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  1. are all Janice Montoyas' ugly?
  2. this page gave me a tummy ache.
  3. Savory rye french toast with poached eggs, arugula, parsley pesto, and prosciutto. Nope. Didn't eat for the rest of the day.
  4. Nice! I'm stoked. So ready to get out of the Bay. Shit is tense here with the high rent pushing everyone out. Crime has gone way up and you everyone is paying way too much in rent. Not fun for me anymore. Going to stay my second life chapter, in Texas.
  5. R@ndom and I got a house! I will be moving in April. Got the job too. See y'all fuckers there!
  6. I'm more worried about racism.
  7. Sorry I meant shoal creek trail.
  8. He's from Austin so we're all good there. But yeah, down to drink a beer..or a 40. We're thinking just north of downtown near the green belt.
  9. Yup. Good coffee is imperative to my daily life. I'm down with Thunderbird and I will check out Houndstooth. I don't mind flying in Blue Bottle and making it at home (weighing it out, using fancy hand dripped coffee...could be my next investment) The boy currently lives 1 hour north of Austin. I really don't mind the rest of Texas. Took a ride to Dallas and some weird German town. Road trips I am down with. I also like taking photos, checking out weird thrift stores, cool off the highway shops (like that Czech shit)... I got an interview! I also negotiated to keep my same rate of pay...which is going to be awesome. Thanks! Working on my portfolio now... Isn't Marfa some hipster BS? I've seen the pics of the Prada thing, the cars, etc...I'm down to check it out but I won't die if I don't. I wouldn't mind camping in the teepees there though. I've been with WFM for 8 years. It's weird, don't get me wrong...it can have too many feels...but on the flip side, it can be rad. I am a hard worker and they've seen that and they helped me grow. They've payed for my classes, sent me all over the US, help me get other positions...I can't thank them enough. I've heard opposite stories though too. I guess it depends which town you are in. I will check this out. But dudes, where should I live? What neighborhood? Everyone keeps telling me East Side but it looks like a wanna be Oakland.LMK.
  10. Been to the Dr. Pepper Museum. Fucking Dublin is the best.
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