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  1. Both card games comes with expansion packs. The Meme game gets boring if you don't do so. There is another one called Apples to Apples, never played it.
  2. InShot_20230122_172755516.mp4
  3. Correct. My high beams are yellow and produces hella lumens. The purple lights are HID, rest is LED just for that reason to get a specific color. I ordered a "Golden Yellow" tone this time to see if there is any difference. Projector Fog lights is a game changer, it fills the road with light pretty well. The old units I want to mount them in the grill sometime, those come with a yellow tint, which gives me lots of options on what type of white light I can buy. Golden Tone (soon)
  4. Winter over there looking crazy. Winter here feels rushed and it's looping. We got the snow, we got the cold, we got warmth, and now we have rain, smelling like spring already. And now I have two days to prepare myself for a potential small snow storm and temperatures dropping single digits. It was nice to walk around comfortably outside without having boogers drip all over the place.
  5. I'll use a new template, dribble pics used to show Dab method for those that watch Hot Ones.
  6. Fog Light Units. I will be changing the middle light to yellow soon....
  7. "Mam, you have a piece celery stuck in your vagina" -One Man Banned's thoughts while taking pic
  8. Doing this Fajita Fiesta Set, one bottle a day. For testing, Dab is first, applied to regular salted corn chips, and applied to food, hopefully as a good recommendation. 4 bottles have been tested so far, results after the 12th bottle. Here is the first set. Sauces Dab
  9. Rather have a Wal Mart Pizza than a pineapple pizza.
  10. Slice of pizza looks like cafeteria pizza from a kindergarten school.
  11. Christmas gifts , nice to have at the crib....
  12. Who's down? Raise your ️
  13. On the real, you can tell when someone frisbeed the pizza at the store when looking at the toppings and see where they shifted. If the sauce is tampered, the pizza was touched or dropped.
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