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  1. glorydays

    The Hip Hop Thread

  2. glorydays


    I feel it...but I only wear Adidas lol
  3. glorydays


  4. and its pretty much given that the guy needs to stay awaaaay from any kind of public service
  5. politicians today are so fucking lazy that they have to pay for people to like them
  6. glorydays

    Hello All--------------

    sounds like my bar mitzvah
  7. another streetwear brand another graffiti artist collab https://hypebeast.com/2018/8/adidas-originals-united-arrows-sons-fall-winter-18
  8. glorydays

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    sitting at work doing nothing
  9. heavy heavy media presence, bombastic and outlandish statements and insults, and using "being an outsider is good" attitude to his speech he attacks trump and his camp as a way to connect with his base, just the same way trump did to his opponents
  10. @misteraven will say i told you so, but the media isnt just referring to the news commercials and "movements" paid for by PR groups who have industry clients manipulate the population by creating fake "grassroots" movements these fake movements are called "astroturfing"...cuz fake grass
  11. this is some bullshit. Michael Avenatti is making a presidential bid using the same fucking tactics trumpito used to get into the white house. The fucking news channels are gassing this asshole up because "RATINGS" I am fully in the camp that the news doesn't really fucking care about what happens to the normal citizens in this country as long as they get a check out of it. Because as much as the news is fighting trump right now....theyre still cashing in on their confrontations with him its just money, money, money
  12. @misteravenI believe that also....I just want these mid terms to get over with
  13. glorydays


    yes, i'm very sure...theyre good quality with a leather strap back and buckle
  14. glorydays

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    pizza crust should be soft, yet sturdy