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  1. While on topic, here’s an old pic from the other side of the building. Might dig for more.
  2. That’s the spot you’re thinking of. Light buffed stk is still on the other side of the building. I don’t recall them hitting this side, although I could be wrong.
  3. Love smoking sigs when I drink
  4. Bad photo but first time this spots been hit since Dr.Sex in the 00s
  5. Posted this in political memes but more people look here
  6. Running a marathon relay with my buddy in 2 months. Essentially means I run 13.1 and he runs 13.1. Could just run a half together but we want to try to get a cumulative time. Losing weight and not weight training as much, but it will come back when I want it. I hate running. But the high is great feeling.
  7. Dark_Knight


    Dudes tried robbing the vape store (very poor attempt) and dude stabbed guy. He did an ama on Reddit after. Posted pic of him in the shop as proof. Currently under investigation the last I read.
  8. Dark_Knight


    ^this dude did an ama right after too lol
  9. Liverpool looked like absolute dogshit today. Barely scraping by with a draw against a team fresh off relegation. After seeing them against man city in the community shield last week, I expected a lot more. Tottenham worked as expected. Strong strike and aggressive play. Chelsea really disappointing me with the strike today. 1-0 win over Everton isn’t acceptable. They pain themselves with having so many Bundesliga transplants on their front line. They’re just not able to keep up with Premier league pace. Sterling looking fast and aggressive but I don’t think he has the finish we need to put real points up.
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