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  1. Is that why you never respond to my PM’s?!
  2. Yeah, it is and I would be doing the same thing. It looked really funny though. He is a young cat, recently hired and been doing a good job on air. Definitely didn’t want to put him on blast.
  3. I went to the mall the other day for the first time in years and saw a reporter from the local news station doing an interview with some lady. He had a dress shirt on with a red tie on from the waist up on camera and sweat pants and these on from the waist down out of view of the cam. I should of snapped a pic.
  4. Homestyle instead of Chunky? Questionable choice.
  5. ^that's a @T4M* original
  6. Hahaha that’s awesome, I wish I could have heard that conversation.
  7. You wouldn’t have popped off if it came over you?
  8. Did you ever get, “Can you cook me a burger on that?”
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