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  1. You called me a buster, you faggot, fuck yo skittles.
  2. I don't know what's more pathetic, the fact that whoever the fuck your faggot ass is still holds a grudge against me from however many years ago that I can't even remember a single thing about you, or the fact that you're still lurking on a long since dead site that's been hanging on by life support for just as many years, power posting your rage and apparently thinking that I'm actually even seeing it in real time. 2006 was a looooong time ago, champ. Literally everybody has moved on. I dead ass pop in here maybe once a year out of boredom, then maybe a couple days later I'll pop in to see if anybody responded to my bored comment. But no way in hell did I expect this Xannie-pup kind of response from somebody who's still holding this kind of rage from whatever the fuck it was I clowned you on like a decade ago.
  3. Go ahead and OD on that shit, Taco Bell pup. Ain't nobody got time for yapping Chihuahuas.
  4. I know DAMN well this fool didn't just call me a buster.
  5. Nothing buster here, faggot. You got me fucked up.
  6. Fucking christ, I actually encountered this once. Met the chick at a bar. She was friends with my coworker/buddy. We hit it off, next thing you know it's after 2 and time to bounce, then we're making out on the street. Next thing you know we're making out in the cab back to my crib. Then we're in the crib and I'm about to give shorty the pounding of her life, then the pants come off. Uuuuuggggg.... I just bit the bullet and strapped up and gave her as quick and effortless business as I could to squeeze out a nut then pretended to fall asleep till I did. I swear shorty was gonna get the pounding of her life before she had to go and ruin it with them hippy legs. Shit, she might've even had the armpits to match. (facepalm)
  7. Pullout game is real. Both my kids were on purpose. Still remember the nut that made the second one. The IUD is just a bonus. She got on that after the second one.
  8. Also, yall also just increased your chances of prostate cancer.
  9. SMFH, to each their own, but you's all just signed away your testosterone. It's all about the IUD. Your chick gets her cervix pugged, and it's creampie heaven after that. No hormonal bullshit, no loss of testosterone on your part, no nothing. Just creampie heaven. yall fucked up.
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