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  1. This place is one of the few that just send it with the pizza. Most places up charge you for it. $.25 -.$1
  2. Even at the corner of Hope and Hope there is none.
  3. Found out today that there is a $100 added to your paycheck if you get the vaccine. where’d that card go?!?!
  4. love when that lil pepperoni curls up and crisps the edges. also -honey drizzle across the crust no one likes to eat.
  5. @abrasivesaint that sounds fucking miserable and I sincerely hope you recover 100 -soon. can’t even lie tho-reading that shit made me think and realize Ive gotten lazy -or maybe comfortable-idk about being conscious of my being. Washing my hands any chance I had -really avoiding certain places/areas or mass peoples. ...that kinda stuff. We have more employees now so work enforces a double mask things are opening up more now here. Plus weather is getting nice so more people. I set an appointment at a salon today and I’m on my way and admit I grabbed my hand sani and doubl
  6. SMdoubleXL


    Ok. Whose fucking name is WomenCantDrive or some shit hhah but for real. What’s your tag?
  7. I would like to see someone (one of you preferably) give a “sample” in the lil opening of a vial. (Oops) I thought those came with an agar type substance in the bottom ?
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