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  1. injury

    >>> 2014 Mµ§iç †h®∑∆d <<< Tradition Edition V2.0

    you fuck with texas rap strongly, respect.
  2. injury

    >>> 2014 Mµ§iç †h®∑∆d <<< Tradition Edition V2.0

    ... really just the nas verse if we're being honest
  3. injury

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    going through a playlist a friend sent me that is mostly not good deciding if i should paint the same sketch i used yesterday or come up with a new one.
  4. injury

    gender blunder and god ...no god

    crooks in castles
  5. injury

    random thots

    my friend used "rad" and "stoked" and "gig" in the same 2-line facebook post and i wanted to go "cornball bingo!"
  6. injury

    random thots

    future islands fucking SUCKS
  7. injury

    What the fuck is this?!

    is that a sugar glider? i think that's a sugar glider say "sugar glider" one more time, dad
  8. dao came back to say FTP one last time.
  9. injury

    merry fuckin' x-mas

    fresshhhh!! apes phone pepe kerse old mayhem that network shoutout ghostbusters e2e old pear/roes arrows j. alone speaks truth thanks
  10. injury

    random thots

    seasons greetings you fucks!
  11. injury

    ASMR helped with my insomnia

    croc's method is mine, as far as sleep. also being active during the day (i walk over 3 miles/day, for example) helps substantially. i get 6-7 hours on an average night and 8-9 on an awesome incredible one. things in this vein that help me work and study, however: http://naturesoundsfor.me/ the "snow" effect does it for me (under Nature) 'cause it has that perfect padding noise that comes with a good snowfall. it's hard to describe. check it out maybe you'll be able to describe it better
  12. forreal, he'd be feasting in here
  13. injury

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    finishing my first good sketch in weeks. about to go get pictures of a wall i did the other night drinking the last of the coffee