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  1. Damn dude I thought you died. I almost died in the process. On a serious note that’s what I was thinking which helps solidify the thought. I painted the ceilings (not worrying about cuts obviously). And was worried a full on white would be too much. Habitual over thinker oner. @mr.yuck you May now give your two cents. Thank you for you patience.
  2. Im watching my life fall apart before my eyes because @NightmareOnElmStreet refuses to help me pick a nice color for my stairwell/hallway. I do not recommend this show. It is sad and troubling. God bless those who have never experienced this pain. Consider yourself lucky
  3. @LUGR idk yet that’s why I want noes to suggest one but he fucking hates my guts smh
  4. Drake always present bc of the gym. Spotify exposes me damn
  5. @NightmareOnElmStreetyour absence is getting ridiculous at this point. You are needed. My life depends on your input. Plz stop ignoring me
  6. Kanye hated on balenciaga and shortly after they are caught up in a weird child abuse scandal. Kanye may be the goat and were not ready to admit it
  7. Dudes prioritizing his high life’s over curating a proper color pallet for a guy he communicates with on a small forum smh
  8. Need 12oz help. what color should I make my stairway/hallway? @NightmareOnElmStreet especially but all are welcome to give their opinion.
  9. Coming to an older age made me realize how little cops care about graffiti and how unnecessary a dark web platform is for it. Jizzing on your face deserves dark web accolades tho
  10. One time I was working a Tom Petty show. Familiar with his music. Not familiar with how he looks. I started bitching to this old dude about how I didn’t want to be there and how tired I was. He agreed with all my complaints and said he’d rather be home. Turned out to be Tom Petty. A little while later he passed away. Moral of the story is don’t work when you’re old especially if you have a lot of money.
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