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  1. A huge swath of donkeys and a few very virulent rabid mice?
  2. Happy birthday fam! @SMdoubleXLyou know what time it is homie. Birthday casket! Glad to reconnect in the ebb and flow. Slainte, may the road always rise to meet ya.
  3. Second that recipe request. Made some breakfast tacos.
  4. Ugggh @Fist 666I had a shitty dog owner neighbor who did that with a 5 gallon bucket and left it festering. Worst fucking smell I've ever experienced I wanted to beat the fuck outta that guy. I yelled at him too. I promise I'm not insane haha. I hate disgusting people.
  5. I've had this problem a lot in my area. People put out these nice little signs and shit and I see shit in their yard right off the sidewalk. Fuck. That. I see a lot of dog walkers since I've been home and I always peek and see if they got bags. My windows are always open I have mad house plants. So one day I'm in the garage working and I see this lady pass by, doesnt notice me. I peek out and see her little dog shit in the yard. I hollared out "hey you gonna pick that up?" This bitch goes "pick up what she only peed" I we
  6. @where my man can someone not appreciate the culinary skills of another person? I'm married my family would be on this anarchy island. It sounds like an anarchy island to you is a hedonist island. It's also just a joke.
  7. Anarchy island let's gooooo! Me and your wife run the menu. She does the healthy stuff and I do all the horrible desires your arteries plead for.
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