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  1. Is that paper money? Y’all had plastic money early on.
  2. LUGR


    Welcome back. Post a flick of that fly Coogi joint.
  3. Your bacon game is all fucked up.
  4. LUGR


    Never forget...one of a kind
  5. LUGR


    I prefer hydrothermal venting.
  6. LUGR


    Heard this nurga bought himself a Coogi sweater and it brightened up his mood real quick.
  7. ^Back row really not feeling it in that last pic.
  8. You may not “being funny”.....but you’re being funny. You’re right though...just check the Air Patel Cobra Basket slipper conversation.
  9. Your brain is definitely functioning hard. What sett you rep?
  10. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.
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