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  1. Made an offer on a house today. Pray to Sik ICP for me, bros
  2. half naked young chicks sounds pretty decent
  3. just reviewed his legacy. Dude was triple og status with the closed mouth. Respect the wop
  4. i just assumed he snitched on people since he’s Italian tbh
  5. I don’t believe so. I’m not back full time and until I am I don’t really qualify for shit unless I want to drop a lot of cash. Hands are tied. Pretty pissed about it.
  6. pretty sure I’ve posted this before but it’s not nonsense. It’s just true
  7. Here’s a Polaroid pic of a butthole
  8. yeah I’d be crashing with my brother during the closing phase… I just have to figure out if I want to go for broke. It’s a lot to take on.
  9. Forget if I told this already or not but I’ve been told I need to put 15% down since I’m not back to work full time yet. Kind of takes away my money for renovations. At such a crossroad of renting for another year or buying. Shits exhausting.
  10. That was pretty awesome not gonna lie
  11. As pathetic as it is, having tweet guy not tweeting has made a difference. Biden is equally fucking the country but he’s doing it in silence like a traditional American president.
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