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  1. SMdoubleXL


    I got them for him I’m partial to the ones you have. Ima cop those. Ive been feelin the Forums lately.
  2. Dear anyone who reads this, I have been sorting through some digital storage, and considering either- A-making multiple little threads or B-a continuous thread -of little travels and such. which is more preferred?
  3. I’m inviting myself. edit*not for the coke
  4. watched that 1899 it had me then lost me. repeat x3 still not sure if I liked it or not.
  5. The wind stopped finally and the rivers were too calm and glassy. Had the chance to walk around downtown again yesterday. FullSizeRender.MOV IMG_0421.MOV
  6. This is awesome. i live right across the river from Penn hills. Thank you for sharing
  7. Still have not hopped on that back pack
  8. that time I made a thread about starting my life over and asking what y’all would suggest /remind me to get when starting over in a new place. and a few of the fine suggestions were a back pack and a good pair of shoes?
  9. SMdoubleXL


    Things are getting ridiculous round here Turdunkins FullSizeRender.MOV
  10. Is it in yet? cream or no cream? coke’s in the bathroom this is mad dry/moist who brought the bread? not at (the) kid’s table Will you marry me pass the gravy, please.
  11. There was another power ranger (will leave color out) that we saw fight once at kickboxing event. he had a thing for one of my girls. saw his dick pics a few times rip green ranger. Super unfortunate
  12. You’re good. we do clone transplants day10. You’re good
  13. Like-moved it into its current set up? Nah. Those were great healthy white roots and should establish themselves easily. how many days between cut to root?
  14. It’s just using the nutrients from itself. def sign of rooting. Beginning with lower leaves first. It’ll eat them up. Remove when 0-25% green is left. When it’s not rooting, it’ll show at the apical meristem. (Tip top growth spot)
  15. Dear @nicklesndimes, @mr.yuckand i we’re gonna check in with you earlier but here we are. And here you are so it seems like you didn’t get hit too too hard ? get that bench us
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