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  1. "U Mad" is so 2000, I like Chaos 🙂 @Mercer
  2. Cums with 6 pulsating modes and speaker that activates with each push...
  3. Panocha for sures Mexicans use that word. I think it's funny how some of these "Bad Words" are also names for food lol @One Man Banned
  4. I can see pupusa being used as pussy, I've seen Salvadorians use it as an insult towards masculinity and weakness. But as far as using it for Vagina, wouldn't be able to keep a straight face. "Let me slide through for your pupusa " 😆
  5. Smash Smash Trash.
  6. Pork Pupusas with Salsa and Salvador Coleslaw 20200524_152017.mp4
  7. ^ cosign. Taking them to the swimming pools so my feet can pick up water and squirt on people's feet.
  8. I see this and announce that this is the only way to get there.
  9. 7bags × 2.50 = $17.50. I wish I was that happy when wasting money ....
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