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  1. I wasn’t even there I was busy growing the money trees to do so haha
  2. We cut ribbon on our third dispensary today.
  3. A very unplanned pie post. im just gonna post the pics I took today. things have changed. It’s not just weed pics anymore. It’s shit like this- letting our facilities crew know about a lil leak taking pics of door/ room inventory so I don’t have to keep walking back and forth screenshot of clocking out for lunch so I know when to clock in update on a tray of Menthol letting people know not to store our barrels upside down random ballon on the way home from work pine needles on the pavement
  4. seriously. That was the end of them. Right there. I forgot about em. it was bad timing anyway with the plans to drive cross country
  5. I call em Nature’s Knick Knacks ha
  6. been feelin this lately. We have a fire ass Thai place beneath us and we try to avoid ordering o. Thursdays becaue that’s been the day that we can tell big difference in the food. Taste. Presentation. Everything. just like clubs announce which dj is gonna be there on which nights. Restaurants too?
  7. A mild intro to the river
  8. they do. Crated during the day together and going to slowly work on letting the sleep outside of the crate when we’re at work. but outside of the crate-depends. Clearly there is a fav bed outside of the crate tho
  9. They really are. They have been outside dogs with minimal attention for like three years. They got on my damn nerves and I was worried about them coming here but I am super proud of them. They are really good dogs and if anything they do that gets on your nerves is bug you for attention. They don’t chew on things. They mind their business. They take their time eating and eating snacks because they know they don’t have to fight for it anymore. They don’t bark for any reason. They haven’t had one accident in the house. They have turned out to be really good dogs.
  10. Going off a vision I had in my head -and never created something like this before-it always super fun. I know how I want to do the next one…or even just add another one to this. Our patio is quite large and were talking of using 1/3 of it to make a lil yard out of stuff like this. pretty proud for my first lil project. still not 100% but this is where I left off tonight again-This pic is straight in my phone and I don’t know how to make it different
  11. Just dove into this project. A potty area for our patio for the dogs as weather is about to change. Had two pallets. spent the morning dismantling one working only with a hammer, flathead and saws all eyeballing everything concept gonna line it and fill it with either pine bark type mulch and/or straw ( we have learned their fav type of ground to potty on), give him a few bushes to owe on that are easy to replace and get a few rock from downstairs that are a common pee area for other dogs to guide them to their new potty area hoping to get near finished tonight
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