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  1. Hey what's up Raven! Thanks, glad to hear from you, and glad that your site is still going strong as ever, and proud to see how you've evolved 12oz into many different apparatuses... Yeah, I'm familiar with Fields of Fire -- over their toward near Santa Clarita. I drove by it many times but never actually played there, because there was another field in the area called Conquest which I'd go to often. Kept meaning to play there, though. Yeah, I don't. I guess being from California kind of "neutered" me into gun culture. I have shot various guns before and have been trai
  2. I've been eyeing the Empire BT Dfender. It's appealing because its built-in hopper which makes the game more minimal and more like a real rifle, without the hopper popped out hanging to the side. In addition, it has many other advanced features. Instead, I bought a Tippman Cronus Tactical. Tippman has always been known for making reliable, durable, great guns for low prices. A good entry-level gun for people starting out, or getting back into it like myself:
  3. Anyone here play paintball? I played a lot as a teenager and I'm just starting to get back into it as an adult. Hopefully we can get a thread going. Topics include but are not limited to: paintball guns/markers, gear/equipment/accessories, strategy, fields, experiences, stories, etc...
  4. Rest In Peace to Nipsey Hussle AKA Ermias Asghedom
  5. TheoHuxtable..


    Looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077:
  6. TheoHuxtable..


    Simple indie game that was awesome but went under a lot of people's radar:
  7. TheoHuxtable..


    I haven't had time to play in a while but I'll get back to gaming. I just wanted to say 'The Last of Us' is one of the best games I've ever played. What are some other (recent generation) games you like? Seems like too many good games are getting released all at once to keep up... Detroit: Become Human, all the recent Assassin's Creeds, God of War, Spider-Man, etc.
  8. 131 N Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90004 Let us know how you like it... the owners are from Brooklyn who wanted to make it exactly like home, so I'd say this is authentic NY pizza.
  9. Village Pizzeria -- best NY Pizza spot in L.A.!
  10. That "AI-generated graffiti" doesn't even say anything -- just a bunch of shapes, colors, and drop shadows. Meaningless.
  11. Yeah man Alex changed a lot since then and went off the deep end. I was curious as to if your position on him changed as a result. Seems like he lost a lot of his fanbase, but I'm sure he's gained new followers as a result. Wow, intelligence analysis -- I'm curious to know your story! Sounds like interesting stuff you went through. I don't recall ever talking about working for a major publication, but I do remember interviewing with TYT but never got to work for them; I did however do some sub-contract work for them. I currently work in the tech industry in L.A.
  12. Hey what's up Casek! How's everything? Miss all those old political debates from Crossfire with you. Curious, has your position on Alex Jones shifted because it seems like his persona and talking points have changed a bit since then...
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