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  1. Dude is staying fit for his twinks and I respect it. Other thank that, he’s a little boner (no pun intended)
  2. ^that dude is such a closet homosexual. Refuse to watch any of his compensating narrative videos. It’s ok to be gay. He should just accept his feelings and all the anger will go away. That tranny doctor is weird tho
  3. Thought this arrest was ridiculous at first... until you here the whole interaction. Well deserved. She could have just said “oh I’m sorry. I’ll get on the side walk” and nothing would have come from it lol
  4. Im assuming it was made for shock value not for necessity
  5. Yeah but don’t ask
  6. https://www.news5cleveland.com/ I remember them announcing this about a year ago... Scene magazine is hardly a news source, but you’re right in it being the only one reporting locally now. Fortunately for us... not much happens in Cleveland lol
  7. Yo @SMdoubleXLhook it up with some neglected buds that you’d usually throw out. I’ll smoke ‘em.
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