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  1. Making a shitty frozen pizza gotta kill time before the dope man cometh
  2. @Dirty_habiTthat little 3g sounds awesome. I'm really into freshwater plants right now but maybe something small like that to dip my toes into.
  3. And after? Are we doing that still? I missed last months circular.
  4. Drinking some fresh limeade I just made and about to spark a bowl. It's hot as fuck in TX and the hose looks real inviting.
  5. Yeah @Dirty_habiTI wouldn't even know where to begin or have the desire to keep a salt water tank. Id be over here killing expensive fish non stop iThey're amazing though I like seeing all the corals and anemone.
  6. My rescue boy Sting hes a food thief and a liar dont believe a word he says. And the fish is my daughters begrudgingly gifted Beta named Batman. He loves his plants but my wife killed one by washing it
  7. Yall have been through some shit God damn! I remember talking to you @Mauler5150after I got divorced and would be on here all kinds of fucked up. I'm glad you guys all made it out the other side. The OP on this shit too @you can microwave bacon keep making ground homie. I've outlived a lot of my friends and I feel like even on the shittiest days I'm still here so for them I try to keep it positive and keep it moving.
  8. Yoo where is my man from rude island. I only know his government.
  9. Yo I'm in for the shirt whatever design you end up on!
  10. yooooo I told my wife this was my mans haha basically family so whatever.
  11. Suuuup bitches. Where them NightOwls at hooooty. yooo wheres my TicTacs at??
  12. clean get away. one of the first things I was told by my Pops when i was first learning the clutch on a bike, "you're gonna crash, its gonna happen." just that, its like bumping a curb or locking em up and eating one in a car but you feel more helpless. its just a lick you're gonna have to take. Glad you're alright!
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