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  1. Someone was mentioning at work how Tulip Poplars are more frequented by lightning than any other tree. they grow tall so maybe that why?
  2. There is a house down the street. Has a great garden (irrelevant) but I do notice a few things that are really hard not to notice. 1-trump propaganda 2-confederate flag 3-heavy supporter of police 4-has other flag hanging cannot get a clear pic of other flag but it has red stripe on top. White in the middle and blue stripe on bottom. The numbers 1787 (If I can remember correctly) in the center. anyone familiar with this type of flag?
  3. How bout a ‘other people’s view’ post hah with that black and white edit
  4. It must be droppin all on you before we get any haha. But the last two storms we had were absolute soakers tho.
  5. They can pay me all that it for working holidays. I have no other schedule or person in my life that interferes with that. I’m the first to be “I’ll be here” I’m totally ok with it. Holidays to me are whenever the fuck I want them haha. As mentioned above ^. We bought fireworks around the fourth but they are still on the counter waiting for snow on the ground and an earlier sunset. plannin the drive across the county again tho. This will be cross country trip (back and forth) #4 Too excited.
  6. I would love to walk with you. Found ghost pipes. For the first time last October. Knew enough to know that I didn’t know wtf they were so I didn’t even touch them. Haha.
  7. I feel like the years I have lived in Pittsburgh this has been the one with the least amount of rain. A LOT of threat of it but then it dissipates by the time it reaches us. Hi all.
  8. Wow. Thanks for postin. Haven’t seen this in a long time and wondered what it’s condition was
  9. Y’all. we lost my friend @yinz n'atyesterday This was a good guy. I’m truly crushed.
  10. I must have left the part out that I have actually moved. Haha. Thank you tho.
  11. So went and had said chicken sammich. About 2 pm rolled around and he realized he had been all day and not realizing it’s my bday. Haha. So we went to eat at our homies spot and had said chicken sammich
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