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  1. I'm more like the type of nigga to punch you in the face, then skip out on your child support payments. *DAO
  2. I don't think very many people on here were even born in 1979, and I'm pretty sure the ones on here who were alive, were tucked into bed and dreaming about cookie monster while shitting in their diapers late at night while you were out cruising for chicks LOL! But good post none the less.
  3. I just noticed that this thread was 80's and 90's. Fuck, I thought it was just 90's. Oh well, that's what I get for being drunk. You's win.
  4. Again, 80's Me and my sister had beef over who knows what and one day when she came home she found her cabage patch dolls hanging by the neck. It destroyed her. That was mid 80's.
  5. Never heard of Suburban club, but Tab was def the 80's as well. More like early 80's.
  6. That was the 80's. Skateboards stopped looking like that by 1990.
  7. Krylon didn't suck until a few years ago when they re-did their valve system to make it incompatible with graffiti. I mean Krylon always sucked for filling over Rusto tags and soaker walls, but that's not what Krylon was for. Krylon was for fat ass flair tags and quick dusty fillins on buff walls. Anybody who ever hated on Krylon was just doing it wrong. RIP ultra flat black.
  8. Also, any "breakfast places" close too fucking early for any real drinker to ever really frequent. Unless they're drinking till 10 in the morning. But if they're in the habit of drinking till 10 in the morning they'd probably have a hard time holding a job therefore wouldn't have the funds to frequent breakfast spots to begin with.
  9. My point being that food establishments are nowhere on my "to do list" when going to new cities. It's the furthest thing from my mind. Hence why I don't get why every single thread about any city has to devolve into a fucking food thread.
  10. I didn't say any corner store, I said any corner pizza shop.
  11. Or you can just stand in line at some tourist trap and get cheese wiz on your overpriced, skimped on the meat piece of shit.
  12. You can get a cheesesteak at any corner pizza shop in Philly. Next time you're in Philly and you decide you're hungry and want a cheesesteak: walk to the middle of any intersection, stand there and do a 360 degree turn, first pizza shop you see BAM! go there.
  13. I'm talking to you, nigga!
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