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  1. glorydays


    these are incoming havenshop is fucking killing it tung vo, designer for reigning champ and wings and horns, is now the designer of haven shop
  2. glorydays


    these caught my eye roshe waffle racers
  3. glorydays


    it has to be the collabs...the waffle racers from sacai, undercover, and CDG are fucking rad UNDERCOVER SACAI Comme des Garcons
  4. glorydays


    Nike for sure has changed, quality-wise, over the past 5 years to keep up with demand and they retro all their shit....it seems like nothing is sacred any more
  5. glorydays


    Yea i know, bro it's been a while, but its just work I need to get back into this crew quick but yea...i'm a strong convert from adidas to new balance i've been spoiled...the 990's i wear are fucking clouds boost loses its comfort fast cuz the boost is just, in my opinion, too weak to last that long
  6. glorydays


    I'm gonna stick with the 990's, broski i get fucking salty thinking of the 993's the one 990 i wanted was from aime leon dore
  7. glorydays


    993's are rare as fuck every store i go to are out on my size
  8. glorydays


    been wearing the 990 v4's for the past year these shits are tanks....no real wear and tear copping the v5's this month they look more polished and less like a hiking shoe
  9. I'm just posting informative stuff....This will all be taught by your coach. i just fucking love combat
  10. Aime Leon Dore x Porsche
  11. COMME des GARÇONS HOMME FW 2020 favoritest brand ever
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