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  1. SMdoubleXL

    GAME: True or False

    True. And just went back to school last week. (Training but same deal) TPBM drank a corona even though it was Modelo time
  2. SMdoubleXL

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Dog sitting. Bobs burgers. Hyped to be able to sign on
  3. SMdoubleXL


    Oh my. It’s been a few and I was finally able to sign in. But have been keeping slightly up to date via emails. Props on the 3 yrs, protester. I’ve been seeing a lot of reminders of POZ this past week so maybe there’s a reason. I moved from Vegas to Pittsburgh August 2017. And took my last pill on the move here. I’m in a complexly my new city and have only asked around a few times but pride keeps me from really asking I suppose. I miss them. And miss the comfort they provided. Yeah they caused a lot of other problems but physical comfort was it for me. It took replacing things I would enjoy while throwing back a few pills to getting used to doing those things without them. Retraining in a way. Or completely getting rid of those things that I would relate pills too. Make sense? But the main thing was moving out of a city where I had it at my dispense and even given to me. I’ve saved tons of money for fucking sure but I feel like I have zero creativity anymore and the pain is constant still. And I’ve really cut drinking down. Like a lot. I polished off a few bottles around the holidays after not even drinking a bottle’s amount in the last year -I felt it physically. I looked it too. Skin. Eyes. Body. Everything. Completely turned me off because I realize I worked too hard on my health to go backwards over a period of two weeks. Not worth it. Hope you all are doing well and thank you for hangin around. I missed you all.
  4. SMdoubleXL

    Dear ________,

    dear 12oz, its like getting to know an old love all over again. I forgot what his favorite spots were but I know at one point I liked to touch em . sitting in a room not knowing where to begin eh SMski
  5. SMdoubleXL

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    checkin on on you fellas. firestarter on in the background
  6. SMdoubleXL


    some good words spoke here . I'm still in shock over both but really having a hard time with awp .I just hope that both of thm knew they were loved as they passed on. we all are worthy of being loved. Don't be afraid to reach out even if it keeps you alive and sober for just one more day. We all know how decisions we think about can change in just 1 day.
  7. SMdoubleXL


    hey everyone I hope you all are staying strong and doing well. ive just been sittin sideline ...reading this thread every now and then but not signin in to speak; super focused on major events. I have remained n touch with several of you outside of here and appreciate it more than you know. Hearing of Quincy passing was a tough one. hearing all the comments and such related to it just reinforces the good, solid person I thought he was. rest in peace to him, sincerely. I had reached out to another oontzer (anybody wanna peanut) to inform him of this horrible news because I know he would take in what Quincy had to say. it had been about a month since we exchanged texts and I found it odd that he was not responding after daily calls and or texts. I had to reach out to a friend of his back in NJ, only to be informed that CJ, (anybody wanna peanut) had passed last Wednesday. I know he had been to rehab several times and he had just finished rehab right before his death. I don't know the cause of his death but I am super bummed right now. we grew very very close and got some hang times in during one of my Pittsburgh visits. we connected like no other. I know he has a current gf and was getting his chef thing on, proud of his menu he was able to create and the dishes he would plate. I thought he was on a great path but also knew he would slip every now and then. I don't know if I'm posting this more to inform you or more to vent. hang in there everyone. the demons are strong
  8. SMdoubleXL

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    flooding instagram eating pizza
  9. SMdoubleXL

    Dear ________,

    dear peoples, i miss you xxl
  10. SMdoubleXL

    Sex Addiction

    legitimate question- for real, what would make one a sex addict? thinkin about it all the time? or at least trying to get it? Actually getting it? (in numbers) chronic masterbating?
  11. SMdoubleXL


    welcome Boats hope youre still going strong. whattup everyone left in here or checking in occasionally
  12. SMdoubleXL


    porra with the flix
  13. SMdoubleXL


    paid tuition man not mine my kids couch surfed (well stayed with assorted friends) so i can focus strictly on work and pay tuition and a few trips to here and there met up with a few fellow oonzters in my trvels took a gaziliion flix. broke some bones in my hand and ankle now i need hip surgery.hahah you know, typical stuff
  14. SMdoubleXL


  15. SMdoubleXL