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  1. Yooooo WTF you mean RIP Swampfight? My man Ayebee ain’t with us no more???
  2. The boy filmed this on our little vacation back to Philly couple weeks ago. lil North Philly daytime action. IMG_6170.MOV
  3. Those are actually too tight for him. We literally just got back from the army/navy store where he upgraded to some XL fatigues.
  4. Pussy what the fuck is you even talking about? I only came back during my FB ban, and dipped when it was too sad to see how far down the rabbit hole Casek went. What you’re talking about is old news that literally everybody on here except your tweaker ass knew 15 years ago. What you do, wait a day or two till I stopped posting and throw that out there like you was announcing something? I ain’t the one to “tuck tail” on anything, you worthless tweaker.
  5. Dawg….. Q is a fraud. He’s a fucking troll. I’m not interested in climbing down any rabbit holes with you. Not even gonna waste my time clicking on whatever thread you’re talking about. Only reason I’m even in this one is because Dark Horse tapped me in to clown Dhabs. C’mon, Casek. You’re not an idiot. You’re too smart to be this gullible. Snap out of it, homie. Come back to reality before this Q shit drives you completely fucking insane.
  6. Fox News, OAN, Infowars, Qanon, basically anything and everything that claims MSM is “fake news” while spoon feeding you this bullshit right wing propaganda that has your head twisted backwards.
  7. Dawg, Q is a Filipino gamer dork who played you people for idiots.
  8. Nah, I know fully well what’s happening. My eyes never been shut, I been paying attention my whole life. It ain’t nothing new under the sun, anti-press propaganda brainwashing people with fake news that attacks real journalism as “fake news” in is the fascists oldest trick in the book. But that was never supposed to happen here though, huh? Google “history of lugenpresse”.
  9. The hypocrisy of this statement would be hilarious if it weren’t so many of you’s. You’re a Qtard, Casek. You’re the literal embodiment of exactly what you’re accusing normal people of. You’re the one who’s been psyopsed and led down rabbit hole after rabbit hole of fake news and disinformation to the point where you live in a false reality where up is down, black is white, good is bad, right is wrong, etc. etc.
  10. Never seen or heard a single person who thought the victims were black. They were BLM protesters though. Which is why that incel targeted them.
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