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  1. There’s not a single government in this world that doesn’t suck. If you’re a civilian you just have to bite the pillow and hope they don’t fuck you too hard. Voting people in doesnt do shit bc even if they have good intentions to start, they will be threatened and pressured to follow the course if they want to advance. Any ruling power over people is bullshit. It’s 2021. It’s as dated as religion.
  2. @Kultsi thought the same thing when they had a10pm curfew here. Like covid is gonna wait until 10pm to start spreading lol. Having a curfew to combat a virus makes no sense.
  3. @Kultsimma need to know your whereabouts from last night
  4. ^ this isn’t a sole Biden issue. Obama and Trump both had all this happening under their watch too. Don’t you hate migrants because they’re rapists and murderers?
  5. @mortongood call on taking it slow. No sense in rushing. Especially if you’re walking and moving. It’ll keep your muscles moving at the very least, which is what’s most important. I’ve been walking to work the last two weeks, which is only a mile and a half or so. 3 miles total. But feels good. Nice variation from cycling. Can take in the environment a lot better too. I believe you’re familiar with the route I take Morton. Saw you post a few pics from the area a year back or so. Nice industrial scenery to take in. Wish the graff scene was what it used to be in Cleveland, so there was
  6. Pretty entertaining flick. But someone else can go since I went 0-2
  7. Anyone else? We’re all striking out lately lol
  8. Scifi movie with Jared Leto about being the last mortal human alive.
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