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  1. I am so mad at you for this bit grateful at the same time. Except you made neat little sammiches. I didn’t wanna be that patient. also reminded me-an old girlfriend used to put peanut butter and fluff (or even just marshmallows ) together in the microwave -melt and eat with spoon. (I would scoop it with a graham cracker ) It almost made a taffy consistency.
  2. That album was def the right choice for the mood I see that kid and his (father or brother?) down there almost daily. The kid is a special needs (pc?) kid. That made it that much more happy. His excitement was obvious and how proud he was for his picture with it.
  3. I am still gonna make a list (for myself) of ones I find. And then find something else like it. I only peeked at a few spots on the key. So I didn’t see them all. (Unless I enlarge it)
  4. @CALIgula sorry man. Just thought it was cool to pass on
  5. Don’t enlarge this if you don’t wanna see answers
  6. 4 miles. No episodes. I started to watch Ozark but after about 5 episodes in I realized I was upset at one horrible decision after another and couldn’t watch it anymore won a few hands did my daily tee post. Started lightly raining. Went for another walk this kid caught a huge catfish. Required help to bring it up. Made my day to see how happy he was IMG_4320.MP4
  7. This screenshot of my twitter notification on Jan 30
  8. Is this for when there is no gaterade bottle available?
  9. Hahaha. Yesssss. All of that. we must search similar things Hehehe
  10. Didn’t do a damn thing today. ‘cept.. some cleaning and disinfecting this house, took out the trash and saw the heap of bags (plus full cans) the dude left behind when he left this house. all of this came from his room ! I know his questionable hygiene wasn’t in my imagination magnolia ‘cross the street found some acetone at the dollar store last night and hella looked forward to actually planning and doing something today. Polishing my damn toes. Had that done by 10am. So that was my big goal today only brought these colors with me been doing a tee plug on my IG this week. this is today’s post no miles. No episodes today.
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