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  1. i have found that i tend to drive v8s alot slower and more carefully than 4 bangers. something about driving slower to save MPGs and manuvuer a boat through traffic. i have owned several CRXs, integras, accords, and when your in a tiny four banger with high revs you tend to smash that little shit through traffic alot faster than i do in my MGM. plus, i 'tapped" someone in my honda once and literally my whole fucking hood got bashed in and totalled. it was like the car was made of paper and playdough. it was like 20MPH!! if i was in a yukon denali i would have just dented my grill a little bit.
  2. the funniest shit is, "zomg my little honda gets 30mpg but if i get hit by a ford excursion i will eat my own guts!!!" econo buckets can kiss my fucking ass. i dont mind paying a little extra at the pump for the V8, its like life insurance.
  3. ayebee you got a good deal trust me. house arrest aint that bad, just give up the nightlife for a while thats it. when your a free man again you will appreciate it more.
  4. now that i think about it though, i rarely use my cell when im driving anymore because im usually riding shotgun instead. using the phone distracts me from looking out for creeping pigs when im driving high, but i can still drive very well, you never see me swerving.
  5. Re: Great Pictures~ HAHAHAHA bitches look hurt as FUCK back in the day. those bitches all got some rank ass afro pussies and look all pasty when they naked. plus they didnt wear thongs they wore granny panties the size of old school basketball shorts. on another note, skimfirm post more of them hi-deph photoshopped pics. and more dope pics of war too.
  6. hey talking on the phone and driving is cool. texting isnt.
  7. i remember looking at this thread last night faded off 3 or 4 different kinds of drugs thinking how toy this whole last page is. now im hungover and all this 'myspace writer' self promotion is going to make me puke for sure.
  8. Re: Don't Call it Frisco what the hell, that flickr is full of bitches showing off their mutant feet. if the 2nd toe is bigger than the big toe, ITS A MAN!!!!
  9. im rooting for new orleans to take the title. fuck the spurs, lakers, mavs, FUCK EM ALL!!
  10. hahahha Denver Nuggets fans allegedly beat up by mobs of Warriors fans after devastating loss.
  11. people who text while driving are fucking stupid assholes. that picture is pretty cool, the spine is all sticking out kinda looks like BBQ ribs. im pretty desensitized to auto wreck pictures because in my DUI classes they force fed us that shit. the worst picture i have ever seen is the 18 year old white girl who crashed her daddys porsche. her head was literally exploded like a watermelon. or the guy who had a sobe bottle stuck in the back of his head, or the motorcycle guy who was cut in half and his guts spread across the freeway for 50 yards. and on another note: thats why i dont drive shitty subcompact econo buckets. im surrounding myself with as much gas guzzling metal as possible. i will destroy any retard texter in a honda civic who wants to crash into me.
  12. REAL FUCKING TALK~!!! thats why i just dropped a grand+ on a .40 cal glock and a benelli pistol grip. they are trying to make a new law in CA where you can only buy 50 rounds of ammo a month!!! at the local gun shop i put down my signature three times on the petition already. ridiculous!! fuck california!! fuck the lawmakers. i think im gonnna drop another 1500 on a kimber .45 ACP too.
  13. i save too much, my life is boring because of it. i have so much money in the bank, i could go vacation around the world and shit. but im thinking abuot the future (and how fucked up its gonnabe), and i wanna get some property and load up on the firearms to defend it. i will be buying property thats way above sea level too so when global warming melts the oceans i will still be good. im gonna stock up on ammo and assault rifles and defend my plot till the death, i will give my friends weapons too and we will start out own militia.
  14. that game was tonight weapon!! denver won. GS has almost no change to make the playoffs, unless denver loses to utah and houston and GS wins all three remaining games.
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