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  1. I thought what I was doing was simple. Got any pics of simple stuff?
  2. im a little high on pain killers so forgive me.
  3. b4 out line after did this hours ago
  4. lol think what ever the hell you want. I was trying drop shadow. I did it with quite a bit of my stuff. you get the point.
  5. will do. But i was not trying to do 3D:lol:
  6. i have no idea how i did the 3D
  7. i did this this moring. pleas give feedback and i did this for my friend last week feedback plz
  8. At least i dont suck at life.
  9. I just did this for a friend, pleas give me some tips. Also this is a very very bad cam, its likes 10X better in person http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/4039/melissaty8.jpg
  10. I want to learn 3D now. I dont know really how to even start it, can i pleas have some help.
  11. Damn 3 bullshit threads in a row, this must be a record.
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