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  1. nike sb dunk all pink
  2. thoughts on stone washed selvedge? I was thinking of getting these cuz FUCK they look good OUTSTANDING and COMPANY
  3. damn, son nothing changed here LMAOOOOO
  4. Are you gonna rank soon? I haven't gotten a stripe in a while. I didnt know what i was thinking not lifting while training...I'm never going to stop weight lifting now
  5. Dunk high football grey
  6. LMAO nothing gets past you I was born in virginia beach But yea, ive been working out there for a few weeks. It's been giving me some good vibes while I take a break from everything and get out of my comfort zone.
  7. I've been doing kettle bell training and farmer's walk with heavy sand bags. All just to train my hips.
  8. I needed time away from my home gym. My professor is fucking great, but his toxic masculinity is fucking annoying. I needed some positive vibes.
  9. I train with chris hauter this coming Wednesday. I'm happy to say i joined undefeated's training gym. I also get to train with Isaac Doederlein. I'm fucking excited.
  10. Six month anniversary. I dont do anything hardcore in these jeans so its not fading as fast as @mr.yuck But i hope theres creasing at least.
  11. Yoooooo That burner looks beat The jeans are holding up well. I love the look of beat up selvedge.
  12. I was buying court force lows during the early 2000s....for some reason i liked how they looked compared to dunk lows.
  13. Raven is against commodity fetishizing 🤣
  14. Broke these out cuz dunks seem to be hot this year.
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