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  1. glorydays


  2. glorydays


    Merrell Nova Goretex THESE SHITS ARE ON SALE....broooooo, I'm copping for work
  3. glorydays


    North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX fucking hell these look awesome
  4. glorydays


    merrell nova gore-tex sneaker blue
  5. glorydays


    Salomon X Raise GTX Hiking Shoe
  6. glorydays


    salomon x crest gtx hiking shoes
  7. If you can dig for it then that's much appreciated...i don't even know where to look or where to start
  8. i have to take a look at that I don't believe japanese mills use artificial indigo since they grow their own and make their own dye...what would be the use of the artificial stuff
  9. its just a faster and cheaper way to make denim tbh but you are right about the water consumption....artificial indigo uses up soooo much broski
  10. i didn't even know....that is fucking rad i love hearing about this because krew was literally my go to pants since 7th grade
  11. holy fuck i remember altamont being this tired ass skate company they got selvedge????
  12. krew waxed denim...i had sooooo many of these jeans i was a huge fan of their skate team edit: oh shit....you're right its Krew x crooks and castles selvedge
  13. CROOKS AND CASTLES SELVEDGE wtf....you lying
  14. when i was a little shit i wore alot of Krew skate jeans and most of their stuff was waxed denim non selvedge
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