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  1. Recently copped a combat base club membership. I dont know what you guys think of chris haueter, but ive been watching alot of his vids lately. I have to admit that, although some of his techniques are "outdated", jiujiteros tend to forget some of the stuff he talks about. HEAD, HANDS, HIPS
  2. The tyshawn's are fucking rad They're basically a basketball shoe
  3. Bro that's fucking sick That shot looks so fucking rad.
  4. Sorry about the lack of real ACG updates jiu jitsu has taken up most of my free time I'll get back on it this weekend
  5. NEXT ACG COP nike acg zoom air ao
  6. thanks for that bro. tbh i'm getting my legs wet again i'm catching up with my old self....it feels fucking good the flow is coming back
  7. nah, what you said deals with ACG the past 6 years weren't really ACG but more acronym because of hugh's vision some ACG heads called it Urban conditions gear
  8. @KILZ FILLZI'm also gonna be posting up URL's of heat for whoever wants it I also wanna talk about Errolson Hugh's affect on ACG
  9. oh yea i do i forgot about that yea nordstrom and nordstrom rack is a fucking gold mine for cheap heat
  10. i did the same in grade school. them shits lasted almost 2 years. it was a turf training shoe
  11. I'm going to be putting up another post about the "eras" of ACG after 1999 some of these shoes will last you a life time.
  12. vintage ACG ads fucking miss these types of ads in magazines before influencer shit the product was front and center of the page
  13. I'm gonna start photo documenting my class and see if i can get something interesting out of it
  14. word. i love that they used a flat outer sole
  15. THOSE ARE HARD AS FUCK bro they look fucking amazing I love the shape....damn black looks fucking good
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