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Moe Szyslak

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  1. Xanax and a little bit of my DOC
  2. Chorizo potatoes queso and sunny side up eggs on runny. With valentina's hot sauce. 100
  3. Tuna steaks with bacon wrapped asparagus and a store bought banana cream pie.
  4. What forums do you post on other than this one? I used to post on necrohiphop.com back in the day. Some bullshit happened to that one and some of those posters made another forum called hiphopheads. Those and this one are the main three.
  5. I made a homemade pan if chicken pot pie. It took me an hr to put it together. I have no pictures, but it was bomb.
  6. I need to meet some new women
  7. Back alley hair did session
  8. I got a friend in austin that just started building model cars a few years ago and has already won like 3 or 4 contests. Real cool. Hes on ig. yall hhu @the_real_eagerone.
  9. Eating some french onion soup i made a week ago. Shits the bomb diggity.
  10. Yea. Im drinking again. I cant seem to get away from it. But thats it. No pills or anything
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