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  1. glorydays


    Trust the process
  2. glorydays


    Staining my Chicago's Adding cream laces
  3. He's basically a product of another old brand called VAN from japan read ametora...its an amazing book
  4. I'm a fan of uniqlo's business structure
  5. the owner of sunday print is Tim Guza good guy I'll be emailing him tonight I want to see if i have to print in batches or send him the entire inventory to print I'm guessing batches since he's told me he's got more projects he's doing
  6. Talked to Sunday Print Co. Perfect He's gonna let me ship my tees from my house to his workshop there's no fixed price. The cost will depend solely on how big and placement on the shirt
  7. Talking to Sunday Print Company tomorrow Man, I feel like this is actually going to be possible. I started off somewhat as a fluke thinking this would be a funny side project But this really has me excited to see if I can actually do this
  8. I understand broski...but i was just joking I think we need to face the fact that covid will now be part of our DNA as a race and as a society
  9. word i'm spraying that on my ass to see if a chick will eat it
  11. you miiiiiight need a wholesale account but here's the link https://madeblanks.com/collections/all/products/sample-pack
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