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  1. They didn’t have my size, but they had Linny’s. So she got a new pair.
  2. Golden beet salad and a ribeye.
  3. Waiting in the pick up line at school for my baby.
  4. I’ve seen this before on TikTok. Shit is bonkers.
  5. DETO

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    My head security guard is out this week so I’m covering for him and running the weapons detection system
  6. Watched Argylle with my son today. So bad it was entertaining. 6/10. watched the new Mean Girls musical last night with my daughter. It was better than I was anticipating. Not nearly as good as the OG. 7/10
  7. It was called the Diablo Omlet. Sausage, roasted red bell peppers, jalapeño smothered in red and green chile and cheese. Side of bacon.
  8. Magazines in general. When I'd go to the store with my parents, the first thing I did was go to the Magazines and find a wrestling or basketball mag.
  9. DETO

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    Walking to the teacher lounge to make another cup
  10. Imma add pasta to this list.
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