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  1. Yeah mine was priced at 900$ but I only paid like 550$ i thubk it was well worth it because i get to enjoy top shelf cups of espresso. Whenever I want.
  2. Yeah apparently wouldn't have that problem if I bought one of the 10,000 dollar machines that Starbucks and some places have cause the fittings are titanium and not plastic I believe, Soo they don't wear out.
  3. over a year, its leaking around the heads and loosing pressure half way through runs... from what i university of youboobed im going to have to replace these o rings and tighten some screws and ad a loctite kinda glue soo they dont come loose anymore. Gotta order the o rings and soo probably will have it fixed by the end of the next work week when i got time will keep posted with results.
  4. steak salad followed by a steak wrap cause fat boy gotta eat.
  5. he that tweeketh is frail and weeketh
  6. I know it's obsoe but who is that to the right ? Pear?
  7. Piece of history fr would be dope to buy it and make it into some piece of architecture.
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