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  1. Wow @One Man Banned major props to you and all them involved Big stuff
  2. I don’t miss Vegas. Probably not gonna visit anytime sooon moving along
  3. this things shoots fire from its antenna I once lived in this spot downtown. What a fun time. Genuinely My first time living absolutely by myself. My kid was off to college and I was single af.
  4. I came to this thread to keep it movin with my daughters last visit But realize I didn’t post the tail of this trip. it’s gonna be trip down memory lane with Vegas pics this is a mandatory shot old/downtown Las Vegas is NOT the same. It was the fun part of Vegas. Cameras Pizza rock pizza slaps everything is an “art” alley of some shit
  5. I hope you can really see it and no sarcasm. I’m and iPhone user load em up directly from mobile.
  6. When we brought the dogs to PGH last year (and we don’t have a yard) we knew potty walks would be an issue at some points because of weather. I made this Lil relief pad for them last year because our patio is huge. They got used to the idea of it and know it is there. Walks are always preferred tho. I don’t want them to depend on this. it was re arranged a few times as we learned what they prefer. We had come acorta these huge absorption pads that we eventually placed between the pine bark mulch the artificial patches of grass. We would change the pads and clean the grass. had no issue with odor or anything else after dismantling it and seeing underneath. it was time for a makeover. I dismantled the whole thing. Tore apart a few mor pallets and made it right. About 3 times a year I’ll do this while we’re here. making certain parts changeable certain parts washable. Certain parts stable. Super fun project. Used only a sawsall and a drill and eyeballed the rest. The “Pawtio” Frame carboard and absorb pads under frame Floor or frame. liner straw and pine park small bush in center and art. grass on top. (Pads between straw and art. grass) IMG_6441.MP4 the log was downstairs and many dogs peed on it so we brought it up so he could get the message. Also this is good about 10 min after spraying it on the entire surface IMG_6452.MP4
  7. Caught Bella with bed face They nap good tho real good IMG_6467.MP4
  8. I did suge knights mani/pedi a few times (many years ago) one time was prior to going down to so cal for my kids bday. (Anniversary of Tupac’s death) when she came up to the shop when he was in the chair-he asked her a few questions like her when her bday was. She said she was so nervous to answer him hahaha was cool tho. Gave her $100 for her bday and a contact number for when we visit so cal he has THEEE smallest RIP TUPAC tattoo on his upper inner forearm. Small. Like font size 60 haha rip Tupac
  9. Better post up! I need to see this
  10. He had a thing for finding the MAIL POUCH barns around this area. We found one last fall in our travels.
  11. The natural hot springs get more scarce as you head east. If you’re up in nor cal you are probably familiar. But take advantage of any you can find before you get too Far East.
  12. Gonna piggy back and also add some from the show. It was moving our dude was insanely talented and loved. and I’ll say it over and over again. The most inspiring person ever Walking through this was like walking in his home. Art everywhere. Every format. Every medium. Every emotion.
  13. I was stoked for this. I also would like update
  14. summer shave down. They are getting really good at letting me shave them
  15. My kid and I are gonna catch the tail end of his show today or tmrw. I’ll def get some flix to post
  16. Hold up tax agent? Girl Scouts? I get it -a lil something for Girl Scouts prolly makes me feel special but folded setting them up foul as far as expectations in life tax dude? Am I missing something? I paid my tax guy waaaaayyyy to fucking much to be adding gratuity on there I worked in the service industry. I WORKED for my tips and never expected them. The same way I approach any service provider. a while ago in Vegas I started seeing top jars at the lil smog check booths. Or even the fucking fro yo places WHERE YOU SERVE YOURSELF and as much as I support and love my weed I have a hard time tipping the bud tender (I still do tho) becaue I would never tip my pharmacist. from here out it’s bare minimum and I carry a few bucks around to hit that “no tip” button shamelessly. earn your tip
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