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  1. Just stumbled upon this thread yesterday and I became instantly hooked and have spent the last 2 days reading it. Amazing stuff KIR thanks for sharing it with us, I gotta say it takes big cojones to do what you are doing or have done especially going it alone and having to mostly hunt/forage our own food etc. You must have got seriously lonely and bored at times but you stuck it out and you can see through your writing how living like you are has changed your perspective and has given you a lot of time and insight to think about the universe really, it seems like you feel everything a lot more and are a lot more in tune with nature and your surroundings than your average joe. You are living a pretty interesting lifestyle and your experiences, knowledge and memories are something I'm sure you will cherish for your entire lifetime. I particularly enjoyed your musings on the first time you hunted a deer and that little chat you had with that guy on his boat about life. Both of those stories were seriously good stuff. Anyway good on you living how you have/are and sharing these experiences with us it's one of the best things I've seen on the internet period. Very inspiring stuff. Also props to the 12oz community for sending this dude packages and taking him out to get pissed and giving him places to crash from time to time I'm sure it helped a lot.
  2. Odd Thomas forgot how good it is to read a book
  3. sounds like the NBA needs a complete overhaul
  4. Hip Hop/Rap is still cool/any good these days?
  5. This thread is embarrassing. Just sayin.
  6. Sounds like a faggot how's working in a hotel btw?
  7. I used to think this. I haven't caught anything the last 5 times I've gone though. Leads to frustration.
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