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  1. This one fits in here, only because my friend's roommate is freaking out and unable to stay still. She got layed off the Casino, she is used to seeing different people from the Black Jack Table and I don't blame her. But on the real, she finds an excuse to go out and she seems to be hungry all the time. I told my friend to tell the roommate that I'm a ninja and I will shave her eyebrows myself.
  2. T4M*

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    ^^^ We need a "Damn" icon or a "Oh snap" . Liking your post is like saying "you do you" , not knowing your situation lol
  3. They are limiting them two packs a customer here. Same goes with water, soda cans , and sanitizers.
  4. Well this thing gives you a facial while getting a seizure, and your body lol. Fap fap.
  5. Boring....... Tell me what this thing is for and you get a 🏆
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