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  1. I used to post as cardboard condo on here when i was homeless. If i was still homeless now id have enough dignity to stay in the woods where i was before.
  2. Man i love cooking for myself and friends. Ima be up in this thread like tampons
  3. Same. I was raised from birth to 19 at my parent's. They still live there 15 years later. Prime location in gentrified Austin. If i got it i would NEVER sell it. Id just buy some drums and try to piss off the rich hipster neighbors.
  4. Im from 78745. Born n raised. Living north rn tho
  5. Drinking a blk berry 211 hello monday morning
  6. I want to be either happy or at least content with my life. IE be able to buy most of what i want and everything i need, owning a car, having a house and steady girl, maybe even a kid..
  7. I wanna fuck a black bitch before i die
  8. Hop a train somewhere. Even if its just across the city. Most likely if i do ill ride it to the other side of the state or country even.
  9. Ive had a streak of shaving my face everyday for the past 2 weeks. Longest streak of shaving consistently ive had in my life.
  10. I recently got housed from being homeless for 5 years. IE my old name on here. cardboard condo. I got a shit ton of stories. And a "from rags to... Not so much rags" story to tell as well. Ill come back and share. Too drunk right now.
  11. Applying to multiple gigs on Craigslist.
  12. Simon rex is cool on ig but i dont know if he does stand up. He has a thing on his page were he uses a filter and makes himself into a methhead. Shits classic
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