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  1. Nah, It's just Monster flavor with alcohol. If you had a regular Green Monster, imagine that without the caffeine and sugar, same taste, with a small kick, also fizzy. I'm sure they didn't want to go with the 4Loko formula (Beer, energy, and sugar), so they are easy to drink. @KILZ FILLZ
  2. Jack and coke , less fizz, good kick. Pretty good, gonna try rootbeer float using one of these cans...
  3. I finally found them and they were good (didn't have the chance to try the red one, feedback was still good). Well balanced between flavor and alcohol. You taste more of the alcohol with the white one. Peach was too peachy for me, the green one so far my favorite. Pounded 2 and had a nice buzz. After reaching last can, finally had the opportunity to open one of these....
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