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  1. I liked it. Eerie. Movies rarely give the genuine creepy vibes this one did.
  2. New DK conspiracy just dropped 🚨 So the democrats want Biden out and he refuses to step down. So they stage an assassination attempt on trump. So in the next month they can stage someone killing off Biden. And blame it on the extreme right and gain traction with a new candidate at the same time by rallying against defending the honor of our fallen president and defeating the evil right in his honor. Curtain drops. Theatrical masterpiece.
  3. Got a large. Bc you are correct. I am an extra large human being. Need to size down to remind people that I’m him.
  4. ^ I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would love to have one that have no idea about it
  5. i know there’s an option you can publish ads to pump into peoples feed on Instagram. I dunno if that would be a good option (idk how much it costs). But it could definitely boost sales. The only way I’ve seen this is from the site directly. Your Instagram account has significant amount more outreach, so worth a shot.
  6. Self Checkout (Cleveland) Melonhead (Cleveland) Holy Shit (Milwaukee) Local hardcore. The last band was killer, but can’t find their music anywhere.
  7. just plowing over skinny punk kids in the pit. Haven’t been to a diy show in ages so I had to establish dominance.
  8. Yesterday not right now. But 4th of July activities IMG_5618.MOV
  9. this is my favorite of his
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