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  1. Anyone try getting a roll of quarters recently? I’ve been trying for two weeks now every store Ive attempted tell me they can not afford to give out any rolls of coins and/or have signs posted stating the same thing. im just tryin to do some laundry
  2. Here’s my 4th fireworks IMG_2021.MOV So I knocked out hella early with intentions of getting up early and walking. I got up earlier than expected and decided to roll with it.I woke up at 3am. Headed out bout 4 This guy is three blocks from my pad on his horn at 3:30 IMG_2022.MP4 Chose a direction and started walking. I forgot that at night you should pause an extra moment while taking flix. crossed 62nd bridge at 4:20am crossing 40th street bridge at 5:16 am Graff n dance-May have to come back in winter to see the rest of the wall never pass up an opportunity to take a peek by the river in Pittsburgh worth it just can’t decide if I like it with or without the boat I stepped on this (dock?) and the water slapped up over it and I decided the view from here will do. if you know about the boat, you know about the boat. A very Pittsburgh picture 16the street 7:18 am this guy was circling this heap. couldn’t tell if it was his heap or not I’ll always stop for a Soviet tag. Even if it is capping someone with the least amount of effort I had completely exhausted myself by hittin 8-9 miles before 8a that I didn’t take the time to frame this wall up. Passed tf out when I got home. Ordered pizza (pizza thread) and then hit 4 -5 miles later on that eve.
  3. Let my (daughter) lil Slim get this stuck in your head. (I clipped it hard at the beginning and end to eliminate info) the screen is intentionally black. all sound, please. FullSizeRender.mov 2012
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