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  1. yes i am i recently got to blue belt it wasnt anything special, i just kept going and getting my stripes im just happy not to be shit on anymore LMAO
  2. finally moving to san diego the starting point of american BJJ i'll be working in the navy base there, but i'm def going to be joining a gracie gym im not gonna be one of those blue belts that just up and quit
  3. The bad guy was fucking stupid it was like when hayden christensen became darth vader
  4. do you want the us navy patch or no patch
  5. brooooo theyre true to size and light weight but it is usa made chambray Bro these are fire
  6. bro for sure that shirt coupled with the green vietnam fatigues....fucking fuego
  7. And my soffe tee shirts came in
  8. i have a plug for various sizes
  9. I have a grip of these coming in genuine US naval uniform from the 90s alot of potential for graphics I'm gonna print something on the back
  10. I'm trying to make some stencil graphics for the smaller prints
  11. I'll keep you all updated I'm gonna be setting up a shopify site the best way i think i can handle product would be to do preorders so i'm not sitting on a bunch of stuff i cant move
  12. The branding is pretty good in my opinion
  13. I also want to go into US made cut n' sew and pants Stanray pants and shirts are made by earl's apparel I want to see if i can use them for my own private label earl's apparel makes gung ho, stan ray, and their own garments all of it is manufactured in texas
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