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  1. I’ve lived in this place we’re renting now for 2 1/2 yrs. For 2 previous winters I’ve lit some candles in the fireplace because it’s non functional, provides ambiance and just enough warmth for this room. this year I have loaded it and plan to load more. last night I lit them all up for photo sake then it hit me. (2 fucking winters later). There is a fucking gas line (that is not functional, however gas still runs though our place) I freaked out and now I won’t light any. He says it should be fine because it’s closed off. I’m a hardcore worrier. Should I be? is there any slight remote chance of a major catastrophe here? I feel so stupid for not considering this forever ago
  2. This is in our main room. (4ft) on a table I am not a fan of the star. I like it because it’s lit but the white star and white outline stands out too much ha. lit up pic later
  3. Sam and Bella’s tree. (2ft) the lil wooden ornaments have been with me since childhood Glass for the other ones. One in the other room. (3ft) and it’s highlighted glass ornaments (I really like glass) Lit up pics later on
  4. I dig the wishlist resolutions @Schnitzel This year has forced me to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN and I’m just gonna carry that through into 2024. I move without thought and it’s causing physical pain as I age. GETTING FIT is the goal to help prevent further pain. I’m a fast walker. Fast mover. Fast worker. Even at work some people say-you’re always walking fast-not this fucking year. I also feed my dopamine monster without thought. I’m learning to curve that fix by thinking it through. (Do I really need/want this?….will this benefit me just for now or also in the long run?) If I woulda known was feeding a dopamine monster all these years I would have probably saved a ton of money and /or fat cells. STOP people pleasing. Period. BOUNDRIES. Continue to set them and work harder at controlling them THERAPY of some sort. Meds don’t work.weed isn’t it. (I still love its only benefit right now is to help forget). I need to deal and I need a safe place to talk. My mental heath is at stake and it jumped to a top priority. make side money. write more, also @fat ralphy resolution wishlist Ride the bike Get comfortable with getting in a kayak or something and getting in the water. I’m terribly afraid. Go fishin. Take the Fall drive we have been talking about since we moved here. Even if it’s by myself. Good luck everyone and thank you for being a beam of support in my half ass structured life
  5. It was a brain tumor removal back in 2002 (benign) the gold implant is to assist with closing my eye I had my facial nerve removed with the tumor so my eye wouldn’t close. our eye can naturally fall but it takes muscle to draw the eye back up. The weight was to help the lid fall and also help strengthen the muscles to help raise it. .8 grams 24k mesh is to replace the mastoid bone that’s missing I can feel it if it tilt my head back to look up.
  6. All: @mr.yuck is not doin too bad (holds finger in “ok” formation while winking like a creep )
  7. this is my first time with nip tuck. I remember it being the show to watch. im gonna guess it aged horribly. Def cringy in a lot of parts but not because of the simulated surgery scenes. Just over all hahaha I haven’t watched Dexter since 2016. I was considering it again. I wonder if I would feel the same
  8. X-ray from dentist exposing the gold implant in my eyelid and the edge of the titanium mesh that hold my skull together
  9. I was watching nip tuck and (who killed) JR was on getting his nuts redone or something one thing out of the way first size does matter for sexual pleasure but nuts have nothing to do with it but it does help it they slap the taint well lol However there has been a handful of times where the ego and the peen size was great and big and to discover long sac with little bitty nuts has provided inner chuckles. If I can fit both in my mouth and close it all the way-too small the balls cannot be bigger than the peen i gotta fit at least one in. Now everyone post their fingers please hahaha
  10. Is the size of your testicles just as important as the size of your wiener?
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