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  1. LUGR


    My bad y’all, I thought I was posting in the duck thread.
  2. LUGR


    Goals right here.
  3. LUGR


    This one is pretty cool.
  4. Haha it is really funny! You have a good fishing story to tell.
  5. That’s awesome! Did you decide to try that randomly? Or is it something someone recommended to you?
  6. LUGR


    Interesting stuff. When your girl goes through your phone, she is going to see that you are a duck enthusiast with that stuff being in your search history. Hopefully you are using DuckDuckGo search engine in case she is a goose enthusiast duck hater.
  7. LUGR


    That was a very graceful dismount, considering he tumbled off a 12” ledge KO’d.
  8. LUGR


    Do they make that in duck? Asking for a friend.
  9. This is where I Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/duck/
  10. https://animals.mom.com/how-many-hours-a-day-does-a-duck-have-to-sit-on-her-eggs-9862058.html
  11. She was a very petite duck. Not sure how she could sit on all those eggs at once. Unfortunately, it is a really unsafe place for a duck to live.
  12. Tyrannosaurus titties be talkin.
  13. Accidentally spooked this mama duck off her nest right by the tracks. My bad, sorry to disturb you.
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