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  1. Re: random thoughts I am not aware of the implications of this thread. I assume it's still about what the title implies. I am boozing and listening to Bowie. What's up America.
  2. i dont know what to make for lunch today, i have a bunch of tofu, but im not sure if i want to eat tofu today. my diet has been quite poor as of lately. business has been up though. also im thinkin about looking for a new apartment.
  3. the homie(300+ lbs) and i are going with the twilight theme. hes edward, im bella.
  4. Oh so handsome - Oh so strong - Tell me stories of distant shores - All night long - I shiver all over - When I see your lovly tan - And I can tell by your clear blue eyes - Your a sailor man - Oh sailor man - From polar land - Oh sailor man - Come take my hand - Oh sailor man - Take me along - Show me the porta-prince and Hong Kong - Oh sailor man - I sure hope you don't drown- I'd rather have you showing me Cape Town - You know your to New York, New York - Where we can go to bars - A strong blonde handsome sailor - Norwegians call you Lars - Oh sailor man - From polar land - Oh sailor man - Come take my hand - Oh sailor man - I'd gladly die - To see the ports of Rostock and Shanghai - Sailor Man - Oh, sailor man - Please take my hand - Oh tender sailor man
  5. i was doing manual labor as soon i got outta high school. it fucking sucks, but i was fucking getting money. get your goddamn ged already and get a job in a warehouse. problem solved.
  6. this post is exactly why i usually never listen to avid club/rave drug users. i havent seen that dude in since high school. not yet have i ever chilled with him while he is sober. dudes always twapped on something. hes a smart kid, but all that fry is starting to get to him. dude was on his last leg trying to convince me that molly and mdma werent the same thing or even closely relavant. after about 3 hits each dude starts telling me shit like "dude wait, i think youre right about mdma, also i dont think thats what we took... etc..." i dont really dont anything about the pill game so i could still be wrong. dude is super fucking cool but i can only handle him in small doses. but then again, im like that with most people. and i wasnt compairing heroine to mdma like apples and oranges, just was hoping it would have been as awesome. it wasnt as awesome, but it was still really fucking awesome.
  7. did mdma for the first time ever last night. was surprised it wasnt as awesome as heroin was. i shoulda just had my boy roll through with the molly instead. /dont do heroin.
  8. this thred title reminded me of the ghouls piece with the same title painted next to it.
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