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  1. “High”er date. Haha. don’t know if that was intentional but it’s funny what is not funny was my evaluation. I am not happy the person who did my evaluation is around 3 days of my work week and rarely sees me work. told me I should be happy becaue I got the highest marks in the grow. nope. Like. Big no. will circle back after deep thought how to handle this. unfortunately, for them. I’m very demanding. Not afraid of confrontation, and I usually end up getting my way. whole staff gets cost of living increase but we’re still in the red so merit raises are “coming” I make more them most there. I’m good with that.
  2. Evaluation day y’all. 2 yrs and a few months with this company. Ive gotten pay bumps but no one has ever gave me an evaluation on paper or in person. I have one super and one manager above me. (And our new cultivation director) ps. I’ve never been evaluated. Ever. I’ve been an independent contractor up until employment with this company.
  3. We use these on the dog. Depending on how much that cat trusts you they will let you calm em with some valerian root grab the cat. Talk em through it. Keep a towel close by if you need to bind em/hold em snug and work on one area at a time. these are cordless and super easy to maneuver around face/paws/tail. All them lil areas.
  4. $15. Deal No idea what is being sold here
  5. The yellow that fell off at .19
  6. flattered. I prolly shouldnt post my friends work pics here. Ha.
  7. ha. The first time I planted seed was my first year here in Pittsburgh (coming from Vegas and before I knew ANYTHING about plants) I thought you could throw anything in the ground and it would grow. So-I threw some seeds in some containers on my porch and I produced. baby carrots. Lettuce. Cilantro. Rosemary. even accidental flowers from the birdseed. bow? Not a fucking chance of survival if I depended on seeds. I’m ashamed haha.
  8. So my dude use to do junk removal he came across these at one place. every time I ask about them he is clue less as to where they are.
  9. I would buy a zine full of pics like this
  10. I’m sorry I’m hella late. I’ve seen this. Only twice tho. Both impressive af. Also, it means you have a slight percentage of being a serial killer.
  11. Is it unreasonable?!? too much to ask? I’m with that kind of system
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