know! Seeds can be very fickle but there are ways of increasing success rates - at this point I can normally get 17-18/20 to pop under normal conditions. Super easy protip on that one is get like 4-5 ply of paper towel, moisten it (not wet, but moist - I fucked that up plenty) and fold it up, put the seeds right in the crease and put that in a plastic ziplock bag but keep a significant air hole - check them once or twice a day and mist them with a spray bottle of it seems like it's getting too dry. Usually you can get them to pop and have the two little baby leaves within 2 or 3 days if dialed in! Super easy and I'm sure you can get it with a bit of practice Rockwool cubes are good after that or just putting them straight in the dirt! I think rockwool corrects the root structure so it isn't cockeyed but that may not be a problem in the fist place - I'm just stoned and paranoid haha
  7. Potentially lucrative as I'm speaking with a few different companies to consult them about it but also getting them to sign NDAs so they won't give my shit the fuck up. Consult job with a product that nobody else makes = 5 figures to train a team and give them a backbone. 1 week of prep work (lots of writing) and 3-4 of actual in house work to train their team. Then I go back to well. Making weed crack. More on the independent research and development tip though because I'm not a big fan of working for other people long term and really just want to mad scientist around with shit instead of doing 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3 even if it's lucrative my whole life. SOLVENTLESS weed crack though. My buddies have the solvent based weed crack pretty down at this point since they're making fist sized diamond formations at their labs.
  8. Oh they tooooooootally are, I mean as as product itself. As far as the brand....I am not sure. Most of these company SHOULD have COAs for their products - if you don't know what a COA is it's a comprehensive lab test breaking down essentially all the compounds contained therein. Some are more in depth than others containing tests for residual solvents, heavy meals, pesticides, etc. - It all comes down to the capabilities of the labs out there testing and the analytical standards for the potential testing done so they know what they're even looking for. BUT.....I do have to say mushroom chocolate bars motherfucking AWESOME. I went to a hash professional meetup that was going on roughly the same time as Cannacon Psych conference out in Miami and they were slanging those OPEN AIR inside there. A few different vendors had them - each with a whole shitton of different brands. Personally, I wouldn't go for a THC/mushroom split bar especially without a COA for a few reasons. Namely these days a lot of people will sell D8 which is a converted cannabinoid made from hemp that will still get you stoned as fuck - I wholesale this stuff and it can be as cheap as 500 bucks a liter, now contrast that with non-hemp derived D9 distillate that is now 4500/L for the current market - which would you go for? Now that's not saying D8 is not a decent cannabinoid that won't get you high as giraffe pussy - It fucking will. BUT. As with any other emerging industry that is only semi regulated there are a lot of lazy labs out there that use sub-par raw ingredients AND are lazy on solvent purging amongst other laboratory processes. You can't always see the facilities the products were made in but reliable COAs that will detail the makeup of the product FROM A REPUTABLE LAB (this is the big thing, a lot of local yokel labs will dilute labs for the right price $$$$$$ ). As far as mushroom analytics....I am not sure if the standards for those exist (analytical standards are what you feed into a gas spec or whatever fucking unit you use to test purity and potency so it has legitimate 'pure' compounds to compare it's basis of ratio/percentage off of). I would totally not be surprised if there is standards out there FOR mushrooms but I am not well versed in what labs provide fungus analytics. That being said I ate 5g of mushrooms in a chocolate bar that night and was consistently ripping a DMT pen when we went to the strip club. A+ would ebay with this user again. It was a fucking blast. I think it was One up mushroom chocolate bars but if i've learned anything from working in the hemp industry....Packaging is just a piece of fucking cardboard. As a product as a whole though I do not think THC/psychedelics should be packaged together. If you can get one you know where to get the other and edible THC in itself is a recipe for a fucking panic attack if taken at too high a dosage nevermind if you add fucking MUSHROOMS to the mix. Like what the fuck it almost seems evil now that I think of it. I've been an active participant of the industry pretty much my whole life and edibles will STILL send me into a panic attack and I dab like people smoke cigarettes.
  9. I make shit tons of hash and have grown fucktons of weed for years now. If anyone needs advice or help I love giving it.
  10. Bout ready to go up on a wall. Didn't wanna limit myself with the paltry amount of markers I have so i'll worry about color when I get the paint for it.
  11. Oh you know - same ol same ol! Weed, skateboarding, family and music! How you doing?! Just nailed rosin carts last week! Now I can get panic attack high ON THE GO!
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