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  1. LUGR

    The Taco Thread

    Carne guisada and barbacoa with onion & cilantro.
  2. LUGR

    Remembering those that are gone now

    RIP POZ & swordfish meatloaf Only knew them from here and TC but feel like I got to know both of them fairly well. Lived a few blocks from POZ for some time and we have mutual friends. Seen him riding his bike but we never linked up even though he had extended the offer. Talked with sword a lot on TC. I always enjoyed his humor, stories, honesty and great taste in music. I have reread their posts numerous times since they left us and remember the talks on TC. Definitely good people.
  3. LUGR

    The 12oz Middle Life Thread - Let's do this.

    @diggity So, do you like Reno or not?
  4. LUGR

    gun thread

    @misteravenI didn't say guns & skateboarders don't mix... Interesting read about your friend. The thought of him skating around the deck of that ship shooting pirates is intriguing....maybe need to rethink my comment if that is what he is doing.
  5. LUGR

    gun thread

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XpX_xPJxiwo guns & skateboarding don’t mix...except for the Drehobl pic.
  6. LUGR


    I got these from my uncle...
  7. LUGR

    Need a hostel

    ^ “You can enjoy our spacious tv room for your nights in and use our computer for those things that you can't just do on the phone.” 🙋‍♂️
  8. He has been around recently.
  9. LUGR

    Need a hostel

    @loganXMay I suggest you shift over to this hostel: https://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Ghetto-Rocinha-Hostel/Rio-de-Janeiro/265617 It has superb reviews!
  10. LUGR

    What's in your pockets?

    Spyderco Police G-10?
  11. LUGR

    Channel Zero...Is it making a comeback??

    Magnum O’piss, IOU, inkface, CAcashrefund, DAO and myself might or might not have been at some of those meet ups.
  12. I bet you have some Kandybah in your folder.
  13. LUGR

    The Nonsense thread

    What up abcs? Where’s Kobe at?