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  1. My fitness has just been in constant motion right now. Lifting 6 days a week. Reps over weight. weathers breaking in the Midwest so I’ll start cycling and running here soon. A few races coming up. Basic 5ks in April/May. 10k at end of May. Half marathon in late September. Diet has been consistent. High protein. Try to eat meat at least once a day. Sometimes I end up doing shakes to supplement. Currently taking: Magnesium threonate iron vitamin c vitamin b1 cod liver oil vitamin d3 coq10 biotin ginko biloba on a two week of ashwaganda 5-htp both at night. sitting at 191 end of the day weight. Haven’t measured but would guess I’m about 10% body fat right now. Going to try to stay lean for running and cycling. Hoping to keep the muscle in the process.
  2. forgot when your life was threatened bc you made a comment about not wanting proud boys in DC. Normal and cool!
  3. Smh metronome is racist against Filipinos? They’re like Asian Mexicans which means you hate Mexicans. Sad!
  4. I have to make up for all the hatred they receive. ICE ain’t got shit on 12oz
  5. How was kind nepenthe @Ko SprueOne? That’s been on my tbr started this one today. For those who like southern gothic but don’t like McCarthy’s writing style, you should try this guy out. Already hooked into this. read this one years back and it was absolutely thrilling. Highly recommend.
  6. Aesthetically pleasing yes. But how do they taste?
  7. Some hilarious debates went down. Calling for murders of innocent people. Wild conspiracies. Everyone is stupid and they are smart. Was legendary and scared a lot of members away and probably flagged this site for a security threat but it was hilarious if you like watching people go bonkers
  8. We NEED dhabs and alt right crew to come back for the election season. Some of the craziest takes I’ve ever heard in my life have been on this site during election time.
  9. Whatever dude. We’re never wide stancing bath tubs together then smh
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