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  1. https://instagram.com/betospizzapgh?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Betos Pizza I’ve heard it pronounced Bee-doghs seems like they cook the dough and sauce then as it gets pulled from the oven the cheese goes on. Idk if this technique applies to the toppings as well. i haven’t tried this place yet but I’m not opposed. I’ll try anything. Twice, most times to confirm. Going in with the mindset of -it’s been successful enough to open a long running establishment that gets nationwide recognition so there might be something to it. . It’s a 50:50 love:hate here from local talk.
  2. Found the pics of the walls outside of the Erotic Heritage Museum I posted just up a bit
  3. @anybody_wanna_peanut?and I met up here in Pittsburgh and we went to the conservatory here. It’s my (1 of 2) favorite places to visit here. the corpse flower was there during that visit and this is the stage we caught it at. I made up these legos and the plan was to make a thread or a day in pies post here on 12 about our meet up and the things we saw using these legos. We never made the thread but here’s a few pics RIP CJ
  4. Ha. No. I think someone posted it a while while back but now ima have to go find it becaue I have now BOTH songs in my head GEE THANKS hahaha
  5. @Schnitzellucky!! that place looks awesome I’ll have to dig up some pics but there was one here and by chance we were able to see it but we’ll after it had died. You caught it in a great stage.
  6. naw. He didnt say it then but during small talk on other occasions like I’ll run into him while I’m walking the dogs and he’ll mention how he can tell (name) is great with the dogs. “Not that I watch, I’ll just see him with the dogs ” or like “your patio looks very nice-not that I was looking” Shit like that. Like I assume you don’t just watch me -you shouldn’t have to preface each sentence with it. the roof also covers the rest of the building which includes his unit. He has lives here for like 30 sum years so he kinda does a few things around the property.
  7. Side note - Someone once told me -two ways to keep a man happy - if he doesn’t have a boner, put a sammich in his hand.
  8. Our patio has the ladder that leads to the roof of the entire building. Last week -as I was home, sick-I see a fucking shadow on my patio. i went and got my bat. Then I saw feet comin down the ladder. I banged the bat against the ladder near his feet and told (yelled) him to “state your name” it was our fucking old ass neighbor. Said he thought we were at work and he needed to get up there. Dudes weird. Nice guy but most small talks we have begins with him stating, “not that I watch you guys” this is the one who shoveled outside at 3am last winter right under our bedroom window. Im still unsure if I am grateful. also. My coworker told me to keep a sock around the end of the bat incase I really ever need to use it -whomever I’m swinging at can’t grip the bat and pull it away from me.
  9. I can’t keep this in the house. Guaranteed he will be somewhere killin the can.
  10. That soft lil puppy hair. I can smell their breath from here. Too damn cute
  11. How come we call them unicorns and not unihorns?
  12. Thank you @One Man Banned for the link
  13. Gonna bring in the new year by makin money. (im goin into work to water. Than I’m out) happy new year yinz!
  14. What in the entire fuck All of a sudden it’s tee shirt weather out. damn near 80 degree difference in one week period.
  15. Before we moved from Las Vegas we ventured out to near by towns A quick hour drive south is a lil old ghost/mining town, Nelson. a lil stop by these old railway tunnels that give a view of Lake Mead that is withering away. I think this day I used my Nikon d3100 i love dusty old rusty things. there is a plane out here used as a movie prop. I’m gonna guess this is it. or this one. …..
  16. The museum hosted a naked bike ride-I think they tried to make it an annual thing. Can’t remember what happened after the first one. i didn’t ride. But was there. i think nipples and genitalia had to be covered (they had this double decker displayed inside after this) IMG_3966.MOV
  17. There is a life size nativity scene. This thing is ginormous One of the buildings downtown had a gingerbread display. Along with Santa’s from around the world again. The ice rink.
  18. Not my day. but a gathering of days It is really amazing during the holidays. Here’s a day downtown, Pittsburgh Merry Christmas, @Mercer the village in Market square The ice Skate rink Point state park tree sits at the Point which is where three rivers conjoin. Allegheny and Monongahela, merge with the Ohio there was a department store downtown, Kauffman’s, which closed a few years back. i think I was able to catch the display windows during one of their last years day/nighttime shots. Pittsburgh is huge on fireworks. This display captures the bridges. Water. Fireworks. this window is the ice skate rink Christmas tree posted above kauffmans had a clock outside. This window has the clock outside the building. ……
  19. Sun is being real nice right now
  20. Oh! And my two favorites from the Bingo visit the John Lennon painting and the “favorite” Paige of art was this. They asked you to take a pic of it. Upon leaving they asked what your fav was. And then educated you a lil more on it. this was my fav was told it was painted by Walt Disney. He had a collection of them and never signed em as such
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