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  1. Found the pics of the walls outside of the Erotic Heritage Museum I posted just up a bit
  2. @anybody_wanna_peanut?and I met up here in Pittsburgh and we went to the conservatory here. It’s my (1 of 2) favorite places to visit here. the corpse flower was there during that visit and this is the stage we caught it at. I made up these legos and the plan was to make a thread or a day in pies post here on 12 about our meet up and the things we saw using these legos. We never made the thread but here’s a few pics RIP CJ
  3. Ha. No. I think someone posted it a while while back but now ima have to go find it becaue I have now BOTH songs in my head GEE THANKS hahaha
  4. @Schnitzellucky!! that place looks awesome I’ll have to dig up some pics but there was one here and by chance we were able to see it but we’ll after it had died. You caught it in a great stage.
  5. naw. He didnt say it then but during small talk on other occasions like I’ll run into him while I’m walking the dogs and he’ll mention how he can tell (name) is great with the dogs. “Not that I watch, I’ll just see him with the dogs ” or like “your patio looks very nice-not that I was looking” Shit like that. Like I assume you don’t just watch me -you shouldn’t have to preface each sentence with it. the roof also covers the rest of the building which includes his unit. He has lives here for like 30 sum years so he kinda does a few things around the property.
  6. Side note - Someone once told me -two ways to keep a man happy - if he doesn’t have a boner, put a sammich in his hand.
  7. Our patio has the ladder that leads to the roof of the entire building. Last week -as I was home, sick-I see a fucking shadow on my patio. i went and got my bat. Then I saw feet comin down the ladder. I banged the bat against the ladder near his feet and told (yelled) him to “state your name” it was our fucking old ass neighbor. Said he thought we were at work and he needed to get up there. Dudes weird. Nice guy but most small talks we have begins with him stating, “not that I watch you guys” this is the one who shoveled outside at 3am last winter right under our bedroom window. Im still unsure if I am grateful. also. My coworker told me to keep a sock around the end of the bat incase I really ever need to use it -whomever I’m swinging at can’t grip the bat and pull it away from me.
  8. I can’t keep this in the house. Guaranteed he will be somewhere killin the can.
  9. That soft lil puppy hair. I can smell their breath from here. Too damn cute
  10. How come we call them unicorns and not unihorns?
  11. Thank you @One Man Banned for the link
  12. Gonna bring in the new year by makin money. (im goin into work to water. Than I’m out) happy new year yinz!
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