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  1. people may not understand this, but those prices are on point for handmade leather shoes. there are shops like this in LA that make bespoke Jordan's, dunks, air max's, and high end shoe repairs that have those prices
  2. Engineered Garments are brining back their selvedge bull denim straight leg jeans
  3. boot cuts, true straight, dungarees selvedge if you can find it
  4. Camber I can't say enough about this brand Made in the USA Literally run by one dude: Barry Schwarz He refuses to sell to anyone or to compromise the quality of the product
  5. there's never any downside to good design i'm actually really happy that there're more women going into streetwear and cut and sew. sporty and rich is a good example
  6. Tony Shirt Makers This guy has some of the most unique takes on classic silhouettes https://www.instagram.com/tonyshirtmakers/
  7. bro saaame i've been wearing the same selvedge jeans and gray tee shirts for the past 5 months the only thing that changes is my jacket
  8. I love when brands are lead by a one man army making bespoke jawnz that are just straight fire https://www.instagram.com/hawkwood_mercantile/ Cairn pdf_compressed.pdf_safe.pdf Rove pdf_compressed.pdf_safe.pdf SS22 part 2_merged_compressed.pdf_safe.pdf
  9. Filter water with a water syphon using two containers and a rag one container must be lower than the other once its done, boil the water
  10. FABRICSSSSSS ive become more obsessed with straight fabric instead of pre made clothes
  11. https://www.coffeeordie.com/watches-of-espionage https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/a-former-cia-case-officer-reveals-the-surprising-connection-between-watches-and-espionage
  12. best instagram page for watches concerns the watches worn by CIA, military, and other intelligence agencies https://www.instagram.com/watchesofespionage/
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