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  1. Whats the difference between asian cooking and regular cooking? Like what all goes into it and why do you need a wok to make stir fry instead of a regular pan?
  2. I want to get a wok and start fuckin with stir fry and asian cuisines
  3. Home cooked fries Sriracha ketchup 20200716_004214.mp4
  4. I got wheaties rn. Might try those next batch. Thanks
  5. The game's to be sold not told
  6. Mother fuckin fried chicken in this bitch again. Gonna perfect it. Getting damn close.
  7. Wheat Penne Rigate with Alfredo sauce and meat balls
  8. Got these free from a homeless person i let stay at my house for a few days
  9. Fried tuna streak and homemade cream corn... for 1.. cause i have no friends... cause im a loser alcoholic.
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