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  1. i was losing interest in this thread, and the site, sadly, as a whole because of some the activity in this and the corona thread and to see the others were using words with ill intent toward each other -and you know some of you started to look ridiculous on either side of this bullshit-as someone with a simple mind here I try to learn from my peers and believe it or not, I consider you all peers. The only thing I have learned is that ignorance is the only thing we have in common. I know this is channel zero But still. @lord_casek I have appreciated your input and it is keeping me interes
  2. it took for fucking ever to make up my mind for this
  3. some basic bob Evans meal. Only because it was easy and could be delivered. plus a turkey breast that was in the oven. wasnt Too terribly bad all of my big cookware is on storage plus I got that tiny kitchen with a fridge I am taller than happy yesterday y’all.
  4. work pizza. Three different joints. I’ll try anything once; twice to confirm. Tried this and it instantly became a favorite. The WHITE PIE fucking arugula on pizza. And it was a great flavor/texture combo.
  5. I was gonna say to at least start with hella long screws. but something to secure them into as theses smart boys have indicated. That’s all I got haha but for real. Living solo for a long time -I’ve always replaced the deadbolt screws, in any living situation, to long ones. carry on gentlemen. I’m glad it’s moving forward @mr.yuck
  6. False. I have never had a cup of coffee 🤢 the scent of it makes me hella nauseous and I even stopped drinking my daily redbull about a month ago. TPBM should drink more water
  7. Filming training videos for work.
  8. Bet. It’ll most likely be outta pure laziness tho.
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