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  1. Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands is the plan. Hard to travel with COVID rules still. Those countries are pretty easy going with their guidelines tho
  2. I definitely would, but I have a child who I need to get back to. Just need a temporary break from life to clear my head and start out fresh.
  3. may manage the gym I go to. Picked up a front desk shift for a free membership a few months back. Hopefully that lines up. Pay cut will be an adjustment but I just want enough to pay bills and have fun sometimes.
  4. Finally pulling the trigger and quitting my job. Planned it for end or November and I’m going to go to Europe for 10 days immediately after. My job is fun but damn do the hours suck
  5. Browns are not good at football
  6. Feel like this is the equivalent to Russia driving tanks still. Just a flex of strength for marketing. Could be way off with this assumption tho.
  7. @NightmareOnElmStreet stop the booze and hit the weights. You only 2 hours away I’ll hit the gym with you lol
  8. @SukiSukiNownew ride is still on stand by. Life has hit me hard since I posted that lol. Got side tracked. Thanks for the reminder tho. Need a winter project.
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