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  1. not my pieces, just thought id keep the thread ticking along
  2. someone shit out the front of my house and left their gloves next to it
  3. just about every question on technique has already been asked so why not as how people get their paint maybe the next thread could be where is your computer kept in your house or do you eat dinner with your family around the table or the tv. i mean people want to know this shit also why do kids think that people on the internet want to think of tags for them
  4. tonysoprano


    so how would change my screen name just create a new account?
  5. what does the Z stand for
  6. break and enter, everybody in the place both prodigy but im about to chip
  7. this thread has inspired me to get drunk and find myself a slut
  8. tonysoprano


    i just bought thaT NEW ROCKSTAr game bully, i havnt played it yet, any1 got it? how is it
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