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  1. Good for you. im proud of you
  2. Dear @mr.yuck, look what showed up for me today - See what you put out in the Universe they come in with 5 of these like “you got room for five more?” im like suuuurerreeee lemme put it over here with the 20 or so cultivars I have in here right now im excited for new plants tho. We’ve been growing the same strains for a year now. Recently they’ve have been introducing plants outta tissue culture into the nursery. Then it’s a gathering of execs to see which strains we will run in the near future.
  3. How ya been feelin? @Kultshas it been worth it so far?
  4. According to the first three chapters I shoulda been fired like 9 times already I did nothing. Everyone here has to do it. We are getting compliant
  5. I fall for “but you just make sammiches so good” everytime
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