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  1. Who would have thought that the most annoying advertising possible coupled with mods allowing every thread to degenerate into random pictures just wouldn't work out.
  2. This is some of the most bizarre shit I've ever seen. "Video documentation by local activists and independent media shows that police officers and county deputies from across Minnesota have been picking up young people near Peavey Plaza for a training program to recognize drug-impaired drivers. Multiple participants say officers gave them illicit drugs and provided other incentives to take the drugs. The Occupy movement, present at Peavey Plaza since April 7th, appears to be targeted as impaired people are dropped off at the Plaza, and others say they've been rewarded for offering to snitch on the movement." Warning this video is long.
  3. Re: Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Has Cancer, Tour And Album Postponed Failure on my part that I never saw them live. It was just one of those groups that I assumed would be around forever. Pretty weak. If people want to bandwagon on facebook who gives a shit. It's not like anyone didn't like the Beastie Boys.
  4. I can't believe cops won't even fight teenagers at basketball games anymore what nerds. They were obviously afraid.
  5. I can't believe those cops didn't want to lose their jobs for stomping the shit out of some idiot teenagers over a basketball game (how black are you and your friends?). What pussies. Y'all we're smoking weed too? Hard as fuck.
  6. This was my favorite too with the magnets under the table.
  7. Don't drop the bar brah! Are you on /r/fitness? You sound like it. Starting deadlifts this month. Looks boring as fuck.
  8. Cheeseburger wizard is dope. This cat on facebook got this done recently and was bragging how he drew it himself.
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