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  1. wait.. are you making this assumption off of my past posts, or can you genuinely not understand how someone could not be concerned with internet reputation...
  2. I'm not posting tits. I know two people on this whole forum. Im not concerned with Internet rep I don't even come around anymore She told me he was gay... I don't really care either way. Worked out for the best. I'm done here.
  3. The allure of the psychedelic culture is what I blame my social anxiety on. I got kicked out when I was younger and moved halfway across the country, up rooted, and never really planted roots since. This made me really reclusive and at one point I was cultivating psilocibins and tripping alone pretty often. That alone will fuck you psychologically. I've never been the same in social situations, unless I drink. I used to smoke often and it never seemed to affect me. I had to quit not to long ago because I started getting really uncomfortable around people that I wasn't really close to. Like not being able to speak. weird. I was doing really good, until I took this 'golden' opportunity to experience a different culture. Man, this shit has been tuff. Round eye feelin' a hellova lota indifference over here. And yea tits are a band-aid. but nothing sticks. The best remedy for anxiety/depression i've come to find is like many of you said, staying productive IDLE TIME IS NO GOOD! exercise, meditation (mindful breathing), generally just healthy living. and eight hours of sleep everynight. Having a kid did wonders for me, but not being able to seem him crushes my spirits. Also Im about to re-read The Awakening Of Intelligence by Krishnamurti. I urge you all with similar afflictions to do so as well. Right now im feeling like I wanna fucking run until I hit a brick wall. Know what I mean? I cant sit and not do anything and if I do something its self destructive. Writing on shit is always a good release. Shitz so sad its funny. Thread full'a manic depressive wweeerrdddooeezz
  4. yea yea. now yall nigz can proceed with cry gifs. but you know.. and i know Ch0 isnt the place for this type of faggotry. so your welcome
  5. It stopped being love and became the will to persevere the minute I found out I was leaving.
  6. I do realize that. I figured it'd be best to just cut the ties. Let it be and begin the healing process
  7. Truth. it's only logical, retrospectively. A fucking YEAR? thats obsurd. Really this is for the best, I already knew I couldn't trust her, I just wouldn't let myself believe it. My happiness would've been dependent on her. I would of spent this year miserable. Went balls out in Roponngi lastnignt. Feel that much worse today, fucking self destruct mode. Just sucks man, because now I gotta stay sober for a while for my own well being. Also true. this is something ive learned time and time again. Now that it's in text I hope it'll fucking stick.
  8. Insight; I'm in a foreign country for a year. Been gone 3 weeks. We decided to try to make it work. Get a update from her friend of her and some dude Loved up, relationship style. Cry threads. I'm good at those. Im hoping you guys will shit on me. Making feel stupid for hoping, like 'nobody does that dog'.
  9. Maaaan. This bitch. 'I'll wait for you' 'I'm yours' No your not. Dont trust em'. No no no. Things got good. Real good. I thought she was different. Her phones cut off. Little does she know her best friends on my insta gram. Your a slut. Not even going to follow up. I'm just strait done with this whore. I'll let her wonder. Time to slay authentic vag. Plow plow plow. Lost love. Let me have it oonze
  10. Bring chronic in your checked bag and hang out with me srsly, pm me on second thought, its probably not that safe. i got away with it maybe i got lucky. either way we can grab a bur. im in a suburb of tokyo so i dont know my way around or anything but it'd be cool to get up with a like minded individual
  11. Band: Danny Brown i had this dude on my ipod with elzhi but it was under 'contra' i realize now its a song. LIked: growing up disliked shootin moves tpbm get clear soul forces
  12. Band: The Animals Liked: favorite animals song is see see rider Disliked: not a big fan of sky pilot TPBM: thirteen moons
  13. ' oh word a cilone thread. let me check these tits real quick '
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