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  1. I never did like social media in general other than Myspace. Not that type of person to be like "oh, did you see this on facebook?" A lot of content I've posted (on facebook), people would see it, but not bother to provide feedback on it, however, in real life, people would bring up that content as an excuse to have a conversation, the fuck? Easily annoyed by this effect, I began searching for an audience to at least look at the material, and give feedback, whether or not it was productive. Found 12oz and didn't know what I got myself into lol I survived the noob stage, ONLY because there was people on here who would pay attention to what I provided to the table and were willing to back me up when I was being attacked. Immediately, I felt a connection. Slowly but surely, I manage to meet people to the point of exchanging real phone numbers and talking on the phone about certain stuff off the 12oz forums. In my situation, when the website went down, I literally had no where else to go. I took some time off the internet to discover myself and once I came back, I notice a lot of people went to facebook, snapchat, etc, still not my vibe. Instagram caught my attention because i found my audience there. Here, my audience were mainly on the meme pages, dao, ms paint and any other photoshop activities. As far as my oontz oontz, not so much. But even though I found my audience, there really isn't a whole lot of conversations going on, other than the ones I have with my close friends. It's all about dropping quick responses with emojis and pressing things, convenience . Southpark made an episode with the hashtag #savethelivingroom, here we are, finally, with our own hashtag #savethedesktop, or #savetheconversations.
  2. T4M*

    Great Moments in 12oz History

    I felt like at some point me in time we were all a family and we were all connected. Team Destruction was one of my top things I was always down for. Team Sleep Problems was a great time. People that couldnt sleep and we were keeping each other awake knowing there was no cure for sleep. Any type of MS paint project (drawball, MySpace, draw what a member might look at) Tiny chat was dope. Was able to DJ and we created a song live. Any photoshop project, like dao and such. EGG, of coarse. Great times. I was locked out, thanks to Raven, we good now. OG status.
  3. T4M*

    Great Moments in 12oz History

    Don't forget about the oontz....
  4. T4M*

    The Nonsense thread

    You take one arrow, than you mirror it, than you mirror both of them to have 4, mirror that to have 8, 16, 32, etc. math is power!
  5. T4M*


    still rockin it...
  6. anybody running Linux on a Chromebook? need feedback. I got it up and running but cant get a program called Mixxx to work with my midi device.