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  1. glorydays


    do you fuck with wallabee's?
  2. they're 993's...the lighting isn't too good
  3. glorydays


    I'm trying so hard to keep em clean...I fucking love my nb's
  4. glorydays


    You guys got me itching for more 900 series nb's 993
  5. Multicam tactical outfitters teddy bear Allen for the patch
  6. @CLICKCLACKONERdouble RL is so fucking expensive LOL
  7. yea they are...i think they're amazing denim tbh Like, denim in the US is practically non-existant, since cone mills are being shut down due to no interest. Japan is the only country now that makes denim the American way
  8. if i were to pick a jean company, i would pick Evisu
  9. glorydays


    FUCKING COPPED Vans x Sci Fi Fantasy
  10. The homie, tino razo, hooked up the grip tape
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