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  1. Dear @Fist 666 Back pittsburgh is the destination and until the paycheck allow a deposit sm
  2. Dear fellow oontzmates as follow up to the above good news, I mAy NEED to find a temporary room to stay in besides reaching out to any peeps that I know-and bedsides using craigslist- are there any sites/apps you could recommend that you would use/have used yourself? I have never done this Any response is welcome even through PM, please and thank you
  3. Just sayin-(should have mentioned-besides the one up top) if you get a turkey in return, post it
  4. this is advice i give all my guys friends who are actively dating -let them know your Interests aren’t all in her and one of two things will happen a slight chance of her bouncin but a larger chance of her trying to out compete and I’m not lying when they tell me that’s exactly how it goes down. it’ll land gifts, better sex and all. and yes. Yes they are
  5. Ski Mask Boris is def golden I thought your account was COS - @Drue_Down @KILZ FILLZwho did you think? it’s not really my business of you don’t say-it’s ok . I’m just bein curious
  6. Dear good news, I welcome you with open arms. keep coming
  7. Same. and I could have sworn it was a certain other user ha
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