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  1. Ps your right i made it all up. Im so ashamed 😩
  2. Yea man i sit in a corner all day and make up stories like this just for props on the internet from people i dont know. Why would i sit there and take a picture anyways like those tourists that film everything they see. Im not the type of person to photograph and post pics of my turds to show the internet
  3. Yea but if they dont have tent it kind of makes a loud crash sound. Not too noticable tho
  4. Yall northerners ever throw hot water on your enemy's frozen windshields?
  5. Story #1: I was drinking takka vodka one night a smoking drugs at a friends house. About 2 hours into all of it i black out and start hassling them about where my baby's mom and baby are. They were like "i have no idea dude" so i swung on one of them and obviously hit just air. So one dude picked up a 40 bottle and cracked my face with. I came to in the hospital with my parents looking over me shaking their heads. Dr said i had a BAC level of .3 and a broken orbital socket and cheek bone. He said i shoulda been dead. Story #2: I was cutting drugs up with a brand new razor box cutter while higher than giraffe pussy (hyuk hyuk) and slit the shit out of my middle finger causing me to need 13 stitches. Some thru the fingernail. Ill dig up the picture of it before stitches in a min.
  6. I hate starrers too. They see me rollin, they hatin.
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