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  1. Hi!!! Thank you...Does it count if it’s been like 15 years? ? haven’t see you in awhile. Hope things are well with you.
  2. I’ve always enjoyed this place because of the lack of manners, but I have a sense of humor. I think more than half of the conversations we all used to engage in wouldn't be acceptable given the current climate of political correctness on social media platforms. But those are getting played out... ✌️ Apply directly to the forehead!
  3. My daughter is a senior this year. She’s too busy watching YouTube videos and snap chatting. Don’t think kids these days have the attention span to sit and post on a forum for several hours each day. It’s too much work.
  4. I wish! No time. Maybe one year. Looking forward to the photos. Maybe we can grab that beer, if we happen have time to meet up before or after.
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