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  1. Dark_Knight


    Wait for the first price drop. Pro gamer move. More available games and better software.
  2. @metronomeIve read that middle one. The implications within suggest a very dark future for employment. Interesting read. Curious about the Dancers Lament. I want to explore adult fantasy more often, but I’m not too familiar with the genre, so I stay in my scifi lane. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This will be my read of the week, which is labeled as fantasy/horror. Excited to see what transpires.
  3. Dark_Knight


    Looks like they successfully rode the #ThinBlueLine. #Justified
  4. Dark_Knight


    I’d like to see that baby’s criminal record before I make any assumptions
  5. I have to dig up some more of my footage. This is inspiring to fly again. It’s been awhile. Gotta get resolve again.
  6. Here’s a video of a bad crash I had. Still don’t know what happened, but I lost control of the drone. I’m assuming it was some sort of magnetic interference. Luckily I found it the next day in the rat infested brush along side the cuyahoga. All four props were broken. 4C17F44B-698C-49D8-879D-A51E505DDF04.MOV
  7. I have a mavic air as well. They have a new one out. I think it’s a great intro drone. I take serious risks with it bc the price if crashing isn’t too outrageous.
  8. @SMdoubleXLvery serious. There’s a whole thread about it on here. Most anticipated game of the last decade.
  9. we should have a drone thread. I fly drones too.
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