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  1. glorydays


    New balance 990s v6 not my favorite shape but mad comfy
  2. brooooo hopefully you get to come out again i'd love to meet. I got a black book that you can sign
  3. Bro that's rad! for sure I wanna meet mike giant....his collabs with skate companies are fucking baller
  4. @Joker did you work on any designs yourself for tribal? or did you just do graphics, when it came to the clothing?
  5. same moving to san diego is a blessing, especially being in the heart of BJJ country a foot injury and getting the flu recently fucked up my rhythm
  6. bro that is a hot fucking colorway i straight up thought those were hender scheme air max's
  7. https://www.instagram.com/klopsrockz/?hl=en graff writer who, ironically, is very fascist LMAO and extremely antisemetic
  8. bro i have a strong fucking feeling that chanticleer is KLOPS
  9. please explain to us how communism works i would really like to hear your perspective
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