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  1. Found out today that there is a $100 added to your paycheck if you get the vaccine. where’d that card go?!?!
  2. love when that lil pepperoni curls up and crisps the edges. also -honey drizzle across the crust no one likes to eat.
  3. @abrasivesaint that sounds fucking miserable and I sincerely hope you recover 100 -soon. can’t even lie tho-reading that shit made me think and realize Ive gotten lazy -or maybe comfortable-idk about being conscious of my being. Washing my hands any chance I had -really avoiding certain places/areas or mass peoples. ...that kinda stuff. We have more employees now so work enforces a double mask things are opening up more now here. Plus weather is getting nice so more people. I set an appointment at a salon today and I’m on my way and admit I grabbed my hand sani and doubl
  4. SMdoubleXL


    Ok. Whose fucking name is WomenCantDrive or some shit hhah but for real. What’s your tag?
  5. I would like to see someone (one of you preferably) give a “sample” in the lil opening of a vial. (Oops) I thought those came with an agar type substance in the bottom ?
  6. My phone is pretty much filled with work pics now. I find time for a walk occasionally more work. We had a busted pipe above the nursery. (A contractor forgot to seal this pipe and a huge change in water pressure took it apart. Been running smooth this whole year so far). This happened on the last 5 minutes of two twelve hour shifts. It completely rained all over our mom plants and clones on the top racks. Luckily it missed the tissue culture room We have had to completely rearrange and adjust plans for near futu
  7. The pair I held on to the longest was these adidas-space jam joints (grey/white/black red ) with a Lil bugs bunny on the heel and embedded in part of the shoe. The most durable and comfortable shoe I have ever had. I just threw them out two yrs ago. I got them brand new and now Ima have to do some homework to see if I can rummage up a pic
  8. SMdoubleXL


    3093547 is that the set of numbers you’re referring to?
  9. Some time ago on my IG I posted that since I was moving out of Vegas that keeping spots/ locations a secret won’t be necessary for me anymore so I was willing to sell my spot knowledge some really really fell for it. Most knew I was being foolish. I guess it triggered one person in such a way he felt the need to really tell me how he felt about the whole idea and his true mean self was exposed. I though most people just knew to selectively look at the internet on April fools.
  10. SMdoubleXL


    Makes the most sense. Thank ya. Juan87
  11. SMdoubleXL


    for real Anyone complete this update yet? and yes—I came here just to see if we weren’t the only one
  12. none of you ever put your girlfriends panties on your face? that’s all that looks like. Just in public.
  13. Yeah a lil foliar spray. It’s crazy watching so many strains develop their traits at the same time. I have a new favorite every month
  14. @mr.yuck yes. That breeder. and this plant has such personality out of the gate. Look at this great leaf shape. (There are two bubblegums in this pic) becoming a fav real quick. and I love to put contrasting leaves plants next to eachother. like next to this sexy super silver haze.
  15. My mask smells like work and I ain’t even mad.
  16. Nothing but quality. Great posts @toxic one
  17. Ive missed you guys
  18. Everyone I show that plant to is like “whoa” and I have no idea why. Is it a hard to get strain or what? THEEEE best Ive ever smoked is Wdding Cake grown by one of our growers. Hoe Lee Shit it was so damn good.
  19. Good for you. im proud of you
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