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  1. Damn someone sent out a bat signal. Travelled , painted, took a break from it all to buy a Tesla. Moved to the suburbs of the east bay. Curating still, fell off blogging , living life, I can’t complain it’s all good in the hood.
  2. Yo where is the live streaming links, Im in Paris and cant find a place to watch this anywhere. Im hoping guerrero can rise to the occasion and Floyd gets tired running. If it goes decision no way floyd wins, look for some controversy if mayweather starts to feel like he might lose.
  3. I didnt see the fight but I would like to see Guerrero get paid atleast he deserves it, From what I heard of the berto fight he had some serious heart. You never know Mayweather might get caught slipping
  4. If anyone will be in LA this Holiday
  5. 1. joog 635 up, 152 down cheap; a discounted price. used in the Bay Area I aint gon pay him $50 for that...I can get it for joog from my cuzzo! "Do you got the joog or not? Show ya boy some love man wassup?! Do you got the joog or not? I get the playa's price, half off...I'll cop!" joog bay area slanguage oakland frisco cali by Town Boy May 31, 2006 share this add a video 2. joog 75 up, 90 down Used in the central florida area as: A drug addict, somewhere between the age of 18-30. Will almost do anything to get high, usually something of the deceptive nature. Can be usually identified by skin and bones covered in baggy clothing. R: We shouldn't of invited Phil over. S:Why? Did he pinch from your weed sack again? R: Yeah, that and he stole my 80 fuckin cents I had sitting on the counter, probably to buy more pills or crack S: He certainly is a text-book joog. crackhead jit drug addict pill popper waste of space by Fuzzy Slippers222222 Feb 8, 2011 share this add a video 3. Joog 42 up, 80 down V. To move or sell illegal products Originated on the West Side of Chicago. Kels- "Where Ron at? Slinks- "Shit, on the corner joog'n dat shit" sell push serve despence distribute by JK Bravo Sep 7, 2010 share this add a video 4. Joog 48 up, 95 down To be a crackhead;To be on crack. Nickson,youz a joog! joog crack crackhead jojo fiesta by Abi Shea Mar 4, 2008 share this add a video 5. joog 64 up, 137 down A word used on the eastside of Atlanta, meaning sex. Wuz up shawty Im bout to go get some joog from this girl down the street. sex cut poontang pussy womb by S.T.A.T Apr 10, 2006 share this add a video 6. Joog 43 up, 87 down awesome, cool, settled, fantastic. Me: I just got a job at that one awesome store! Friend: Really!? That's joog! amazing hammer wonderful magnificent incredible by B-Mobile May 18, 2010 share this add a video
  6. Yeah Bojangles you should focus on walls alot more. I havent painted as many walls this year as i would have liked so much studio stuff. Here is recent piece for upcoming exhibition Oil Painting for new show details for new show
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