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  1. glorydays


    that's fucking cool....if ever you guys are in LA, i'd like to do some behind the scenes photos I usually do skate photos downtown LA
  2. glorydays

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    theres turnstile tribe, trashtalk, I know they're not hardcore....but the drummer is really good: Deathgrips check this Instagram out...this dude does nothing but photograph hardcore bands https://www.instagram.com/razorbladesandaspirin/?hl=en
  3. glorydays


    is this a one time thing...or are you gonna do a series edit: I meant like, are you gonna interview artists at their spot....cuz los angeles and Miami got good writers
  4. glorydays

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    flirting with my neighbor....im def gonna hit she has a fat ass
  5. glorydays


    he was always posting fuck, man....that sucks RIP to the good ones
  6. glorydays

    ivy league making a come back as a style

    I fully understand that...but theres no stopping it from coming back most brands that I buy are now jumping on the wave early
  7. glorydays

    What book are you reading? Part 20

    I love reading about old school spies, especially post-world war 2 and cold war spycraft. got this off amazon and worth every penny
  8. glorydays

    North Faces

    I def will...jeff staple was promoting this release
  9. glorydays

    North Faces

    word...I was dying for an all over print city scape mountain jacket I was actually gonna suggest this to allen when he got around to collabs
  10. glorydays

    North Faces

    I want that fucking mountain jacket
  11. glorydays

    North Faces

  12. glorydays

    The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor

    this all day not being afraid of poor people not being afraid of working shitty jobs not afraid of being seen working shitty jobs for some reason you get into more fights rich chicks are more willing to fuck you if youre poor and skateboard
  13. glorydays

    North Faces

    you got it, man...I like talking about north faces, keeps me dry and warm people complain about the price, but if you buy one, it will last you for decades
  14. glorydays

    North Faces

    I own an aztek mountain triclimate...love that colorway, but black is good too, it goes with anything