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  1. and you people are idiots falling for her bullshit. she is a giant manipulator. thats what shes good at. anyone in the real world can vouch. and if you met her in real life you would know. fuck that shit. dumb cunts like her are the reason teh world is a shitty place. the truth is she sits at home all day doing drugs and mooching off her parents. thats why shes always "sick" on the weekends and stays in bed all day and cant take care of our kid
  2. you are a dumb sleazy cunt whatnot. you are airing out false dirty laundry. i got her a present but couldnt see her that weekend cause my face was fucked up i got in a fight. you the one fucking everybody under the sun from here to dallas. i dont give 1 shit about your drama queen ass. suck some more black dicks for crack. you didnt think id bring THAT up? want me to post the pics? go let some big black dudes stick it in your ass for rocks crackwhore. and not to mention the shit you did while you were breast feeding. you are a shit person. you say you love her... thats funny. someone ban me please im not gonna be apart of this high school soap opera shit.
  3. CMF


    with the anal bead shell
  4. i met an insane chick last night when i was walking to the store. she was trying to untangle a knotted up fishing string when i first saw her. said she was gonna go fishing with a golf club soon. after 5 mins of talking to her i realized she wasnt kidding and that she was a nut. i racked a 4loko for us to drink and we were chillin drinking it and i recorded some of the coversation we (she) was having. she was talking about her stuffed tiger falling out of a window and people hitting her with lightning. we walked around the neigborhood adter that and the whole time she was TOTING two huge bags of big books. i held the heavier one for her for a minute. it must have weighed 40 lbs. she was cool. i guess shes just going through a bunch of shit. and on lots of prescribed and not prescribed drugs. i could see she was an alright human. at the end of our talk she said she was gonna walk to the dam 20 miles west of austin. we were in south austin. the end. no pussy :o
  5. CMF


    that was 3 or 4 years ago. i havent got much better but ive progressed yu aint better. ill kill you. ill hit you over the head with a chair while 12 oz chants "oontz oontz oontz" like arsenial hall style
  6. using free wifi in front of my parents house wo them knowing
  7. CMF


    DAO clear ya pms. The following errors occurred when this message was submitted: DRUNKEN-ASSHOLE-ONER has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space.
  8. CMF


    omg totes bro
  9. CMF


    you dumb bitch you posted a pic of our kid in the same thread you posted a pic of youself with your legs open? you must not know how the internet works. people get made fun of cause there isnt much else to do. i post once and come back and it 7 pgs long. this is why we cant take you places.
  10. CMF


    aoura/gel/force field
  11. CMF


    why do you feel the need to search the entire internet looking for shit people say about you. if you are really that interested go to the hiphop forum i go to and read what i said about you there. then hack into my facebook while your at it and go banannas with that. my advice to you would be to drop it and all emotions twoards me that you have and start over with someone else. that includes stopping your online career as a "graffiti artist". stop following me is basically what im getting at
  12. yea watch out there whatnot. a lot of people that dont know who you are and dont care almost got the wrong idea about you. gotta protect your "e-rep"
  13. CMF


    and i havent smoked meth in about a year. i shoot it now...
  14. CMF


    cyclone - i am not working right now and steal everything that doesnt have to be bought. for stuff that does i stea other stuff and sell it. im not opposed to working hard i just havent done it in a couple years. iv worked min wages as well in the past. is this a job offer? if it is I ACCEPT! Bigdoughnut - im mad introverted but handsome somewhat so i get a little play from females. I got a kid as a matter of fact. i can turn on charm when i need to. But cant always be on. ya know?
  15. using free wifi on a broke ass ipod dreaming of riches
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