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  1. slow and steady wings this race
  2. Another progress shot of this thing
  3. Will do!!! Working on something for myself at the moment! Big Formula 1 nerd over here
  4. Word I generally do. This one was a commission so its sold before its done. i just havent been doing as much art lately and no commissions. the owl drawing i posted will be available through a gallery in the fall and there will be a few more pieces in that series coming soon as well
  5. That one sold for $400 I am slowly building up my reputation and prices go up annually
  6. i also drew a heron but didnt record the process
  7. still trying to figure out what direction to take these videos. anyways I drew an owl as part of a critter series i will be doing
  8. Im posting a pic off my phone. Lazy
  9. ooof trust me i get lazy and rush things way too much sometimes
  10. working on this good boy at the moment
  11. got that video up and running now
  12. This looks great how big is it? ive always wanted to do my take on this dragon (but i never watched DBZ)
  13. Video for this little guy will be out end of November!
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