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  1. These photos were taken from monday through wednesday.
  2. :sunglasses::handok::thumbsup:
  3. Take your fancy mouse the hell of this board. (waves fist)
  4. I had Insomnia for years. Until I went to a sleep clinic. Sleep Debt is what you need to create. This is how it was cured. The Dr. gave me a grid piece of paper; on the left (vertical columns) were the days on the top (horizontal column) hours slept So each day shade in the amount of time you slept. I had to do this for 2 weeks. for example Some days I slept an hour. some days I slept 9 hours then there was a stretch 2 consecutive days NO SLEEP at all THE WORST. I brought her the paper and she averaged I was getting 6 hours a sleep a night. I couldn't understand 6 hrs? I was exhausted all the time. but i would sleep 3 hours one night no hours the next night and then 11 on a weekend. It was excruciating some days. Any way she said I needed to creat sleep debt to induce natural exhaustion not just disorientation. She told me I must go to bed and wake up the same time every night no matter what. And she put me on a 5 hour per night schedule. Stay out ti 1am and sleep till 6am I was cured within 2 weeks. Before that I had suffered for 6 years. The back of my head started to hurt as the days progressed thats how much re-wiring my brain had to do to re-adjust to being normal again. after 2 months she let me have 6hrs a night as long as I maintain the same strict schedule of going to bed and waking the same time. If there is any confusion please ask and I will try to clarify. Im cured. This is the only cure, no pills or meditation or any of that crap.
  5. I read Catcher IN the Rye about 5 years ago just to see how my adult brain would process it. MEH.
  6. Get to in-n-out since you'll more then likely be perusing the warf. It was the only one in the city from what I remember.
  7. So I've been kicking around the idea of getting one of these (srs)
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