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  1. glorydays

    list of favorite designers

    HYKE the north face FW 2019
  2. You want to break into ad boxes around your city? This crazy bastard machines the keys for ad boxes and bus shelter poster boxes. http://www.publicadcampaign.com/PublicAccess/Index.html
  3. glorydays

    DONDI 1961-1998

  4. glorydays

    Unofficial Jiu Jitsu thread

    And you're right...I'm going to go back into the swing of things soon I just felt like a fucking noodle not being able to hold up for a few minutes of rolling
  5. glorydays

    Unofficial Jiu Jitsu thread

    I'll be getting back into it in a few weeks...I have a new gi coming in so I'm excited for that where is the IBJJF gonna be held at? and that sucks bro, hopefully IBJJF won't be as bad
  6. glorydays

    list of favorite designers

    Undercoverism for Dead Hermits
  7. glorydays


    wooooord lolol😆😆😆
  8. glorydays


    we wear our shit
  9. glorydays


    OG heads lolol
  10. glorydays


    get some rusto "neverwet" and spray them down
  11. glorydays

    Unofficial Jiu Jitsu thread

    I put BJJ to the side for a few months I've been strength training every day except sunday and Saturday....full lifestyle change, the fucking works I quit drinking and everything else, upped my cardio, and am fully commited to super sets and circuit training I realized during rolling that I have absolutely no muscle endurance...I am fully exhausted after around 5 minutes of rolling that shit was pathetic so I'm starting to rebuild from the ground up...no dad-bod jiu jitsu here
  12. glorydays


    especially with the weather, bro them shits will hold up
  13. glorydays


    bro, that's fucking rad those look fucking solid
  14. glorydays


    yo...those look mad tactical
  15. glorydays


    yo, that's some sad shit lolol