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  1. Yes indeed. It does. Thank you.
  2. This was my total and complete bad to overlook such artistry. I’m all for home made snack concoctions. I would try it. Just cuz you made it. (But did you even like it bro?) I need a review. what did you pair it with, to drink ?
  3. I’ve been a busy girl. *our first run was a high success. Our numbers were good all the way around. (I’ll break it down) *I've taken lead propagation at work -aiming to direct the nursery in phase two. which means I’ve re populated our second run with help and this next run by myself. (With help but with help that doesn’t take directions well and you have to do the work over again-that’s why you trimming now) 768 plants each run plus extra. It’s a constant cycle of growing, cutting for cloning, transplanting and getting ready for flower. phase two is about 10x the size we’re running now. I told them i wasn’t playin around with this job. We have externs now. I usually have them under me good portion of the day. We just had our second set start yesterday. *embedding my footprint in the beginning of this company. * I’ve accepted the guy into my life and I’ve committed. Y’all- we’ve been around/with each other for five years and I’m just now committing. It’s never been my thing. This makes commitment number two. I’m in my 40s. *started saving for a house * mailed stuff out /ordered stuff for my kids birthday and it’s all arriving on time. * dropped about 15-20 lbs since Ive started working. *had to make a decision as to have my MMJ card or weapons permit. Most of you will be disappointed in my decision-I’ll leave it at that. * quickly eliminated every racist family member/friend out of my life-that I didn’t they were racist until current events. *haven't caught covid
  4. The weed be knowin. I promise two things -it’s ALWAYS worth it -the truth ALWAYS surfaces.
  5. Whose tires need slashed?? but for real. All I ever wanted was for him to be around and get to know her and vice versa. I really felt they could learn a lot from each other. And I was that COOOOOOOL baby mama. (It was a one night stand so there wasn’t an established relationship) and he lived out of state. My door stayed open for him to visit. I can’t stand womens like this. I wish your friend the best of luck and his daughter *ahem* kid will always know how hard they tried and how much they love her. The truth always surfaces. always.
  6. The longer I look at this -the more confused I get hiaf also
  7. As I read that, I sense we have been over this before. Forgive me. 🙂
  8. Because the food will prevent the rona if you want to consume the alcohols
  9. @mr.yuck$26 and looks like it’s worth every penny
  10. I see a battle axe when I scroll quickly
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