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  1. You must have some serious bowel issues or some real beef I dont know. I bought some over priced tiny saws to carve a pumpkin with the kiddo
  2. Keanu is a legit shooter. His 3 gun is solid af. This dude would Mozambique drill the shit out of most people who feel comfortable around guns before they even skinned that smoke-wagon.
  3. Mines out for delivery but this wild ass USPS lady who drives like shes still in a convoy in Iraq doesnt speed through til like 6pm. It's like christmas eve but worse.
  4. Breeeh I got a GPU in my laptop and a couple ssd's I put in. Not a mac user. But still a dummy and I'm actually on mobile right now.
  5. See... I dont think cbd is supposed to do that. And I'm all about herb but the issue in texas now is we cant tell if its cbd or weed because the difference is being above .3 THC (I believe) but then how are concentrates handled? I'm about just federal weed decriminalization. Fuck the bullshit. Some random ass dude who lives in some rich ass enclave just got busted for cbd and their hard-on local LEOs slapped him with a felony. Dude lost his job. Maybe now some rich folk getting railroaded over something super petty will cause some change. "Not my problem until it hits home" fuck these people and fuck tobacco and rich capitalists investing in the "green rush" who fervently donated to ruin lives over grams.
  6. Thicker than day old oatmeal.
  7. That's what I'm saying I forgot how this forum shit works
  8. https://i.imgur.com/aEMicdVr.jpg Yooooo Forgot how this forum shit works lol
  9. That's awesome that's how I do with my wife and kiddo. Alas only the kiddo can cook haha.
  10. Fire looks like it could have been hotter. Looks good ass hell though. This is homemade my guy? Are those your toes I spy? Looks like you plated some takeout. Props. Maybe cut the protein against the grain though.
  11. My toddlers breakfast. Bacon egg and cheese mcmuffin. Bonus: that's my egg and bacon nonstick haha workhorse. The kitchens also a little dirty. I cook a lot and have a kiddo. I NEED a gas range baaaad.
  12. I know man I'm on my phone worst pic sorry
  13. Yoo that's the movie with Dan aykroyd with a dick nose! Nothing But Trouble
  14. Tacos look legit. Fried em yourself? I split a quick toasted buttered english muffin with some homemade chicken salad (not the can chicken stuff). Didnt fancy it up with walnuts and cranberries cause I'm out.
  15. This shit is crazy I've researched this shit too. Its ubiquitous. What cabal of underground graffiti cultist leave these runes for the chosen to find? Why do we instantly understand this? Only half joking...
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